Thursday, May 31, 2012

The Path of Erotic Ecstasy

Ecstasy of St. Teresa
For those in religious vows among us, let us recognize that the way of erotic ecstasy for those with the enhanced masculine gift,  is just as valid a spiritual path as the way of sexual abstinence.  Except that the way of sexual abstinence is based on the principle that the sexual and the spiritual are in a permanent state of divorce and the way of erotic ecstasy is based on the recognition that the spiritual and the erotic are one.  The ecstasy of the Carmelite Saint Teresa by Gian Lorenzo Bernini in the Roman church of Santa Maria della Vittoria is said to be portrayed as clearly erotic by the sculptor Gian Lorenzo Bernini. (1598 – 1680).  
Gerry drew my attention to this in his comment on my post "Erotic Spiritual Ecstasy".
Perhaps the re-discovery of the erotic spiritual path, buried for a couple of thousand years, could the start of a new spiritual dynamism in the Church.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012


Those endowed with Enhanced Masculinity form a sort of natural brotherhood or fellowship worldwide. As we recognize the spiritual dynamic of Enhanced Masculinity or the cultivation of The Fuck, we could begin to think in terms of a universal spiritual Order, parallel, but only on the spiritual level, to, for example the Knights Templar of the Middle Ages. 

Then, what would we call ourselves as members of this universal spiritual brotherhood of Enhanced Masculinity? How about “Knights of The Fuck.”?

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Spiritual Male Urge.

We need to allow ourselves a completely positive evaluation of the male urge and drop all sense of doing anything wrong or shameful when we are stimulating it. We need to think of being enrolled by our erotic make-up into the movement we are calling Enhanced Masculinity. We are the guys that relate in a determined way to everything masculine in ourselves and in others. The practice or practical application that this make-up needs to express itself is what we are calling cultivating The Fuck. 

The Fuck we have determined is the male urge, which is the necessary focus of the enhanced masculinity movement. But the cultivation of The Fuck has deep spiritual implications that we will have to allow to reveal themselves as we persevere in what is a type of veneration of the primordial, primeval and chthonic male urge.

Monday, May 28, 2012

Erotic Ecstasy Again

Somewhere along the line of history, somebody must have decided that the spiritual path of erotic ecstasy was too powerful and therefore to be written off as the work of suspect powers, like the satanic.  In my experience it is not in the least a demonic experience, but a purely physical and natural one that enables a person to pass into new realms of blissful consciousness.  It gives rise to energies but not to delusions.  Happily many seem to be rediscovering today the spiritual path of erotic ecstasy and my hope is that we will all continue to develop its positive value for personal peace and wholesomeness.

Sunday, May 27, 2012


The day we remember the descent of the Holy Spirit as tongues of fire on the Apostles.  Jesus tells us in the gospel that the Spirit is being given us to lead us into all truth.  He is given to each one of us, not just to the Church as collectivity.  Each one of us has to work out his own path, according to his gifts and the way he has been put together by a God-guided personal history and inheritance.  This path is called the spiritual path, precisely because it has its origins in and is guided by the Spirit.  I would not be wring here and you would not be reading this blog unless we had recognized that we all that that particular component in our make-up that I call Enhanced Masculinity.  Today, with the Spirit of the Son of God, let us thank our Father for this gift.  Let us invoke the Holy Spirit to help us as we strive to fathom the spiritual depths of these riches.  Remember that, at the Beginning, when the Spirit of God hovered over the waters, God created all things and saw that they were good, and that applies to our Enhanced Masculinity.  But the Spirit is also communication, and let us hear his call to finding ways of communicating our Enhanced Masculinity to one another, or, at least, of dropping the inhibitions society has put on this communication down the centuries.

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Gay Marriage

Currently the Catholic Church is at loggerheads with the US Administration over the legalizing of gay marriage.  Basically the Catholic Church would want marriage, as a term, restricting to those who engage in the union the Church defines as marriage: The life-long union of one man and one woman for the mutual love of the spouses and the begetting of children.  The US Bishops who are making a noise over the Administrations wanting to re-define marriage fail to observe that the civil definition of marriage is already not that of the Catholic Church, because it says nothing about the begetting of children.  
All my life we lived in Britain with a double definition of marriage, the Catholic one and the civil one that covered marriage in a registrary office “not valid in the eyes of the Church”, but affecting couples whom we happily accepted as married nonetheless.  There ought really to be no problem about the Church keeping its own definition of marriage and Catholics regarding gay unions as not valid marriage in the eyes of the Church.  But what is really bugging the Church is that it wants to impose on the whole of humanity its baseless notion that man-fucking is sinful.  The only real solution to the whole of this energy-wasting debate is that the Church recognize once and for all that the ban on homosexual activity has no basis in scripture and does no harm to society whatsoever, so it is not evil.  On the contrary, I find it rather good.

Friday, May 25, 2012

Penis Related Spirituality

I had to pluck Patrick’s thought out of the comments on my post “Erotic Spiritual Ecstasy”, in order to give it more visibility.  I think it sums up beautifully, and in words that I could never have found, where I think the Enhanced Masculinity movement should be taking us as a spiritual path.

Patrick wrote: “The Sexually Enhanced Male is a special spiritual being as recognised by some cultures where he is given special status and honour. In an altogether special way he embodies the power of the Penis, or the "reality" of the Penis. In him dwells a power that releases itself into his penis as it becomes a column of flesh and blood, ready to lead the man into the ecstasy of complete arousal till finally in total body and spirit rapture his blood-engorged penis erupts and spurts the holy semen (CUM). 

His spirit - his spirituality - is intimately related to his penis, which unites him to the spirit of Nature, which in turn unites all things to the Creator-God. In some cultures the Phallus is seen as the embodiment of the Creator-God. In some cultures the Sexually Enhanced Male is considered the medium between the ordinary people and their god.”