Saturday, March 31, 2012

Helping Others.

Once we have discovered the veneration of the Divine through our own body, we can reach out to helping other men achieve the same ecstasy and we will find that this, in itself, lifts us even further above the limits of our ordinary every day humanity.  Shared ecstasy is already a double ecstasy.  We must not miss the Divine in the details.  Watch the change in your man’s eyes as you make that first exploratory reach into his crotch and his hand feels gropes its way into yours.  Is there not there a mutual experience of the Divine built into the male?

Friday, March 30, 2012

Coming Out

The following article appeared on AOL’s Huffington Post on March 19, 2012.  It illustrates well, in my opinion the dilemmas that some gay guys face in growing up.  For those difficulties the pre-conditioned society we live in is to blame.  Younsters born into it are indoctrinated from an early age with negative prejudices towards Man to Man sexuality.
Coming out can be a difficult process for any teenager. According to Scott Heggart, it's even harder when you're an athlete. 
 The Canadian-born Heggart, now 21 and a first-year communications student at the University of Ottawa, told the Ottawa Citizen he began to understand his sexuality in 7th grade, but feared that he would have to stop playing football, basketball, softball and hockey if he came out. "I’d started to understand who I was, what it meant,” he recalled. "The worst thing, from my teammates’ perspective, was to be gay."
Though he came out to his supportive family at age 15, Heggart says an even bigger challenge lay ahead: revealing his sexuality to his teammates. So instead, he opted to document his coming out experience anonymously by posting videos on YouTube, one new clip every day for a year from 2008-2009. Said his mother Julie, who was initially concerned by her son's decision: "It was a place where he could be himself and share his struggles and his conflicts and everything he was going through with this broader community.”
In the video series, Heggart speaks poignantly about the process, and takes on other topics like religion, same-sex marriage, the so-called "ex-gay" movement and other topics. When he finally did come out to teammates and classmates by posting a photo of himself with his new boyfriend, Brock, on Facebook and changing his relationship status, Heggart says he received "respect and support." He now says the 2011 suicide of Jamie Hubley, a 15-year-old gay Canadian teen, inspired him to go public about his YouTube identity.

Thursday, March 29, 2012


I like what both Dave and Patrick have written in the comments on my post “Deepening Veneration.”  I like the delightful new sense they are giving to the word Agape, the self-giving of men helping each other realize and take joy in their masculinity.  This is indeed to Christianize and spiritualize our enhanced masculinity gift.  

I like what Patrick says about perfecting our spiritual sense of orgasmic ecstasy as a deep contemplative experience, a prayerful spiritual fulfilment for the enhanced male.  No, I am not going to delete Patrick’s comment.  I am only too happy to say with him: Let us worship with our cock, together and individually.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Deepening Veneration.

Sam commenting on my post “Venerating our Own Body” wrote:  “I know that the Lord put my body here on earth to be used by other men as I bond with them and give them the pleasures that only another Man can give.”  I think that is an excellent statement of faith in the gift of enhanced masculinity.  There is commitment in Smooth Jock’s comment too: “I am venerating my own body.  Myself.”  It would seem logical to say that we have to be at home with the wonders of our sexual make-up before we can step out and share it with other guys.                                                                     
Then we have to remember that sharing is at the heart of the Christian message.  God has shared his Divinity with us in the Incarnation of his Son.  Would we not act in the image and likeness of God in sharing our masculinity with our fellow males.  Patrick thinks we are sailing into deep unchartered waters.  I think that is where we need to go, yes, as he says to develop ecstatic sexual contemplation.  The male body is rightly called by Lorenzolo the great Ambassador – of the Divine.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Venerating our Own Body.

We looked at the Divine dimension of our male being that we can communicate through sexy dressing.  But we can venerate the Divine in our own body by taking our clothes off and by look and feel, caress and stroke, stimulate feelings of immense pleasure and realize that the Lord has created this dynamic within us in order to bring us into communion with his Divine Being which is pure joy and pleasure.   
The erotic touch and pausing to contemplate the wonder of my being necessarily bring us into the presence of God our Creator.  The more vibrant with pleasure we can render out body, the deeper our contact with the Divine, and, if we go beyond normal consciousness and transcend the ordinary limits of our physical being, then that is precisely the meaning of the Greek word “ecstasy.”