Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Homophobia 1.

Where does homophobia come from?  Why does it arise?  Of course there are two types of homophobia.  There is the externalized form, non-gays who hate gays or hate the whole idea of homosexuality.  Then there is internalized homophobia.  Gays who hate the idea that they are gay and try to disown it or hide it from themselves.  Neither form is healthy, but does damage to both the hated and the hater.
Homophobia can be strangely pervasive.  It colours far more lives and societal interaction than we might at first realize.  It might simply prevent us talking openly or up front when homosexuality is mentioned in some context.  Just a tiny moment of hesitation or tension.  It affects people, but it is not their fault.

Where does it come from?  What causes homophobia?  A person that regards gay people and homosexuality with suspicion will probably explain his feelings by saying that homosexuality is not natural.  But does this mean anything other than he regards with suspicion any urge that he does not have himself?  You also hear people saying that homosexuality is a perversion.  But that is a value judgement that begs the question as to where people get the idea that only heterosexual activity is right? 

 Of course, a lot of the people we are dealing with it in a religious context will take refuge behind the statement that it is against God’s law.  But that is only another way of begging the question.  To be against God’s law it must be doing some harm to somebody. 

 People will tell you that homosexuality is disgusting.  But then, I like seafood, snails, frogs legs and tripe and people tell me that my tastes are disgusting.  So is this anything other than what the old philosophical adage dealt with: De gustibus non est disputandum.

Monday, July 30, 2012

Second Nature


 One manifestation of homophopia on a very deep level – people who hate themselves for having done it and take it out on others.  The added dimension is that life is too short to convert their own and everybody else’s thinking to the idea that homosexuality is another way of being naturally human, so, again, they take it out on society and themselves.

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Criticizing the Church

Don Pino Puglisi wrote: "We can, we must criticize the church when we feel it doesn't respond to our expectations, because it's absolutely right to seek to improve it," he said. With his trademark humour, Puglisi added: "But we should always criticize it like a mother, never a mother-in-law!"  He made this comment in the context of an institutional church that turned a blind eye to the Mafia, but the idea of criticising the Church is an important one for enhanced males.  The author of these words was slain by the Mafia and has recently been officially recognized as a martyr for Christ by the Catholic Church.

Saturday, July 28, 2012


Olympic Games?

There is an increasing and satisfying sense of community around here in this blogosphere. With an increasing number of guys really committed to the world of free mansex writing openly about their experiences and sharing their blogs with mine, there is a fresh sense of commitment to the Enhanced Masculine Way.  
We are still, of course, trying to uncover its deeper meaning and how it leads us to God.  Let us start from Christ’s teaching that whatever you do to another person is done to him.  Our mission is to open ourselves to the whole man and to affirm every man in his masculinity, by uncovering the common bond between all men.

Friday, July 27, 2012

No Time

I just have not had time to get a post together today, guys.  I will be busy right into Saturday afternoon as well.  I am doing some research and reflection on "homophobia" asking questions like where does it come from, what is it all about.  I am reading around the topic.  I am not quite ready to post yet.  In the meantime, you guys, have a good weekend glorifying God in your wonderful male bodies, to put an Enhanced Masculinity slant on a text of Saint Paul.

Thursday, July 26, 2012


On a discussion group I saw this expression of opinion: masturbating or the interaction of two males--God ordained it. He spoke only of people sinning if they did not take care of the sick, feed the hungry, heal the lame, support the broken hearted. But not one mention was ever made about the male organ; how it was designed to become erect and how it is designed to bring pleasure to you and others. It is similar in my mind where people of like mind commune together and share.” 
My commentary on this: “I think that is a great contribution. It is just so wonderful that a Christian should speak up in favour of masturbation and mansex and in such strongly positive terms. I presume that the reason there is no mention of cock in the scriptures is that both God and man were agreed how it was designed and meant to function, and were content to let it function. Until somebody in the Christian development began to teach prudery and, ultimately, homophobia. Anyway I love this man's dynamic statement about masturbation and the interaction of two males - God ordained it.”

