Sunday, July 31, 2011

Sad Teaching

A gay guy once admitted to me: “I spent several years trying to get up the nerve to kill myself because I thought that was what the Church and God wanted me to do.”  This I find dreadful, but not surprising because even the Catechism of the Catholic Church really presents homosexuality as an unfortunate condition that, it is happy to say, many find a trial.  No gay man can read that and feel that he was meant to be the way he is.  It is inevitable that a gay trying to be a Catholic feel that he was never meant to be.  This is excruciatingly sad.  Christians and their Churches really need to get their act together and reform their thinking, or otherwise recognize that they are responsible for suicides and deaths, in a way that is clean contrary to the Christian message.

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Jesus and Lazarus

The Martha, Mary and Lazarus incidents in the gospels show us clearly that Jesus had friends, that he enjoyed their company.  The gospel, in fact, states that he loved them.  That must mean with an observable fully human love.  The big manifestation of this was undoubtedly the passionate way Jesus wept over the dead Lazarus, his friend.  And, this strangely, despite the fact that he knew he could raise him from the dead and was going to do so.  What is impressive is that Jesus was so deeply emotionally involved with a male.

Friday, July 29, 2011

Going Deeper

Putting together the comments on my last few posts I find that some pretty deep and helpful reflection is going on.  Dave writes: 
In order to reconnect the created union of physical (sexual) and spiritual (divine spark or soul) in our human nature we must first reverse the emasculation of Jesus Christ by the Church. He was incarnate in order to experience fully what it means to be human. But in insisting on denying the physical pleasures He enjoyed (eating, drinking, partying, the company of men and women)the Church denies His humanity by insisting that He never married or enjoyed sexual pleasures. The obsessive association of "sin and sex" by a frustrated and holier than thou hierarchy has lead to this exclusion of Christ's sexuality. Consequently, sex is sinful, to be denied and not enjoyed except in the sacred cow called "procreation". Truly this nothing but theological minutia. Christ was both human and divine in nature - that must by definition, include His sexuality.”
The obsession of the Church, in many major denominations, is all too apparent and the identification of sex and sin that goes along with it, for me, just shows up a sexuality that nobody wants to accept.  This means that we live in a deeply traumatized society, people that are trying to tear themselves apart by trying to live spiritual and non-physical lives.  This surely is where traditional, asexual, spiritualities have been trying to take us.
Dave enlarges on the sin-thumping church teaching we get thrust at us: 
“It is a shame that Christianity bases her teachings on sin based on the fall of man as in the SECOND creation story of Eden. Had She emphasized the FIRST creation story in Genesis...creation of human kind on the sixth & woman created equally...not one from the other...and stressed that this was the only day on which God proclaimed His day's work as VERY GOOD...without the introduction of the fall and sin, a different theology would have evolved. Namely, the true preaching of Christ which neither condemned nor judged, but taught and showed us His Way...the path of Love of God and hence, one another, I don't believe Christianity would have evolved into the sin stressing, self loathing, self-hating, guilt ridden line of theology which is promulgated. We were created to live and enjoy this life not self flagellate and denigrate ourselves over sin. Love was Christ's message...without mention of sexual sin...homosexuality. Do you think He forgot to include it ? I doubt it fully.”
And Patrick ends up giving us a noble programme of sex-positive, Enhanced Masculine, spiritual exercises: 
“Theologians seem to have spent an enormous amount of time finding ways in which we can sin, instead of exploring the many ways in which we could show true Christian love to each other, strengthen the bonds of union we should have with others and live together as loving members of God's family, sisters and brothers of Jesus, his Son. For gay men, men with "Enhanced Masculinity", one way of showing that love and of strengthening the bonds between us must be through sexual play together. I give my body to another and try to fulfill his desires for sexual fulfillment, whatever that might be. He might want me to suck him or even fuck him; he might want to suck me or fuck me; he might want me to dominate him, or tie him up, or engage in some other sexual play. By doing this I am carrying out Jesus' command, "Love others as you would want them to love you"! As long as I respect the other and act in mutually loving actions with him, not using him simply for my own sexual fulfillment, I am being a "good" Christian.”  

I think this is very important.  The ancient maxim for all Christian asceticism is: ‘Do not do what is good for yourself, but rather what is good for another.’  The other-centred approach will distinguish true love from self-indulgent pleasure.  And that true love is also chastity.  The obsessive association of sin and sex has prevented us from ever developing a proper sex-positive chastity.  The enhanced male is made for it.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Reconnecting sex and spirituality

I am happy to find Dr. Richard Wagner is interested in this site.  He is a very interesting characterL  A Catholic priest who came out as gay and wrote a thesis about gay priests in the Catholic Church, and was duly fired by his religious Order.  He qualified before that as a sexologist and has built his life around that as much as around his priestly ministry.  He has recently published a book that tells the story of his treatment by his Catholic superiors and contains his original thesis.  His book is called: “Secrecy, Sophistry and Gay Sex in the Catholic Church.”  I have not yet read the book, but his website is:
In an interview he gave I found this inspiring statement about the relationship between sexuality and spirituality: “As you know, I believe there is a needless and a very artificial separation between sexuality and spirituality in western culture.  When I first came out as a gay priest I was absolutely convinced that I had something unique to add to the conversations we, as a culture and we as a church, were having about both of these fundamental human concerns.  I believed then, as I do now, that no one will ever find sexual and spiritual peace until he/she reunites these two concepts within themselves.  They should never have been rent asunder in the first place.
The publication of my book has helped me do that for myself, and it just might provide a template for others who are trying to reconnect sex and spirituality in their lives."

