Thursday, March 17, 2011

Masturbation Talk 3

Sebastianus: Natural law – that is, what is ascertainable about human nature through observation and experience – teaches us that masturbation is one of the most natural things for a human being to do. The prohibition is simply laughable and nonsensical to the vast majority of physicians, psychologists, and biologists, who view masturbation as harmless and even psychologically and physically beneficial.
Me: One of my spiritual guides once said to me: “It’s just as natural as blowing your nose.”  Masturbation is certainly totally natural for men, because if you do not do it during the day it will happen in sleep, or, otherwise, spontaneously.  You certainly hear of medical professionals recommending masturbation for release of tension, for the good of the prostate, for example.
I see the whole topic of  "Natural Law" is coming up a lot recently and thought that I would try to throw some light on that.  Gareth Moore OP, in his book, "a Question of Truth" (CHRISTIANITY and HOMOSEXUALITY) has a long section on this.  This is an excellent book - not easy to read, but worth it.  The book was published after his death and received very good reviews in the secular press's book reviews.  He places a lot of emphasis on what comes naturally to one, "What nature teaches", and what is the result of one's cultural environment.  Perhaps the most taboos in any culture surround the way "sex" is considered.  "Activities and relationships which are proscribed or ridiculed as unnatural in one society can be accepted as normal and natural in others.  The varying sexual codes express differing sexual values" (p.203).  He then quotes the examples of various tribes where activities that we might consider to be paedophile, homosexual or even incestuous are part of the culture of the tribe.  Some of our own priests working in Papua New Guinea, tell of tribes where, when his wife is pregnant, the husband has the "right' to her youngest brother, till she gives birth and weans the baby.  Again in initiation ceremonies for young men, many of these cultures require the young men to be penetrated by the older men of the tribe.  The male seed must be passed on to these younger men before they marry for the continuance of the tribe.  In these ceremonies a father might penetrate his son or an older brother his own younger brother.  But this is for the "good" of the tribe!  It is seen and considered as a "natural" way of insuring the tribe's continuance.  In some tribes uncles are the ones who initiate their nephews  into sex by having sex with them during childhood and adolescence before they are old enough to marry.
So it becomes very difficult to define what is true "Natural Law" and what is only "Tribal Custom"!  Where is the line to be drawn?  What we would consider incest and homosexual rape is a part of the culture of these tribes!
I have probably muddied the waters even more!!
Me: Of course, some of us love wallowing around in muddy waters.


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  4. I will second Patrick's recommendation of Gareth Moore's "A Question of Truth." Without explicitly contradicting the Church's current position (since about the 1970's), it certainly shows how philosophically and theologically nonsensical it is, and how, because it is so confused, how it can't really definitively bind the conscience of the gay Catholic.

    Also, the Episcopalian William Countryman's "Dirt, Sex, and Greed" (sounds kinda hot, doesn't it?!)