Saturday, April 30, 2011

The One Whom Jesus Loved.

In John 13:23 following, there is the remarkable portrait of Jesus’ relationship with John.  The same John is writing the gospel, so he knows what he is talking about when he writes: “One of the disciples..the one whom Jesus loved.”  We know that there is something special here, because we know that Jesus loved all of his disciples, even Judas.  Then, John underlines twice over, that he was “lying close to the breast of Jesus.”  There is physical proximity connected with love.  The least we can say is that neither Jesus nor John seem to have had any problem with this physical male to male proximity.  Then we see Peter taking it in his stride, because he takes advantage of John’s physical and intimate relationship to Jesus to find out something he wants to know.  Who it was Jesus was talking about that was going to betray him.  Jesus gives the answer via John, on a “between you and me” basis.

Friday, April 29, 2011

The Dynamic of Phallus or Priapus.

My reaction to what Tim wrote yesterday would be to say: “Come on, guys, let’s get sharing that phallic or priapic dynamic that glows in each of our crotches and makes us all one with each other."  History has forbidden that sharing out of some irrational fear.  We have to re-discover its value and restore a proper balance to the world.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Royal Wedding

William riding his Ducati.
Happy celebrations to people throughout the realm!

Phallic Focus.

Yesterday, with the help of a correspondent, I touched on the spiritual potential of group mansex.  Today I want to share with you what Tim wrote about how, for him, masturbation unlocks the total experience of his masculinity.  I’ve got to say that I believe in both as good, beautiful and necessary, even sacramental, manifestations of our enhanced masculinity.
Tim’s post was originally made to the yahoo group, the Church of Cock.  ( I re-post it here with his permission.
I continue to examine the historical record of Phallic Worship which is available on the Internet. The closest I have come to actually viewing, in real time, evidences of Cock Worship were the times I spent in Southern Italy and in Greece. Specifically around Naples and coming from Herculaneum and Pompei are great collections of statues and frescoes which pay homage to Priapus. Men with extended Phalluses, erect and so proud and beautiful. And on top of the small island of Santorini I found glyphs which showed boys and men with immense erections engaging in comraderie of the pure masculine sort.
So my own personal life long attraction to COCK has an historic basis and validation among men for as long as men have been. I wish I could find out more information and if anyone who reads this knows of additional sources please send them to me.
I am a masturbator, of course, and yet my masturbation has a component which goes far deeper than base physical pleasure. There are times when, as a Masturbation Expert I know has said, the connection is made and my inner Man-Beast emerges. My Penis is then all that there is, and the sounds, gutteral and commanding are the primal atavistic sounds of me as a MAN. I love it.... my Phallus is the literal TOOL of entry into my masculine self. This is what is so wierd about our culture. Men have been feminized and denied the full Phallic expression which innately drives them and penetrates into the culture to give birth to monumental creations. In a sense, men who appreciate and who love and who are devoted to COCK are not "less than" heterosexual men who shudder at the kinds of things homosexual men do with their cocks, but rather they are truly more masculine in the sense of being more in touch with their masculine power, energy, distinction and uniqueness.
When I masturbate the way I want to, it is an act of honoring my masculinity by seeking to please my penis, by surrenduring to what it needs and craves and demands. It is a way of touching my masculine heart. It is very true when I say that masturbating my cock creates or manifests feelings in my belly, in my throat, in my mind of course, and actually all over my body if I relax and surrender fully. Maybe this is why I love masturbation so much. I love being a man. I am like the Jews of old who prayed, "Thank God I am born a man!"
When I masturbate my magnificent Penis I have an intense craving to share that plane of masturbation bliss with other men who are there with me in their own masculine honoring.”

