Friday, August 31, 2012

Beautiful Lust.

Patrick posted to his blog “The Pursuit of Beauty” a series of very attractive guys wearing jeans.  He asked an intriguing question: “Some people find men in jeans beautiful, or is it just lust.”  Perhaps it all depends on where you think beauty lies.  Lust is the arousal of the erotic spirit.  That in itself seems to me to be an experience of beauty, of deep interior spiritual beauty, because the erotic is the beauty of sexual attraction.  

 It is all rather subjective but there are various flourishes that add to the attractiveness of one male to another.  Beards, body hair, leather, jeans are just some examples.  We should never despise what we call lust, because it is just the power of the erotic, a deep spiritual power, taking hold of us.  It is the whole of our being responding to the magnificence of male beauty.  It is the call of God to enter into deep communion with him our Creator.  Wearing jeans is a sort of code of communication from male to male about our shared masculinity.

Thursday, August 30, 2012

More on the Sacred

I am grateful to both Rick of Torn Jeans and Patrick for their appreciation of what I wrote on Sacred Acts.  Patrick wrote: “That is very beautifully expressed! The holiness, the sacredness of sexual play! In a way we could call it the Sacrament of Male Sexual Acts! Yes! I really love what you are saying here!”  Rick’s comment was: “Sacred is right! All gay sex is sacred! I wish more gay men think this way. I do and need to think of it more often.” 

There were some other comments on that same post, mainly by Tim, that I must digest and reflect on.  In the meantime let me say that I like Patrick’s idea of the sacramentality of enhanced masculinity.  The appreciation of mansex as sacred seems to me to be the fullest form of sex-positive thinking.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Sacred Acts

 (This was originally written as a contribution to the discussion in one of the groups I frequent). 

 Anal or oral penetration of one male by another seems to me to be a sacred act in itself, a sacrament or icon of deep communion or interchange. Always within the man, within the human there is the Divine. Having a cock up your ass is a moment that should translate into prayer, for the beauty of what it signifies, for the pleasure it generates, for the spiritual experience that it is. 
The same can be said for the process of fucking another guy. The erotic thrust is the glory of the male and expresses his origins in the creative energizing power of God. There can be no greater moment of communing with God than when I am making of myself an icon of God.  Again, I think that a man should be able to find deep spiritual experience in receiving into his mouth the male member of his fellow, it expresses generosity and openness to his fellow and sensitivity to his need for pleasure, such as really enters into the spirit of the gospel. 
To be sucked and face fuck another guy is to share with him in gratitude your delight in your manhood. This too is a deeply prayerful experience.  In all of this there is the one theme of sharing with each other the ecstasy of your masculinity. Such sharing seems to me to be of the essence of the gospel message to love one another.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Arousing the Erotic Spirit.

Rick from Torn Jeans made a very constructive comment on my post “Celibacy.” 
He said: “Everyone is different when it cums to this. What I do is have erotic energy play for weeks without cumming. I am not cum focused but stroke focused or play focused. At the baths I might suck some cocks and jack with some men and not cum. I watch for cum focused men and stay away from them. Nothing against them, but I am not interested. One man said to me one time, I came four times tonight, I'm doing great! Really? But each to their own. If you want more spirit and God in your sex, do not cum.”   
The principle sounds good to me.  The spiritual power and the divine bliss is in the arousal of the erotic spirit and in keeping the power of that spirit vibrating as long as possible.  I have to admit that I find it difficult to keep it going more than two or three days then I have to shoot my load.  So I must congratulate Rick at having reached the stage that he is at.  I know that the teachings of the Taoist masters tend in the direction of loss of seed being loss of energy.  Certainly, to reach anything like an ecstatic state you have to keep the erotic spirit vibrantly aroused and once you have shot your load the cycle of bliss and spiritual energy goes into a state of repose.

Monday, August 27, 2012


Celibacy is not being married.  It is not asexualism, except if you believe in monogamous heterosexuality as the exclusive norm.  The received concept of celibacy excludes enhanced masculinity, homosexuality, and all its manifestations, because it is the corollary to the exclusively monogamous heterosexual norm.  Introduce the idea that enhanced masculinity is perfectly all right and the whole picture changes.  There is room for development. The enhanced male can discover sexual stimulation as a gateway to a transcendent spiritual awakening of our being. Call it sex-positive celibacy, a dedicated and sacred way all to itself.