Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Phallic Halloween

As a corollary to what I said yesterday about owning our cocks, I think I need to add that I have the feeling that to achieve real fulfilment as guys gifted with enhanced masculinity we have to take that owning of our cocks a step further and embrace the path of phallic spirituality. That is not a pagan route. It is perfectly Christian if you want it to be. 
We need to draw on tantric traditions and Taoist insights and a variety of sex-positive cultures. This will lead us to our own personal degree of intensity of phallic practices. Beyond owning our cock by just ordinary masturbation we will begin to discover the wisdom of mindful masturbation and the potentially consciousness-transforming disciplines of edging and other forms of self-exploratory phallic attention. But the pursuit of erotic ecstatic bliss does not need to be kept private to ourselves. At any stage of our development along the phallic path we can, as Christians particularly, share in a caring, loving way with other males that feel the same way. 
 Because we share the same masculinity, the pursuit of its goodness, that is wholesome in private, is even more wholesome when shared in full phallic exchange. Patrick, significantly, on his blog, Visions of Penis (see my blog list), had today a post of beautiful pictures of men sharing their phallic being with each other entitled: “Sacred Rituals of Man to Man Sex.” A great thrust for Halloween!

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Own Your Cock.

Patrick posted on his blog a caption that just set me thinking. He said: “No matter what your age, love and be proud of your cock.” I see that, now, as so true. We men all have a cock, however, so few of us really own it. This problem is largely one of religious formation and cultural formation that is more indebted to religion than it would like to admit. What a disaster, for example, for little guys to be told by mommy, no less, not daddy, “don’t touch yourself down there – dirty – naughty” and a guy is traumatized for life. It cannot be right to treat as dirty, try to disown as something we did not ought to have, a part that the whole of our being experiences as so important, so identified with what we are as males, so spontaneous in what we recognize as the fundamental male reaction to a lot of circumstances.

Monday, October 29, 2012

Back to terminology again.

As we try to express what we are terminology is always under development.  A better term for homosexual is a man endowed with enhanced masculinity.  You can call this gift phallocentric focus as well.   

Sacred masculinity is more a way of looking at yours and your fellow’s gift of enhanced masculinity and pursuing it for the spiritual values that can be discovered in it, of communion with your fellows and of union with God the creator of the phallic impulse.

Sunday, October 28, 2012


Mostly men endowed with enhanced masculinity are not involved in procreation so have no dependents.  This allows them to run risks and be creative and original in a way that a man with a wife and family hesitates to be.  It is for this reason that we find gay men strikingly involved in new and creative approaches in the arts and in thinking.  This lack of family ties can also free up the gay man for giving time to others.  

 Because of his inner struggles to accept his gift of enhanced masculinity over against the mainstream cultural opinion that it ought not to be, the gay man may have special gifts for listening and compassion.  So he finds a place in the healing and counselling professions and ministries.

Saturday, October 27, 2012


We need to meditate the reality of communion that is present when we service our phallus, or masturbate, we are at one with the phallic spirit, the erect phallus, which is the same energy dynamic in all men.  Of course, fucking and sucking 

other men is just a higher expression of this spiritual communion.