Wednesday, April 27, 2011


My learned and reflective buddy wrote to me about his analysis of what is happening in us enhanced males and our relationships with one another.  I find his ideas confirm mine about the special nature and gift of the enhanced male.  I feel his words offer rooting and healing.  He speaks of his discoveries of the biology and physiology which enhanced males enjoy because of their biologic wiring and their erotic practices which are different from hetero-sexed males. These discoveries are based in what is called "sacred anatomy," biology, symbolism, and a study of the physiology and mechanics of certain yogic teachings. This information reinforces the idea that enhanced masculine males are different...are unique...and serve a purpose through group interaction in the evolution of the planet. Their very anatomy and biologic physiology when activated through this unique group interaction gives them access to an altered state of consciousness, higher awareness or wisdom that invokes a higher vibration of being that induces the formation of a "Light body." This morphing comes through an ability to access a higher vibrational state spiritually and hold that vibration in a human body through a molecular change in neurotransmitters. The enhanced male also is playing a role in this morphing process through the communally interactive and interdependent changes in physiology induced by unique anatomic mergings and vibrational intentions through homoerotic acts and fetishes that lead to the ongoing establishment of higher Light frequencies.  My buddy calls these “Christed frequencies” and connects the experience to the Transfiguration of Christ, when Jesus became transformed into light.  Well, if you can get your mind round some of the terminology, I think that is all just wonderful and affirming of the special gift we have of Enhanced Masculinity.  It also gives the basis for a true spirituality of Enhanced Masculinity.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Enhanced Masculinity: The Sacrament

Patrick took up in a magnificently positive fashion yesterday’s ideas:
Interesting thinking. I believe all gifts of God, physical, intellectual, creative, spiritual, are given to be shared. I believe homosexuality is a gift of God, given at our conception. Therefore it is given to be shared with other men. When one is blessed with Christianity in Baptism, that gift is somehow raised to a new level, from being merely physical to a new spiritual level. So in sharing with other Christian men, I am acting at a spiritual level and sex become a spiritual experience - a Christian spiritual 'alchemy of the same'. It is almost a religious rite! For Hindus sex is a religious rite! Why not also for Christians? We believe sexual intercourse between husband and wife is part of the Sacrament of Marriage! So homosexual sex between Christians becomes sacramental - grace giving!
   I agree totally with Patrick on this one.  I also retain from some of the things said in private correspondence to me that the goal of enhanced masculinity is to interact in a way that invokes the mysterious presence of God, in a subject to subject merging.  This communion in the oneness of our male being will express itself in touch, fetishes, kissing, oral, anal, prostate massage.  It should all be good and holy.  Obviously not everything is every man’s choice.  Our Christian respect for each other will accept that.  But we have to develop our man to man skills in a tantric fashion.  A thought that was part of my own thinking from the start has also been emphasized by one of my correspondents.  Subject to subject male interactions are totally different from sex as tradition has defined it.  It does not require a one to one closed relationship, which fits the subject-object paradigm of heterosexuality.  Indeed enhanced masculinity in a really full form calls for group sex.  In sharing our deepest masculine urges we shall know oneness with each other and oneness with God.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Subject-subject merging.

The same buddy wrote a bit more about his ideas that were contained in yesterday’s post.  I find his thinking both interesting and deepening.  I can understand that it may be too apocalyptic for some.  I do think that the analysis of what is happening within us as we experience “same to same” is absolutely key. 

