Thursday, January 31, 2013


It is an intriguing thought that the Catholic Church and Christianity in general have always taught that man is made for bliss.  Ultimately, they said, the bliss of the Beatific Vision, the life of happy union with God.  But then the Christian tradition has caused torment to many by trying to shut off the human being’s natural access to bliss which is sex.  A re-discovery and an opening up are needed.

Wednesday, January 30, 2013


Looking mainly at getting sexual stimulus out of leather and denim, but I suppose it would apply to filthy work gear and lots of other things.  A number of us look to the cowboy in jeans, chaps, boots and big buckle as the sort of icon of macho masculinity.  I think that is fundamentally what the fetish thing is all about, identifying and identifying with the macho image.   

We might get hard on viewing the person in the gear or the picture of him, we might get hard by getting into the gear ourselves.  It does not matter. Our reaction tells us that we are tuned in to our enhanced masculinity.   
I heard, recently, of a psychologist who thought that fetishism was pathological, that it replaced genuine interpersonal sexual commitment.  I would rather see it as a primordial reaction and as having possibilities for opening up interpersonal relationships.   
I feel it would be a serious error, a waste of energy and generator of inner tension to try and get rid of that type of reaction to guys fulfilling my, perhaps subjective, image of the male.  Fundamentally that is what enhanced masculinity, male homosexuality, is all about.  I am attracted to the male, as male.  Relationships can build on that, but the attraction or orientation exists and is to be enjoyed in its own right.

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Catholics and Condoms

The Catholic Church’s condemnation of condoms, a debate that keeps on popping up, only comes about, really, in the context of heterosexual fucking.  About homosexual fucking and, indeed, any homosexual activity the Church just says it should not happen, so it has no ruling, or cannot claim one, on the use of condoms in the gay context.  The ban on the use of condoms in hetero-fucking is based on the principle that every fuck should be open to procreation because this is the sole valid use of the cock.  The sad thing is that it is that same principle that is invoked to ban all homosexual activity.   
The source, origin, meaning, understanding and sense of that principle that the cock should only fuck to produce babies leaves me with just a sense of “how can this be?  Where did this whole damn idea come from?”  Some characters in the Bible manifestly fucked for the sake of fucking.  What else did they do with all those concubines?   
There is an urgent need for the Catholic and other Churches to move on, and, in particular go to meet that man-to-man urge that arises so naturally in so many.  There is a sort of ostrich reaction in banning condoms.  The vision is that men should not be fucking each other, so we cannot approve the use of condoms.  But, if you get real, men are fucking each other and the danger of AIDS has to be prevented.  Thank God, gay men have the sense to ignore the Church and fuck each other, and, then, ignore the Church a second time round and practise safe sex.

Monday, January 28, 2013

Mainstreaming Pornography.

Taking up a little bit on what my friend from Whkattk said in his comments on my last post.  The guy that I told I was glad to hear he was a collector of pornography replied that he never thought he would hear a priest tell him that he was glad to hear that he was a collector of pornography.  My further thought was that church people look down on pornography normally because they reckon it leads to masturbation.   

If you accept, as I try to do, that masturbation is a good thing both physically, psychologically and spiritually then the objection to pornography falls away.  Masturbation and pornography have largely the same aim, to help a man be at home with is sexual side, to own what he is and enjoy what he has been given.

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Pornographic Enrichment

A guy with the gift of enhanced masculinity told me recently that he was a collector of pornography.  I replied that I was glad to hear this.  Then I wondered why it made me feel good that a guy admits to being a collector of pornography.   
Of course, first of all, I like any sign of a guy breaking free of the restraints, fears and guilt that society has tried to impose on most expressions of sexuality, especially homosexuality.  Then, of course, I see porn as a good thing.  Sex is good and should, like other good things, be portrayed and admired and be the subject of artistic creation.  This, I think, is the role of pornography.