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Accepting our Enhanced Masculinity.

My on-going reading of Gareth Moore’s book, A Question of Truth , while I was travelling, enabled me to see a thing or two with more clarity.  Gareth, in the middle of the book, is discussing the morality of homosexual acts.  His point of departure is that the one founding principle of Christian morality is the command to love.  He establishes that the love of God and the love of one’s fellow go hand in hand and cannot be separated.  He then establishes that there is no experiential nor theoretical ground for saying, as Vatican documents do, that homosexual acts are intrinsically evil because they are self-indulgent and so limit their perpetrators in their full development as loving persons.  So Gareth’s conclusion is that homosexual acts are not morally bad, not sin, at all.  Personally I thank God for the clarity with which Gareth argues to this position, which is something I have felt had to be the case for at least the last 35 years.  I was just never able to see what was wrong with homosexuality and Gareth shows quite clearly that there is nothing wrong with it or with its acts.  But in the course of his argumentation makes a kind of casual remark at one point that those who are fighting their homosexuality, as traditional Christian sex-negative spiritualities would have us do will burn up energies that may turn them in upon themselves and limit their ability to be outgoing towards other people, which is the essence of loving according to Jesus’ command to love one another.  I think this is very important.  Fighting, trying to suppress, our homosexual make-up is not chastity but torture.  Our healing, and the healing of the society and Church we live in is in accepting and joyfully expressing our homosexuality, our Enhanced Masculinity.  That expression is the more loving way, therefore it is the more chaste way.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Orgasmic Spirituality

I had two or three wonderful tantric dry orgasms today.  It helped me to realize more clearly what a wonderful form of chastity tantric masturbation is.  As a spiritual way it goes far beyond what the old sex-negative abstinence spirituality could hope to achieve.  For an enhanced male masturbatory chastity is the only way, and it is just a beginning to man to man sucking and fucking chastity.  But to be really spiritual all these activities need to be tantric and as consciousness-changing as possible.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Not quite back.

I am still away from base, but have unexpectedly been able to get online in private and onto my blog.  Thanks to the guys that posted comments on my last post “Posting Pause”.  Thanks, Ray, the journey over about 900 miles has gone safely so far.  Thanks, Patrick for your wishes.  It’s been all work and no sex so far, but I am freer now so can always hope!  Tim, it was very interesting to hear from somebody who actually gets off on what I write.  I had never really thought of it having that effect, but I find it most gratifying.  I get great satisfaction and sense of spiritual well being from experiencing communion in the spirit that moves us enhanced males.  I like to give it the vigorous name of “Communion in the power of Cock!”  Cock is the power that drives each and every male from between his legs, seeking its expression and fulfilment in jacking, sucking and fucking.  The enhanced male feels a communion in this power with every other male and wants to share by erotic play.  The aim in what I write is to get Christians to drop their inhibitions and embrace Enhanced Masculinity positively as a very healthy and creative way of life.  It is the reason that many of us have been created homosexual by God, to give him glory through the practice of Enhanced Masculinity.

Saturday, July 16, 2011


I am going to be away from base until July 26.  So there will be no posts until after then.  Re-read the stuff I have written, guys, and enjoy a second look at the pics.  Also, an avance warning: I shall, similarly, be away and unable to post for the whole of the month of September.

Recreational Sex.

In his comment on my post “Let’s Fuck Around”, Dave underlined the real value of what, elsewhere, I have seen considered as “Recreational Sex”.  Dave said: “I agree with the idea of casual sexual bonding, for even if the persons involved want "no strings attached", I believe that some degree of "bonding" occurs even with one time encounters. Something so powerful as sharing sexual pleasure together can not occur without "intimacy" and at least a transient spiritual sharing.”  Anything we do together with other men always involves some sort of bonding between persons, think of football, mountaineering, biking, and the same goes for sex.  But there the bond incorporates the sense of sharing man to man what makes us male.  There is a spiritual element in climbing a mountain together, there is a spiritual element in fucking each other.  The problem is that people in general still need to accept that the one is as good as the other.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Daniel Helminiak

I have just quite suddenly discovered Daniel Helminiak.  His writing includes insights like the following:
Tibetan Buddhism has long used physical sexual arousal to achieve transcendent experiences. We know this tradition as Tantric sex. In our own society interest in "erotic massage" is popularizing this same approach. It uses full-body massage, including sexual stimulation but without orgasm, to induce intense and prolonged states of physiological arousal. Especially when accompanied by deep-breathing exercises, this arousal can induce profound altered states of consciousness, which, like psychedelic drugs used religiously or psychotherapeutically, facilitate the restructuring of the psyche. Similar reports are made about karezza, prolonged non-orgasmic copulation, which was pioneered in the Oneida Colony and later popularized by Dr. Alice Stockman. Even solo-sex, often surprisingly, elicits images, memories, and longings that offer new options for life. In humans, for whom the brain is the largest sex organ, orgasm is inseparably linked to the workings of the mind.
Because the body is the foundation of the psyche, any sexual arousal loosens up the psyche. The relaxation that sexual arousal requires frees up the mind. Fantasy routinely accompanies sexual arousal: images, memories, and emotions rise up out of the psyche. This shake-up of the psyche opens the way to personal transformation. Thus, sexual arousal can serve as an access to the spirit through the body—just as other, more standard, body-centered spiritual practices do, such as fasting, sleep deprivation, yoga, ritual postures, movement, and sacramental intoxicants.
That is from an article on Sex as a Spiritual Experience on his website: