Sunday, December 29, 2013


I found a very interesting comment in an interview by Dean Phoenix (Curtis Hutchinson), a favourite porn star of mine.  He is reported as follows: 

“One area that confuses even a veteran like Hutchinson is the gay-for-pay genre. Asked about Randy Blue star Chris Rockway, who says he’s straight, Hutchinson’s response is, well, straightforward. "He’s not that good of an actor," he says. "He’s gotta like it." Hutchinson agrees that the draw of gay-for-pay is the fantasy of a hetero being converted, but "Anyone who does it has some kind of wanting to be gay. They’re gonna miss it ten years from now."   

There are those who would say, of course that there is a bit of everything in each one of us.  There are also those who say that straight does not exist.  Every man if he really listens to his inner being is capable of having sex with men.  The classical ethos of ancient Greece and Rome needs re-discovering.

Friday, December 27, 2013

Sexual Spirituality

It was interesting that the two commentators on my Priapus of Milet post picked up the spiritual dimension of that artist’s work.  For Dave this art brought together the carnal nature of man to man sex with the spiritual dimension that is experienced in sharing sex together.  I would say there are wonderful depths to be experienced in sharing our masculinity together, including sex as the ecstatic seal on this sharing.   

Dave has it so beautifully expressed, in fact: “The spiritual aspect raises mind, soul to a spiritual plane in which we are open to the Divine Ecstasy.”  Dave says that we use our physical, carnal side as a means to experiencing the Divine.  But it is as well to remember that our carnal side was created by God and, therefore, of itself participates in the Divine.  When we pop into erotic ecstasy we are really only activating a divine principle that is built into us.  

At that point Patrick’s comment takes our thinking forward: “Sometimes at the moment of sexual eruption we seem to lose control; we feel transported to another realm of being; it may last just a few seconds; but that is surely a moment of ecstasy - we somehow do stand outside ourselves - we are somehow in touch with the divine at the fount of our being - our sexuality.”
Patrick then squarely faces the immense problem we all fight against: the way we have been conditioned to think of sex as “dirty”, shameful.  In fact most of the attitudes you come across in society and in the Church have a fundamental logic behind them that, if you are going to be honest, says that sex really did not ought to exist.  Patrick, thanks be to God, sees it as “the highest moment of experience of our being in touch with the divine – true spirituality.”  Would that everybody could come to think like that.

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Crack Down

Uganda just passed a wad of anti-gay laws.  It seems that zealous American protestant Christian missionaries are at the bottom of it all.  They have been preaching that homosexuality is a disorder and advocating corrective ministry.  The government has turned this into laws making it criminal to be homosexual, under pain of life imprisonment.  

That is a disaster primarily because it is against human rights to condemn anyone for what he or she is.  Obviously the Christian tradition has a lot of responsibility in this development.  On the other hand, it shows also where fanatical application of current Christian teaching can lead.  Thankfully, most Christians are well aware of the distinction between what a person is and what they do and apply this to homosexuality.  

But the whole concept of homosexual actions being wrong seems to me to turn round in a tautology of tight circles.  If you look at the arguments being preached in Uganda it comes down to “homosexuality is harmful, because it is wrong; it is wrong because it is harmful.”  Nobody ever seems capable of saying what is wrong with homosexuality.  It would be logical to say that if we cannot find out what is wrong with homosexuality then it must be all right, or at least neutral.

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Christmas Wish

The Sex-positive Spiritual Path.  I keep on reflecting on things and the latest is this.  I surmise that the whole ascetic approach to sex goes back to first monastic experiences in the desert when the accent was being put on control of passions to put the person in a state of preparedness to receive God, to enter into communion with the divine.   

This passionless state when applied to the sexual domain meant extreme caution with the body and, in the highest perfection of its practice, even the attempt to forget or ignore that you had a body.  Great states of spiritual purity may have resulted for many.  But, as the practice became vulgarized and recommended as a practice for the many, it resulted in repression with regard to things of the body.  Now we have other insights into the nature of the body and its relationship to the spiritual.  
I, personally, find that the practices of enhanced masculinity, erotic and ecstatic, leave me as truly open to God as, I imagine, any Desert Father of the fourth century might have become by his practices of asceticism.  I cannot help thinking that, just as we no longer fast like the Desert Fathers, we ought to open ourselves to the sex-positive spiritual path.  
When I am truly in my body, in the ecstasy of erotic arousal, then I am truly open to my God.  So that is my Christmas wish for you.

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Follow Your Attractions

Our formation has taught us to reject our sexuality.  This is a sad thing, because rejecting our sexuality means rejecting our body. But our spirit and our body are not separate beings.  We are all sexual beings.   

We need to rediscover that good of our sexuality in order to be fully human beings. With our sexuality fully integrated we claim ownership of our bodies.  But by owning our bodies we own our whole person, such is the body-sould unity of the human make-up.  

Any activity that helps us recover the sense of the good our our body and all its feelings and stimulations is healing and, fundamentally, a spiritual good.  For each one to follow without fear the paths of his likes.