Monday, December 31, 2012


The guy with the gift of enhanced masculinity may or may not desire or get involved in procreative activity and family life.  For some of us the choice seems almost out of the question, the love of males as males is so central to our lives and so fulfilling.  We may or may not, also, get ourselves into committed man-to-man relationships.  There, but perhaps also even without the commitment, we will discover sex as the expression of love.  There, sex between men fits perfectly into Jesus’ supreme commandment: “Love one another.”  Certain also is that in the give and take of mansex we will discover the bliss of pleasure and how this is enhanced when shared with those who experience the same male to male attractions.  This is no mean value.
 Finally, in mansex and self-pleasuring we will manifest to ourselves and to the world the power of our true masculine nature.  This will greatly enrich the world.  May the New Year 2013 see some progress in Enhanced Masculinity being restored to its rightful place in the human firmament.

Sunday, December 30, 2012

Only A Man.

I have the feeling of needing to get rationality into Christian and, particularly, Roman Catholic thinking on sexuality.  What we have at the moment just will not do.  It gets too many people tied up with their sexuality, and tortured and twisted in their personality.
I found Stan’s comment on this very incisive: “Following Pope Benedict XVI's repeated messages denouncing same-sex marriage, more Dutch Catholics are seeking ways to leave the Catholic Church.  The Catholic Church continues to be more and more out of step with the changing views of its own members and they wonder why church attendance continues to decline.”  Again Sam’s comment on yesterday’s blog really expresses the rationale the Christian teachers need to understand: “Only a Man really knows how to give pleasure to another Man.
 A Man knows hows to handle another Man. A Man knows what it takes to be a Man.  Sexual exchanges between Men makes Man happy.”  Such an attitude makes of enhanced masculinity a virtue and a gift to the whole of mankind.

Saturday, December 29, 2012

In God's Plan.

I imagine myself being interviewed and asked why I started this blog.  My answer would be that I felt that the Church could not carry on where she was on the question of homosexuality.  There was a need for a re-think.  This re-think had to start from the best understanding we could get of the meaning of homosexuality.  It had to include the notion that homosexuality was God’s gift to us, hence the term enhanced masculinity.  God building positively on the masculinity he had created, as it were. 
 We would need to go on from there to state that God had a plan for homosexual man to man interplay in his plan for human happiness and well being.

Friday, December 28, 2012

Inner Voice

I hear myself saying to myself: never let yourself think again that there is anything wrong with masturbation.  Masturbation is the true chastity, the sex-positive chastity, because it is vital in owning your sexulity.  Then, I hear myself saying, to myself or to any other man-interested man, do not be hesitant about sharing your pursuit of sex-positive, phallocentric chastity, in one way or another with other guys.  
Until we have owned our sexuality before others or with others, we can wonder whether we have really embraced our enhanced masculinity.

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

The Fire in a Man's Loins

I saw the power of enhanced masculinity referred to as the fire in a man’s loins.  It is our duty to stoke that fire, by stroking, edging.  When we do so we fire up the energy which is in every man’s loins at the point where the legs meet.  I always feel a tremendous interest in a man’s legs which I put down to the way they symbolize the power, the might of the male. 

 It is then significant that the seat of the fire is where a man’s legs meet.  It is our duty to stoke the fire that is in our loins, because it is a gift from God and it is the one fire that burns in every man’s loins, so the hotter the fire burns the deeper is the communion between men of enhanced masculinity.