Friday, November 30, 2012


Since the arrival of the internet, gay pornography seems to have burst out on all sides, like the blossoms in springtime.  To me this is a fantastic enrichment of the quality of human life. 
 Every picture, every video, of guys fucking and sucking each other, every scene of guys masturbating themselves or each other shows guys who know how to celebrate their masculinity, exult in it, and want to encourage others to the same celebration and liberation.  

 In the same line are chat and email groups where men happily share their manhood together and encourage one another to exult in it.  I hear in my head a new beatitude: Blessed are those who encourage one another to erotic ecstasy.

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Another Spiritual Comment.

Commenting my post “Thoughts about Phallus.”, Roger Poladopoulos shared this beautiful vision of our enhanced masculinity gift: “As children of God, our phallocentricity is a special gift from our Creator. This present, unique to our gender, is how we express our love and our oneness with God. It's good for us to acknowledge, appreciate, recognize and respect this generosity that is bestowed upon us.”  

 With this sense of the goodness of our phallic being and the beauty of sharing it as a foundation, we can build a true Christian spirituality of enhanced masculinity.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Sexual Friendship.

Sam, my redneck fist pig friend (see blog on my list), coined a wonderful phrase: “Look around and you will find the greatest treasure of all, Men bonding with Men through sexual friendship.”   I think that sums up so beautifully what we guys who have been gifted with enhanced masculinity can offer to each other.  Men need sex and men need friendship.  An obvious way of wisdom is to combine the two.  Looking to sexual sharing between men in the context of friendship is, to my way of thinking, far more realistic and looks like it is built into man, than making a lot of rules about long-term and exclusive commitments on the model of the totally distinct relationship of heterosexual marriage.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Thoughts about Phallus

I introduced the term “phallocentric” to describe certain aspects of the enhanced masculinity phenomenon.  I was aware of this urge, this dynamic that moves us guys with the gift of enhanced masculinity, that is, at once, proper to each individual and yet similar enough in each for us to feel a communion in what drives us as males.  This male drive focuses in the distinctive male organ, the penis, which, by certain traditions has been dignified with the name “phallus”. 
Now this phallic urge is a drive, a product of chemistry and psychology, completely natural.  Phallic practice has immense spiritual potential because of the bonding it can achieve between males and because of the ecstatic state it can help us to reach.  But, in no way is the phallus or the phallic spirit a god or a divine spirit.  The only divine moving power can be that of the One Creator Spirit that permeates with his energy every aspect of our created human being.  But he functions through the laws of material substances.

Monday, November 26, 2012

Natural Good

Dabbling around in Leviticus chapter 18 also gave rise to this thought in my mind.  It is a great pity that, through the interpretation of one little group, a whole natural good inscribed in the being of man, enhanced masculinity, has been suppressed or attempted to be suppressed for so long.  That it is a totally natural instinct for males to relate sexually one to another is evidenced by the very statement that the Bible makes that the nations who had been in the land before and the nations round about did it.  When one thinks out God beyond the period of the first settlement in the promised land, you can see that it is not consonant with belief in the nature of God as the 
creator and source of all being to try and suppress a whole attitude and appetite built into human nature.  Like celibacy, rejection of enhanced masculinity is all right for those who chose it, but you cannot impose such abstinence from good things on humanity at large.  The pity is that men of religion in the past thought they could.