Tuesday, February 26, 2013


A guy was talking to me about his struggle with his positive and negative feelings over his mansex self-expression and particularly with masturbation.  The struggle that we all have as a left over from our early strict religious upbringing.  I told him that things go in waves.  We have a euphoric period where we think we have got our masturbation or mansex more integrated, then these doubts and questionings come flowing back in again, and we realize that are still on the way to that goal of complete integration of our man urge or our phallocentric spirit.   

To build up our liberation we just have to be faithful to what, in one post or another, I called our phallic exercises.  They are as important to our well-being as pull-ups and stretches and need to be regarded with much the same moral attitude as we consider a session in the gym or time given to physical exercise.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013



Gay Spirituality

People talk about a precise gay spirituality.  It has to begin with letting that deep primordial male urge come to the surface and be grasped for the enriching and wholesome experience that it is.  We have to feel the male urge, bigger and deeper than ourselves, pulsing through our bodies.  Some people call it full body orgasm.  We have to feel our solidarity in energy and lustiness with all other males and draw energy from it.  Those energies will be found to bring peace and healing within us subjectively and enable us to foster generosity, loving kindness and healing towards others.  The adoption of such values are indispensable steps towards union with the Divine.  That union will result in oneness in our being where we are no longer body and mind, or flesh and spirit, but one integrated whole alive with the energy of the Godhead.

Monday, February 18, 2013

Owning our Sacredness

Patrick also said that we have that sense of our sacred sexuality deep down within us: “We have probably always known it, but are now feeling freer to express it - the sacredness of our sexuality and living it out to its fullest extent, alone or with others. That deep primordial force at work in each one of us sexually enhanced men. Some cultures have recognised it seeing the gay man as someone special in the tribe and setting apart as a person to be honoured and respected. I am sure that deep within ourselves we KNOW that we are VERY SPECIAL.”  That was Patrick’s comment on my post ‘Sacred Sexuality’.  
  The problem really is that the expression of the sacred enhanced masculinity we have been endowed with has been blocked for two thousand years or so by the Christian tradition telling us that it was evil.  The blockage was so successful that men with the gift of enhanced masculinity repressed their sensitivity to the point where they were asexual, even non-entitities as persons, and parallized by fear.  Perhaps it was originally fear of the power of that sacred urge that led elements in the Christian movement to forbid and try to repress it.  Now, we have to open ourselves to full acceptance of the sacred and divine character of the gift we have received.  First, of course, we have to recognize that we are all still marked and restrained by that paralyzing fear.

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Spiritual Porn

Patrick said some time ago that when looking at porn you really had to savour it, take your time and gaze at it until all its artistic dimensions spoke to you.  I think if you let porn sink in like that, it ultimately allows you to feel the primordial urge of the male spirit rising up within you and gives you that sense of communion in brotherhood with all other males and a deep sense of fundamental spiritual nature of our gift.  As you look at images, feel the power and the poetry of the male urge and let your whole being come alive with its vibrant quality.  
 Above all give God the praise because masculinity is so good and beautiful.

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Sacred Masculinity

People talk about awakening the spirit which is deeply hidden in our enhanced masculinity as passed on to us from ancient primordial times.  We are different because we have a spirit.  We have an aboriginal sacred character.  These are the happy times when, after thousands of years men are coming to be openly and consciously in touch with this deep latent potential.  We have to let ourselves consciously engage our deep mysterious sacred male spirit and to allow ourselves to be aware more and more of its sacred character.  In this scenario masturbating, sucking and fucking are sacred actions like no other.  In them we have to claim our spirit and share it.

Taking Place this Weekend

In Ohio.  A conference of gay-affirming Pentecostal pastors and church members focussing on reconciling being gay and Christian.  The network of a half-dozen U.S. churches and about 20 ministers includes many clergy members and congregants who were active in mainline churches until their sexuality became an issue.  
It is just nice to know that somebody is doing something for the integration of the Christian and gay ways of life.
I had a link to "The Columbus Despatch" but I guess they already archived the article because it was in an earlier edition.

Friday, February 15, 2013


For the first time ever the statistics, visitors for the last week, have gone up to 4600 and are still climbing today as I write.  Several days this week the visitors for the day have hovered around 1000.  This is extraordinary.  Thanks for your interest and support, guys.  I trust everyone of you is spreading the word about the Christian goodness of enhanced masculinity, that God loves men who share their masculinity with other men.

Focus of Worship

I found the comments Patrick made on my post “Power and Mystery” had deep significance and show us the way to integrate the sacredness of the gift of enhanced masculinity we have received.  Patrick wrote: “As for us sexually enhanced Christian men. We do not worship cock, but we consider ourselves as gifted by God in a very special way, which enables us to use our physical sexual organ - penis - cock - prick - schlong - to enter into a special relationship with our God. We can see and experience our sexual activity as something sacred. Something that lifts us to a higher level of experience of the spiritual, even, one might dare to say, of the divine.”  
 We can afford to sit at the feet of those of our brothers who talk about worshipping cock and esoteric divine-like powers and translate their language and experience into our own Christian reality.  Ultimately, it is all about finding God in our erotic ecstasy alone or in fellowship.