Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Last for a Bit.

A big thank you all for the enthusiastic reception given to my Easter Day post.  This will be my last post until after May 8.  I am going to be travelling and busy with other things.  This will give us all time to deepen that sense of being guardians and custodians of the treasure of masculinity towards  which we, of the Enhanced Masculinity school, have been given a special caring sensitivity.  

Let us enjoy it and develop it and deepen its spiritual implications.  I found Rob’s comment on my Easter post wonderfully positive and deeply inspiring.  Whether we manifest our sexuality in a one-on-one relationship or as a dickpig, it can all be part of our service of God.  Then Patrick sums up the whole message of my blog: 

The enhanced male is God’s gift to the world to live and to preach the importance of man-to-man sexual play as a God-given gift.  Keep the Faith and honour The Fuck.

Monday, April 9, 2012


I think I am still in the process of learning to appreciate positively the intricacies of the masculinity mystery with all its manifold manifestations.  I am still working out of my system those feelings and nagging doubts that certain things that men go in for with each other are bad.  
But I have come a long way in being able to recognize the sheer goodness and beauty and celebration of the male spirit in the dimensions of kink, fetish, and gear.  I am still discovering the rich subtleties of things that appeal to the male urge between my legs.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Day of Resurrection

The recurring thought in my mind at this time of Easter is that we have to pursue homoeroticism as a positive and enriching practice and a service to the world and to humanity.  I think the homoerotic practitioner has a mission in the world that should be approved by the Church and by society.  It is all summed up in that beautiful statement that I came across the other day: gay men are the guardians of the masculine impulse.  What a spiritual charism!  What a service to our fellow men!  This mission fulfilled breathes the life of the Risen Jesus into the human race.

Saturday, April 7, 2012


Christians and Jews can join together this year in celebrating the Shabbat of Passover.  The Day the Lord rested after his Work of Creation, the Day the Lord rested in the tomb before his life of Resurrection in which we all share.  Two guys recently joined this blog as followers.  They have very interesting blogs themselves.  I have added them to my blog roll.  The one is called “Raw Masculinity” and the other “Edging and Gooning SoloSexualism.”  
The latter reads like a handbook of the fine art of transcendental masturbation.  On the other I found the most wonderful phrase: .”Gay men are the guardians of the masculine impulse.”  This is a quote from Camille Paglia.  I think that is the expression I have been waiting for to describe what I have long felt is my cosmic mission.  We have this treasure of masculinity confided to us and we homosexuals, gay guys, enhanced males, have it to preserve and develop for the good of mankind.  Focus on this is a new way of entering into the Resurrection of Jesus.

Friday, April 6, 2012

Good Friday.

Further thoughts on Jesus’ footwashing.  It seems to me that if a man is stripped and only has a towel girded round his loins and then proceeds to wash the feet of a load of other men, drying them with the towel he has covering his crotch.  Well it just seems that this is a very enhanced masculine gesture.  Only enhanced males could pull it off and feel the real man to man power of it.  We have had the disciple that lay on Jesus’ breast, and now we have the disciples with their foot in Jesus’ crotch!  No wonder enhanced masculinity seems so right and good.  

We see from today’s reading in the Saint John Passion that Jesus and his closest disciples have not always had the same ideas on things.  There is Jesus, the man of peace, who did not lift a finger against the official that struck him, and there is Peter, armed with a sword, who cut the ear off one of Jesus’ aggressors.  So should we find that Jesus is more favourable to enhanced masculinity than current Church authorities, we will know that the difference is as old as Christianity.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Maundy Thursday

Today we celebrate the day that the Lord washed the feet of his disciples.  This will speak to us enhanced males in different ways.  Some of us are already fascinated by feet, others by male legs.  Jesus certainly could not have been prudish about male bodies.  Even more interesting and remarkable to think that Jesus took off his clothes and put on a towel like a loin cloth and proceeded to wash the feet of his men friends, drying them with the cloth that was covering his own loins.   
Is there some deep significance here, left to be discovered by those who, in later ages, would embrace the way of enhanced masculinity, in opposition to the imposed prudery of two Christian millennia?

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Not our Fault.

To Patrick’s comment: For some of us it is not safe to come out publically, no matter how much we would like to do so.  I would say that we have to be very clear that this is not our fault.  We live in a society that has outlawed and ostracized everything to do with erotic veneration of the male.  We are victims of this distortion.   

We have to fight the guilt that deviating from the norm tends to induce and re-think ourselves every time that we tend to think that we are somehow to blame.  The only future for a healthy society is to embrace erotic man to man as healthy and normal and to develop the openness about it that would be consequent upon that.