Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Erotic for Christ.

A variety of spiritualities talk about the achievement of the higher self.  You hear people proclaiming, in various types of terminology, that orgasmic erotic ecstasy is a path for bringing the self into the higher realms of being and consciousness.  It is useful to recall that for us Christians Christ is our higher self.  He himself said that he would come and make his dwelling in us and gave us his Spirit to make this a reality.  So perhaps we need to think about how our orgasmic activity lifts us up onto a plane where we have a more mystical experience of our union with Christ.  Let us start with the idea that my erotic ecstasy is a generative source of peace and healing and that that can generate out from between my legs to energize the whole world.  For Christians, such energizing is the work of Christ.

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  1. Interesting concept. John of the Cross wrote of our mystical experience of God in terms of a kind of "spiritual sexual union". So why not use a heightened sexual experience (masturbation) to raise us up to an experience of God (Christ)?