Saturday, May 28, 2011


I am going to be away from base for the next ten days, so there will be no new posts until after June 7.  That will give you all time to re-visit the 205 earlier posts, reflect on the material, add a few additional comments, and jack off to the pics.  It will give me time to think up a few other things to say on this blog too.  Arrivederci.

Classical Times.

I have not read as much as I would like to around what St. Paul says about homosexuality and its background, but I think Patrick is probably right, in the comment he made on my post “Support”.  Paul wanted to do away with the cult of idols, because there is only one true God, but he found man to man sex tied up with the cult of idols in certain contexts, so he attempted to throw the lot out.  There are places in Rome where the ancient culture is being happily revived.  There are some in London too.  I hope to be in both cities in the next few days.


Men were designed to fuck.  They are meant to fuck to produce babies and perpetuate the race.  Only men fuck.  Women do not fuck.  So a man is at his most masculine when he is fucking.  He is sort of experiencing the fullness of his male being.  It is therefore a great fraternal gesture of solidarity and bonding for one man to offer another the possibility of having a good fuck with him.  It is a great thing when men get together in groups to help each other fuck and to enjoy each others’ fucking.  It is a source of pride, and even gets me hard right away to say with conviction: “I’m a fucker.”  It is such a pity that the term “fucker” has been turned into one of disparagement.  It needs re-habilitating.  To be a fucker is to be a man and proud of it.


has lost our followers lists.  It is a consolation to see that it is not just mine, like I first thought, after I waxed eloquent about my followers!

Friday, May 27, 2011


In response to the word that I posted to my followers a number of readers wrote back in support.  It made me reflect on the process I seem to be engaged on.  There is the dimension of renewing or adjusting Christian thinking on the role of homosexuality or enhanced masculinity in spirituality and social structures.  This is to seek renewal in the Holy Spirit and an adaptation of Christian teaching to the needs and scientific discoveries of our day.  But there is another dimension.  Traditionally teaching in the Church is not a question of what one man says, but of how a particular individual’s teaching and insight is received by the community of the Church at large.  The basis of it all is that we all have the Holy Spirit.  He is not the monopoly of those who wrote the Catechism.  He can be equally at work in those who accept or adjust the Catechism.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Body Ecstasy.

In the past, erotic ecstasy was considered suspect, spiritually unhealthy, humanly degrading, sinful indulgence.  I think we are assisting at the birth of a new age in which the energies generated by erotic ecstasy are considered healthy and healing and a way of integrating the body and the soul in one spiritual movement.  We have our Hindu brothers and other non-Christian cultures to thank for this refreshing insight.  We have behind us two thousand years of an attempted pursuit of spiritual perfection through sexual abstinence.  Saints have succeeded.  In general though, it looks like this pursuit has resulted in very screwed up attitudes to sexuality and consequent socially damaging aberrations.  Perhaps what we need to promote is the pursuit of erotic body ecstasy and the spirituality it gives rise to.  In the past we were being emphatically told, to put it bluntly, that being horny was a bad thing and to be avoided at all costs.  Nowadays, we hear voices telling us that being horny is a good thing, it is the generation and channelling of male energies within us that are both healing and vitalizing.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

A Word for my Followers.

I note that the number of my “followers” is steadily increasing.  As I write this it stands at 51 and the week’s viewers are showing around 2,500, from 98 countries.  That represents a lot of traffic and a type of loyalty.  I feel the need to thank you all for your support and interest.  I have tried sending messages to some of my “followers” but it does not always seem possible with the way certain things seem to be set up. Somebody said that the traffic shows that this blog meets a need.  I certainly hope it is of help to as many as possible.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The Best Homosexual Sex.

On there is one of the best porn video clips I have ever seen.  It is part of a post dedicated to Casey Donovan.  The action is certainly superb but it is especially the voiceover that fascinates me.  You hear things like: “Every masculine dude knows that his cock was meant to be jacked off with his own fucking hand and that men’s loads were meant to be swallowed….The best homosexual sex is anonymous, impersonal, promiscuous, and public – johns, parks, beaches, elevators, cars, cabs, buses, subways, alleys, department stores, offices, supermarkets, theatres, truck stops, locker rooms, YMCA showers.”  Speaks powerfully to me about what Enhanced Masculinity is all about.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Tantric Masturbation

After reading yesterdays post, Patrick asked the question: "I know there is a lot written about "tantric sex", but what is it. When i try to find out something about it on the inter-net, I just get a list if places to go to for a massage, no information about how ones gives oneself a tantric sexual massage."  I think that it was from the website that I learned to practice it.  After that, you just get on and do it and experience those mysterious energies and their healing forces and sublime pleasure. The author on the tantric masturbation website lists the virtues of the practice as follows:
pic from
  1. to get more intense stimulation of the genitals;
  2. to reach altered, occasionally "higher" consciousness;
  3. to see/think things/ways-of-doing-things that you had not imagined;
  4. to carry an erotic charge afterwards through out the rest of the day;
  5. to bring greater zest and focus to your work and play;
  6. to heal yourself psychically by opening your awareness of your naked power;
  7. to open yourself to more spontaneous, more worthwhile social interaction;
  8. and, finally and a bit more overtly spiritually, to merge with the Divine (or the Numinous).

Sunday, May 22, 2011


Let me take up the comments that were made on yesterday’s post, “More on the Power of Cock.”
Lorenzo, I translate it: "Make love not war."  There is a whole movement out there that promotes "Masturbate for peace."  The theory is to devote the aggressive energies you would use for war to masturbating.  Has something going for it I think. 
Then what Torn Jeans said about it all being in the stroke.  A very stimulating statement I am sure you all find.  But, on the deeper level, I really do think the tantric dimension needs a lot of attention giving to it and has tremendous spiritual potential.  Torn Jeans has a nice little write up on his “Torn Jeans World” website, which I copy here.
“What is Tantric?
The purpose of tantric work is to raise energy erotically and to keep it in the body as a life force.
It is also about sustainable sexual arousal mounting to orgasm (multiple orgasm) and not to ejaculation.
This erotic energy can be raised thru genital massage.
It is a form that can be practiced as a self-pleasuring tool or as a method used by two persons.
One is a masseur and one is a receiver (breather).
The goal is to receive erotic massage for upwards of one hour. It is describes by S Tomkins as “interest-excitement” our desire for non-stop sexual arousal. To signal the body that the energy production portion of the massage is over (enjoyment-joy) is to practice a “big draw”. This is a body clench and then time on the table, untouched as you become aware of your body, your feelings or emotions. It generally is a time of altered state when emotions come to the surface. The end result is a state of greater peace and at times a moment of insight. The peaceful state is also one of more energy.
For more information about this, check my Web Site
Notice that the ultimate aim of tantric sex is also deep interior peace.  I, personally, think that the tantric way is the new alternative sex positive chastity for gay men that replaces that abstinent chastity tradition that gets them nowhere.  In a way, peace must have been conceived of as the objective of the practice of abstinent chastity.  It was meant to give freedom from the passions, and, therefore, peace in preparation for union with God.  In practice, for many people it just resulted in constant struggle and torment with guilt over failure.