Just a few other thoughts since reading the blog and responses today, Easter. I feel that enhanced masculinity is a "calling" for some men. I mean "calling" in the sense that Jesus called the disciples and others to initiate a new way of being in the world that is ultimately transformative for everyone...including hetero-sexed people. Now, if it is a "calling" and this calling was instilled at the moment of conception for all of us, just what does that mean exactly for our very natures and what we are called upon to do? Indeed, how should we connect as Christian enhanced masculine brothers to bring the mysteries of the kingdom of God to manifest using the "keys" that God has provided uniquely to us which are encoded deliberately and purposely in the anatomy and physiology and aesthetics of our enhanced masculine bodies?
I think that the thing that distinguishes a "Christian" enhanced male is that he is not just invested in this way of being to satisfy an urge, to extinguish lust, or to make sport/play. He is not engaging in homoerotic interplay only to connect in a relational way to another enhanced male....although there is nothing wrong with any of this. All this is the means to an end, not the end. We must become ever so aware that we possess a transpersonal, bodily technology that when used properly and with right intention with other enhanced males of like-mind gives us access to the Father and the Kingdom of the Father. Enhanced Males have the potential through distinctive tantric interchanges to make "Thy Kingdom Come" a reality in an apocalyptic world.
To use Harry Hay's ideas: When an enhanced male resonates with another, he sees and experiences a mirror to himself(anatomically and energetically). He re-experiences himself....not a different "other" as in male-female procreative sex. Therefore in same sex interactions an awareness or an acquired consciousness exists that is called "subject-subject.  In ancient times the energy phenomena associated with this subject-subject experience was called an "alchemy of the same." In heterosexual encounters, the participants are having an experience of "other" because of the anatomical and gender energy differences. This "other" becomes an "object"(just like in the grammar of a sentence), and therefore the entire focus of the erotic exchange remains on the object. In ancient times the energy phenomena associated with the subject-object experience was called an "alchemy of opposites."
Enhanced masculinity is all about subject-subject awareness (consciousness).

There is a bit more of this exchange with my reflective buddy that I will post tomorrow.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Easter Greetings.

My buddy that originally urged me to start this blog wrote to me for Easter.  His email was a reaction to Good Friday’s post, but also a fine summary of all that I have been trying to say in this blog.  The picture is a sketch by Michelangelo of Christ rising, throwing off the grave clothes.

Hi Paul,
Just wanted to wish you a very "Happy Easter." Thank you for your blog message today, Good Friday. I believe Jesus' words in the Book of John support your contention that enhanced masculine males experience Jesus and the Father energetically. Also I believe that it might be a metaphor for a personal, bodily, erotic technology of the Spirit (RE: Jesus and the Father are One united in being) between/among brothers for which enhanced males possess the unique potential (erotic body technologies) to initiate. I do not believe that hetero-sexed males possess this potential because they do not have access to the same erotic bodily experiences. For enhanced males it is a subject-subject experience, as Harry Hay would say.... not subject-object as in hetero- sex (male-female).
I am ever noticing all the prepositions used in the Mass...especially "Through him, with him, in him, in the unity of the Holy Spirit,..... . I know these are very sacred words including the prepositions, but they have rather an erotic feel to me. What if love-making between enhanced males is its own type of "mass" an alternative but valid access to the resurrected and ascended Jesus who "sits" at the "right hand" (another metaphor?) of the Father? After reading the gospels, could one describe the relationship between Jesus and His "Father" as intimate? I don't know for sure about all of this but grow more suspicious as I grow older that things aren't always as they seem. And for sure we have been lied to over the last 1000 years.
I know that the above idea was rejected by the Church but so was enjoying our sexuality in any way not prescribed by a bunch of homophobic church fathers knee deep in their own carnage and murder. I studied the history. And I don't like what the Protestants did either. I am their victim with this belief that sex ( including masturbation and fantasy) is evil and will send us to hell. Forgiveness is really hard here when their is NO CHANGE in the status quo establishment paradigm. In fact it may be even be more rigid and inflexible. My priest used to say privately that forgiveness is not necessary when there is no remorse or change.
Anyway, when I think about all the time wasted in my life trying to conform to what is preached as righteous and on penalty of death with non-conformity, I could just spit. That why your blog is important: so there will be no more bull shit and brain-washing from "on high" for men who long to be both holy AND enhanced males. Until I met you I did not know that such a thing was even possible. God the Father may forgive me, but I was not able to forgive myself for my sexuality. You and your blog have enabled a process of self-forgiveness and healing to begin.
Thanks. Keep things going. Please.
So I wish Easter joy to all of you who freqent my blog.  My message for you would be that of Saint John Chrysostom:
Christ is Risen, and death is annihilated!
Christ is Risen, and the evil ones are cast down!
Christ is Risen, and the angels rejoice!
Christ is Risen, and life is set free!
Christ is Risen, and the tomb is emptied of its dead!
For Christ is Risen, the first-fruits of those who have fallen asleep, to him be the power and the glory for ever and ever.  Amen