Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Freeing the Sexual Spirit

Since I decided that masturbation was not sinful but rather good and healthy, I am discovering instincts in me that were suppressed, disowned and thought disgusting up to about 65 years ago.  You were supposed to eschew everything that made you feel sexy so I was never able to talk about the things that got me hard, though I found every opportunity to frequent guys and situations that turned me on and wear clothing that I normally finished up jacking off in.  

 I am now in a position to embrace the whole of that as good and to appreciate how it helps me own my sexuality and the body and being that constitute me.  The problem is that there are still a lot of people around me that are living like I used to, with an imprisoned sexual spirit.  That concerns me.


  1. Davvero non poter parlare di ciò che provoca le pulsioni sessuali era un peso grande per un giovane degli anni 60/70. L'argomento della sessualità era un tabù. Meno male che con internet le cose cambiano. Già il fatto di sapere che uno non è solo ad avere certe fantasmi è molto.

  2. Right on point, my man! Too many are still bound by the myths and fallacies of our collective puritanical legacy. Thanks to you, at least some are being enlightened with the truth. :)