Monday, February 28, 2011

A Prophetic Word.

Ray L made an inspiring comment on my post on Recreation that I did yesterday.  What I like, first of all is his approach that God, in creating us Enhanced Males, entrusted to us a very special gift that he intended us to use to improve our world and to benefit those around us, and so give him glory.  I really love Ray L’s positive interpretation of lust.  We have this gift of our masculinity to enjoy for ourselves in our own bodies certainly, but lust takes us out ourselves to love, admire, desire and revel in the artistic beauty of the same masculinity we find in our fellow males.  Ray L makes of the Enhanced Male’s experience a truly spiritual way that grows out of the aesthetic experience. I like the way too that Ray L focuses on the positive value of Enhanced Male interchange: we have to exult in the opportunity to enhance the lives of other men and give them the opportunity of pleasure and total enjoyment of their masculinity.  This he sees, stimulatingly, as the significance of the exchange of seed.  I find wonderful, too, Ray L’s prayer for acceptance for us all. Read again what Ray L wrote. What a gift GOD gave me to be born HOMOSEXUAL and equally ACCEPT my being GAY from a young age. We as HOMOSEXUALS were given our sexuality because HE knew that we would be able to ACCEPT the gift HE gave us. What more pleasure can one have than being able to be with other males naked and enjoying what our GOD created for us to not only enjoy but to LUST for.
I truly enjoy seeing other males totally naked to me it is art in it's best form. I may not have sex with all males but with those I do, I give to them the LOVE I was given by GOD. What more can we ask for but to take the SEED of a brother as well as give our SEED that gives life and pleasure and total enjoyment.
To be able to see the naked male body and see GOD'S creation, and be able to enjoy it both visiually and personally. The COCK,balls and the ass. OH, what a pleasure and what beauty to kneel and worship the male genitals, we as GAYS do and really know how to enjoy. We are truly the chosen ones. Chosen by GOD only, to give and receive of each other.
I pray that our brothers who have a problem in ACCEPTING that they were given life as a GAY learn to ACCEPT the GOD given gift HE chose to give to so few of us. We are truly blessed to have that ability to love other males entirely as we were told to "LOVE OUR BROTHERS AS OURSELVES"
Much LOVE to you my brothers Let us go and enjoy what GOD has given us. The word for today is let’s, let us go out and spread the WORD and let all see and worship our GENITALS

Sunday, February 27, 2011


Ray made a very perceptive comment yesterday.  "We are all one in the eyes of God. We need to feel that connection as well."  Since the incarnation our fellow human is always the icon of God.  The male all the more so since Jesus, in whom God became incarnate, was male.  The experience of communion male to male is also experience of communion with the divine.  Patrick’s comment goes on to show how living out our enhanced masculinity might go on to redeem the world for God.  “That is one hot image of men sharing their masculinity! May more and more men discover the freedom to relate to each other sexually in their common masculinity. Perhaps if they did our world would be a different place.”  Would that the whole universe would embrace and endorse man to man recreational erotica, the programme of Enhanced Masculinity.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Feeling Connected.

On what I posted yesterday “Sharing our Bodies”, Ray made a very wonderful comment.  He said: “Sharing our bodies and minds with one another is a wonderful thing.  We all need to feel connected in many ways.”  This need to feel connected, male to male, is the driving force.  This connecting is what Enhanced Masculinity is all about.  There is a wonderful moment in the gospel where Jesus, looking on the earnest man, who knelt before him, "loved him.”(Mark 10:21)  This is connecting male to male.  The problem is that we have all grown up in cultures that made us afraid and ashamed to connect male to male.  We did not dare to share what we felt and what went on in our imaginations and our bodies that we knew was all about being a man.  Happily, with the advent of modern universal communication, lots of us have found, to our great relief, that there are thousands of guys out there like me.  At the same time we have crossed a threshold when a certain common assent realized that there is nothing wrong with masturbation, it is just one expression of our masculinity and perfectly good, whether we do it alone or with other guys.  From that moment on we can really connect male to male, and have joy in our masculinity together, to the glory of God.