Wednesday, July 25, 2012


In a discussion group an enhanced male expressed his credo in the following terms that I find I can wholeheartedly endorse: Porn is good, masturbation is good, marathon masturbation is good, extreme masturbation is very good. Perverted fantasies are good, edging is good, Albolene is good, and JO with Albolene is just about perfect.

Church is good, spirituality is good, Sunday is good, clergy masturbating are exceptionally good. Sex blesses my God and my God blesses my sex. God is good.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012


I saw this exchange in a discussion group the other day and find it very illustrative: 
 First contributor: "I am not well schooled in the teaching of various denominations or faiths regarding masturbation.
I can only speak from my own religious background and faith. On the subject of religion and masturbation I cannot blame my particular denomination. I cannot EVER remember the subject being discussed, taught or preached about.
My negative feelings and guilt concerning masturbation came from my family. Even then it was never grouped with sin(s) but just as something little boys did not do. If I was caught touching my genitals I was scolded and told not to do that. Knowing that touching my penis gave me pleasure and knowing I would be scolded for it and maybe punished, it drove me to touch myself in places where I would be less likely to be caught and seen: bathroom, behind bushes, in bed, with other boys, etc. So as I grew up there was always guilt associated with touching my penis/masturbation. Even though I continued to masturbate it was not until I got old enough to check things out for myself that I was able to discard the guilt and really start to enjoy my penis. After all, if my penis was created with the ability to offer me pleasure, why should I deny it? Thus I don't. 

I also do not see anything wrong with sharing this experience with others. I am not sure there are any good analogies that work, such as all the other things men share and no one finds fault. I have friends who enjoy masturbating, as I do, and there are times we get together to share the joy. If my friend has tight muscles, am I a sinner for massaging his muscles and giving him some relief? I think not. So why feel guilty when you and a friend want to share each other's penis?
I could ramble on but the bottom line is I am wondering if the church has received a bum rap on this one (even though they sure deserve it on other subjects.) and guilt from other sources may be the real issue?"
Second contributor: "Every good Baptist knows that there is to be no sex whatsoever before marriage. So in your 20's should be your first sexual experience, and it should be with a woman. And masturbation? We dare not talk about or mention it in any way. Yes, I just love my religious upbringing. It was such a healthy way to think about God's great gift of sexual pleasure. (In case you haven't caught it, this is me being sarcastic. It's unreal how some of us were raised. It's just good that the power within the Cock got us to thinking otherwise about the joy and fun of masturbation and sex.)"

Monday, July 23, 2012

Using Your Brains.

My buddy at the Big Whack commented interestingly on my post “Charism versus Institution”, and added to our general line of debate.  His first remark is both constructive and liberating: “Sexual expression, according to Kinsey and countless others since, can be found spanning a huge arc, from heterosexual (straight) to homosexual (gay) touching every point on the line. New studies being conducted are finding that range of sexuality really goes full circle back to the self (solosexual) and touching each point as it goes.”  In other words, I guess, whatever sexual urge and manner of expression you have is normal and to be followed, provided always that it is not to the detriment of others or constitutes their abuse.  It is as important to avoid thinking that I am the only one that feels like this, as it is to overcome the religion-inculcated guilt.
The man at Big Whack goes on: “If Christians - Catholic or otherwise - would stop to use the brain power God gave them they would understand that He also gave humanity such a wide range of sexuality for a purpose.” Here my commentator puts his finger on two problems.  First of all the great weight of Christian teaching is that sexuality was given for only one purpose, the propagation of the race, and outside of that it virtually did not ought to be, had no place, was disgusting and, often, a type of pathology.  The other problem is that a sector of Christian teaching really amounts to saying that you did not ought to use your brains on anything that is definitively taught by the Church.
My buddy at Big Whack goes on to talk about deep and abiding love for one another involving physical expression and exchange of pleasure.  In this he sees us venerating the image of God in man.  He wonders whether he has got this wrong.  Quite simply, I think he has got it very right.  Revulsion or abhorrence of the body God created beautiful is revulsion and abhorrence of the Creator and this does not jibe with professions of love of God.