Thursday, March 31, 2011

Sex and Prayer.

Patrick and Ray said they did not quite get round to praying when enjoying their masculinity.  I think it is natural, once you get over those inhibitions due to your religious mis-education, to thank the Lord when you masturbate and get to a particularly high state of pleasure or for a particularly striking sense of relief after an orgasm.  If we cannot say: “Thank you, Lord, for that,” then I think we are still, somewhere deep down, considering it sin and shame.  I have a buddy with whom I edge in chat.  We had a particularly hot session the other day in which we both got extremely high and tantric.  When we had finally stopped because we both had other duties to attend to, I said: “Thank you, Lord, for that wonderful experience.”  And I felt that the Lord accepted my prayer.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Masturbation resources.

Jackin World was the first site that really helped me to start tearing down my internalized inhibitions.  Then I used to enjoy hanging out in the chat room at  After that there was  But with blogging and instant messaging I just don’t have time any more.  And now when I feel the benefits of masturbation I feel like saying to all guys, “You got to masturbate.  Get on and do it.  And, if you want to do it with other guys that’s good too.  In fact it is even better, because it gets us beyond the idea that, at bottom, masturbation is something shameful.  Then, if you go on to anal or oral, there is no difference.  That is good too.”  Generally, lets just stop all the fuss.  God gave us our masculinity and the urge to share it.  This can only be good, as well, because God created man a social being.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Masturbation Positive.

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I was interested in Sebastianus’ latest comment that he added to the masturbation discussion.  He quoted somebody as saying that masturbation is the primary sexual activity of mankind; in the nineteenth century it was a disease; in the twentieth century it was a cure.  Now, I’m hoping that the twenty-first century will be able to unwrap its spiritual dimension.  Already plenty of people are learning from the East about lingam massage and tantra.  These disciplines lead us to cultivate and channel the sexual energies and to work up to new states of body consciousness such as those sustained by dry and full-body orgasms.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Integrating our Enhanced Masculinity

We human beings integrate things at different rates at different levels of our being.  I find that I have said “yes” intellectually and possibly on some other emotional levels to the ideal of combining my enhanced masculinity with my Christianity.  But I have to make an effort to pray and praise Jesus as I masturbate or fondle myself, for example.  But when I do make the effort I am rewarded with a clearer insight into what my enhanced masculinity is all about and how it is in integral part of my God-created being.

Sunday, March 27, 2011


The following interesting remarks were made in another discussion on another group: “One of the serious things wrong is that the Church has so repressed homosexuality (not to mention sexuality in general) that what happens is what always happens when things are repressed:  they come up in terrifying ways that bite people on the ass. (He is referring to child abuse.)  If there were a healthy climate in which homophobia and other forms of hysteria were re-channelled into positive attitudes, many people of homosexual orientation would likely find appropriate outlets of expression.  Condemning, repressing, over-controlling, fearing, damning, sidelining, marginalizing, penalizing, denying:  all these create a diabolical space for people to act out.”  I hope that on this blog we are doing our little bit towards overcoming that repression.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

The Gay Porn Star Vocation.

 I have long thought that gay porn is just a very good thing and been unable to see what all the fuss is about in the anti-porn lobby.  They probably have a certain point in regard to hetero-porn, but the meaning and character of gay porn is just totally different, and just part of the celebration of masculinity man to man.  Every now and again I have come across interviews with or articles about gay porn actors that have shown them to be really interesting guys of good positive character.  I already wrote a bit about Dean Phoenix.  Now I have come across Jack Ryan.  He said recently to someone: “Someone just messaged me to say I am a role model to them, and that excites me and scares me at the same time. I did porn to rebel and not be normal, but even in rebelling, you gotta keep boundaries.”  He goes on to lament the fact that he let himself be talked into doing a bareback movie.  He regretted it so much because of the bad example it gave to others and especially youngsters to take the unforgiveable risk of infecting each other with death in the form of HIV.  Because of this he seems to have put a stop to his career in porn.  That seems just a little extreme to me.  He could carry on his valuable service to his fellow males, and give valuable good teaching, by just using a condom.  Jack Ryan does go on to describe his mission as a porn-star in positively vocational terms:
“As porn stars were are teachers. Younger kids look to your movies as educational, and emulate what we do. We have a responsibility to teach behavior that is very fun, very hot, very sexy, and VERY SAFE. It can't be all about the money. Making porn is such a small part of our lives, but the scenes will be around for years and years, even when I'm old and gray, people will get off to them. I love this. I love porn myself, it's a great thing.
On a Falcon Studios shoot for Big Timber years ago in Russian River, a very old man who was at the location said to us, "You guys don't know the kind of joy you bring to an 80 year old man, thank you". He wasn't being creepy, he was being honest that the way he got off in his 80's was living vicariously through us. What porn stars do isn't dirty or bad, it's a beautiful thing to perform so others can safely get off while watching us. But when the porn stars put themselves in danger to do this, (by doing bareback) it destroys the whole cycle.”