Friday, February 25, 2011

Sharing Our Bodies

There was a wonderfully positive idea brought up in comments the other day: “Sharing our bodies.”  Sharing our bodies is really the positive wavelength that enhanced masculinity is on.  The male body is a wonderful thing that men can appreciate in a special and distinctive way, rather different from the way women appreciate it.  Part of the male make-up is of course the sex organ and sex drive, but that is only part of what makes up the male, and is experienced male to male in a totally different way from how it is on the real sex scene of man to woman.  We need to get our minds firmly round the idea that sharing our masculinity, sharing our male bodies has nothing to do with sex.  It is just that the sexual faculty is part of our being male and of our male body.  Sex is about procreation and the complementarity of the sexes.  Enhanced masculinity is a wonderful thing that is all about sharing our masculinity.  Sharing our bodies male to male is just a good thing in itself, quite independent of and distinct from sex.  The taste for it is called enhanced masculinity.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Born Gay.

On my post “Good, Right and Beautiful” a reader who signs himelf “Gay Ray” posted as a comment something I regard as a very moving testimony.  So I bring it out of the shadows of the comments column into to the light of the main blog post for everybody to see. 
 From a very very young age perhaps 6-7-8.  I knew I was GAY. Because of pressures in the day I married, but never had a doubt that I am GAY. I never had "GUILT" feelings. I am what GOD created a HOMOSEXUAL. Sex with men is the best. I LUST for the male body and it's appendages if you will. I live for GAY sex.even at my age I still want a male to love and have M/M relationship. I am thankful that I have no guilt the only regret is I should not have married a female and married another GAY.  Praise COCK Praise male LUST.
Brothers in GAY sex do not have guilt: you were born GAY, enjoy it and if you can help another who has guilt feelings help him enjoy his HOMOSEXUALITY. It Is GOOD It IS HEALTHY. It IS a GIFT given to us by the same GOD that gave them heterosexuality. HE created us GAY to be GAY and enjoy being GAY.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

One Reader’s Experience of Sexual Fulfilment.

The following comment made on my post “Sexual Fulfilment” is worth posting on the main page.  It is just a comment I find worth having.  It would be a pity to leave it among the comments on one post, where few people might see it.  I like in particular the mention of a sense of duty about sharing our Cocks with fellow males.  I just came across your blog (from a link on LordPatrick's.) And I really think I am very much like you in my thinking. I am a devout Christian. But I have always felt that masturbation is NOT a sin. In fact, it is a way that I have given thanks to God for the blessing of my Cock. My Cock is average in length, but extremely thick - so I have always been grateful to God in how he has endowed me. As a result, I have also always had a deep sense of duty when it comes to openly sharing my Cock with others - whenever they ask. Because I feel that God has blessed me with my Cock, it would be selfish of me to withhold it from the eyes and touch of other interested males. . . . I guess I thought I was the only one who thought in this way. But it is very refreshing to see your blog expressing similar views!”

Sometimes I think that it is a pity that comments made on individual posts are not immediately accessible on the main page of these blogs.  So, from time to time, I hope to fish out comments on an earlier post that I find particularly worthy of note, and re-post them as the day’s post so that all can see them more easily.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Teaching Magisterium.

Somebody asked me a question about the teaching authority of the Church.  This is my reply.  Magisterium means the teaching authority of the Church.  The Catechism distinguishes between the Supreme Magisterium, by which the Church recognizes that a matter of faith or morals is divinely revealed and the teaching of Christ, and the Ordinary Magisterium which is non-definitive.(cf. Catechism ##891-892)  The Supreme Magisterium is infallible, the Ordinary Magisterium is not.  You will not find anywhere an official statement that the Church’s prohibition on homosexuality, or sexuality in general, is divinely revealed.  Jesus has clear teaching on adultery, as do the Ten Commandments, but that is where the infallible, divine revelation on sexuality seems to end.  Of masturbation, for example, the Catechism bases itself on “the Magisterium of the Church, in the course of a constant tradition, and the moral sense of the faithful.”  But that teaching can change and so can the moral sense of the faithful which, under the guidance of the Holy Spirit, which each member of the Church possesses, will have to come to terms with new understanding of the nature of sexuality as it develops through the human sciences.  Similarly, on homosexuality, the Catechism (#2357) bases itself on Tradition: “Tradition has always declared that ‘homosexual acts are intrinsically disordered’.”  It then goes on to explain why: They are contrary to the natural law; they close the sexual act to the gift of life; they do not proceed from a genuine affective and sexual complementarity; under no circumstances can they be approved.  But the main point is that the Church’s teaching on homosexuality is tradition.  But it is of the nature of tradition that it can develop, and it is precisely the members of the Church, who possess the Holy Spirit, who are supposed to develop it.  The Catechism makes it very clear that its teaching on homosexuality is not definitive, but part of tradition.  It does say that this tradition is based on Sacred Scripture, but carefully avoids saying that the teaching is divinely revealed in the scriptures, precisely because the interpretation of the texts it cites is far from certain.  The texts in question are: Genesis 19:1-29; Romans 1:24-27; 1 Corinthians 6:9; 1Timothy 1:10.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Rejoicing the Heart of Man

