Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Homophobia and Gay Priests

I received an interesting link this morning via the group www.PharseasWorld@yahoogroups.com.  A German author has put together the thesis that there is so much homophobia in the Catholic system because there are so many priests who are gay and as part of their struggle to control or repress their own sexual urges, they try to control or repress every manifestation of homosexuality around them.  The author of the book expresses it like this: “The worst homophobia in the Catholic Church comes from homophile priests, who are desperately fighting their own sexuality.  Obviously, those who follow their urges are repudiated more fiercely when one is so painfully repressing that disposition oneself.”

Monday, November 29, 2010

Not Infallible

For those with a Catholic upbringing, it is worth chewing over the fact that the Church’s teaching on masturbation and mansex is not part of the infallible teaching of the Church.   These were stances that developed and were taught by guys who had been formed in certain ascetic principles that led them to denounce all sex outside marriage as wrong and sinful.  But the only part of Christian sexual moral teaching that can be considered infallible is the sixth commandment which only forbids adultery, and the ninth which forbids coveting your neighbour’s wife.  The sixth commandment Jesus takes up and re-affirms.  I would suggest that these  commandments are not really about sex, but about fidelity to the marriage bond and partner and everything that touches on family responsibility.  Neither the Ten Commandments nor Jesus have anything to say about enhanced masculinity and no teaching on sex is really about what you do with your dick.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

What am I about?

One guy’s reactions to this blog make me ask myself the question, “What am I trying to do with this blog?”  The answer that came to me was: “I’m trying to put gay sex, mansex, enhanced masculinity, on the societal and Christian map.  Put in more charismatic language I suppose I am trying to win the gay scene for Jesus, because, contrary to what so many think, the two are not incompatible.  If you accept the idea that the gay lifestyle is incompatible with the gospel and life with Jesus disaster ensues – on the personal level because you feel obliged to leave the Church or live with your guilt and shame,  - and on the level of society that finds it difficult to hide its embarrassment about the presence of active gays in its midst and people become polarized over how to include or exclude gays from Church life.  The only solution, in my view, is for everybody to see enhanced masculinity as a good that everybody can benefit from.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Cock Meditation

Some people call it masturbation, some people call it edging or tantric practice, I call it “Cock Meditation”.  This morning, for example, just by thinking about it I felt the excitement of full-body orgasm coming on.  I think you need to have good habits of frequent masturbation and a lot of edging in hand for that to happen.  But it does work with me from time to time.  So I relaxed and let myself be taken over by the energies being generated in my body.  I ran my hands over all those places where pleasure results, coming back frequently to give attention to my tits.  Then I caressed my balls and cock lightly through my jeans, feeling the electric energies carrying pure pleasure down my legs and up my back and into my head.  As I did this repeatedly I experienced the subtle change of consciousness the masters of tantra promise.  Several times over, pausing to rub my cock through the denim of the jeans I experienced the wonder of dry orgasm, with just a drop of two of cum.  The difference between that and ejaculation is that you are still hard afterwards.  So that when I sat down at my computer I was able to enjoy repeated rubbing of my hardon to near orgasm.  In other words, I was set up for some real good edging for as long as I liked.  But also, going about my ordinary business, I felt healthy and energized by those forces that had been generated and spread throughout my system by my orgasmic activities.  The nice feeling of the wet crotch in my jeans was a sort of side-kick pleasure too.  When I think that we were trained that all of this was bad and sinful I am left aghast at the mistaken attitudes that became the mainline Christian teaching.  It seems to me now that orgasmic living is so damned health producing.

Friday, November 26, 2010

Position on Catholic teaching on homosexuality

Written for a friend October 2008.
A word of explanation about how my views have developed on homosexuality and Catholic morality.
I have been reading books on the topic by John McNeill.  He was a Jesuit that was thrown out of his Order for his liberal views on gay questions.  I think I have gone just a bit more in the liberal direction than him!
I have thought really for years that we cannot philosophize or theologize on homosexuality in parallel with heterosexuality.  They are, when you come to examine them, two very different realities.  John McNeill’s limitation is precisely that.  He works on the principle that, as with marriage, there should be no sexual activity for the homosexual outside of a covenanted union.
Now, coming from a fetish type orientated homosexual’s outlook I see things differently.  The position I have come to is simply this, that homosexual activity, I call it “manplay” is simply good.  It is just good and right for guys to get together and celebrate, enjoy their masculinity and attraction to things masculine, which is a God-given good in the way they have been put together.
I think that even the religious can make this celebration part of his prayer-life and praise of God.
McNeill’s books are all about overcoming the hang-ups we have inherited from trying to match up to expectations put together for us by people that either know nothing about homosexuality or, worse, are deeply homophobic.  Indeed, he says that all of us gays have a great battle on in trying to free ourselves from the internalised homophobia we have absorbed from society and especially the Church.

Sucking Cock

Somebody wrote in the yahoo group, Church of Cock, (churchofcock@yahoogroups.com ), “Once you have sucked, the memory is for ever.”  I can distinctly remember the first time I sucked a guy off, some twenty years ago.  I was overwhelmed by a deep pervading sense of satisfaction, of having done something wonderfully good.  I remember that sense of wonder and deep interior exultation staying with me for days.