Wine is praised in the psalms as “Rejoicing the heart of man.”  So drinking has it’s place among the virtues.  Abstinence is also good and a superior virtue.  Patrick puts that question that nobody ever seems to want or be able to answer: “Why are Christians so afraid of sexual pleasure?”  We need to keep distinct the virtue of sexual abstinence and the virtue of chastity.  We need, probably, to redefine chastity as embracing sexual pleasure, but on the model of sensible drinking.  Nobody should be hurt or shown disrespect, nobody should be violated and family values must be given the deepest respect (which is why the Bible forbids adultery and the tradition outlaws fornication). But that question: Why are Christians so afraid of sexual pleasure? seems to me to go along with that other one: What is wrong with homosexuality?  Nobody ever seems to want to answer these two questions, perhaps because there is no answer.  The questions should not be asked.  Sexual pleasure is good and man to man sex should be enjoyed.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Good, Right and Beautiful.

Click on this picture to get a better view of that crotch!
That is what sexuality with a man to man bias is.  In the comments on my blog guys admit to struggling with guilt.  For some happy ones the struggle is in the past.  The fact is that we can make an intellectual assent to the idea that whatever we do with other males is good, but it takes a long time for our feelings to catch up.  Long after we think the struggle is over we can find that there is still something at work deep down inside us that nags about there being something shameful, in, for example what we are looking at on the porn we enjoy, guys fucking each other, one guy sucking another off, a guy putting on a great show jacking himself off.  It will take a long time before our feelings will tell us with certainty, conviction and without shame that all this is just good, right and beautiful.  John McNeill calls this overcoming our internalized homophobia.  So many and so much in our culture is still shouting at us “wrong, wrong, wrong”, and we have imbibed so deeply the idea that homosexuality just did not ought to be.  It really is a long hard road to accepting ourselves and then an even steeper one to getting society to accept our enhanced masculinity culture as part of the everyday scene.  The Pope said a wonderful thing at last week’s General Audience: il cammino con Cristo, l'andare con Cristo, "la Via", non è un peso aggiunto al già sufficientemente duro fardello della nostra vita, non è qualcosa che renderebbe ancora più pesante questo fardello, ma è una cosa del tutto diversa, è una luce, una forza, che ci aiuta a portare questo fardello.  “Walking with Christ, going along with him who is ‘The Way’ is not meant to be something that will add to the already heavy enough burden of our life, it is something else, a light, a force, which will help us carry our burden.”  How do we bring this light to our enhanced masculinity except by developing it in a totally positive way?

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Relationship Fidelity

Somebody wrote 'I recently discovered your web site: Enhanced Masculinity and I find it very intriguing. You wrote the other day, as part of your gay theology:
"Then we tell them to accept that whatever they do with another guy is only an extension of masturbation.  It can similarly be done in the pursuit of personal well being on the physical and psychological planes, but it also has the added dimension of the male-bonding experience.  This they will need to explore and similarly accept as totally positive and chaste."
An interesting concept, and one that I would like to explore further before either embracing or shunning.
But what about those gays who are in a committed relationship but would like to "play around". Does your philosophy condone such activity, or does (should?) fidelity trump promiscutiy?'

My reply: A relationship exists basically following the terms the two partners agree on.  If you pledge yourself to another exclusively for life then you must be faithful to that.  But a lot of guys seem to make a great success of what they call an “open” relationship.  Sometimes this is because, though they love each other person to person they recognize that the other has sexual needs that the one cannot fulfil.  I think this turns up a lot in the world of kink.  I know a couple who have been together for nearly forty years, are in a legal civil partnership, have never had sex together for about 35 years and are just happy to let each do his own thing sexually.  They really love each other, I might add.  So these things are what you make of them.  The whole area of relationships seems to me on a far deeper and more significant plain than that of sexual fulfilment.  I do not think that the two need to be inextricably combined.