Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Old and New

A question was put to me about what are we in fact doing when recognizing the gift of enhanced masculinity and encouraging the practices it dictates.  Are we reviving ancient, classical, practices and values or has humanity moved into a new phase. 

 I sort of think it could be both.  We sure know that men played with men in classical times.  But humanity has gone through a couple of thousand years of development and sexual trauma since.   

There is a new awareness of unsatisfactory attitudes to sex in our current world.  We have not yet gelled on what to do about it.  But I feel sex-positivism is being given more of a hearing.  It looks to me like sex-positivism is the real step that enables full acceptance of our gift of enhanced masculinity.  All one can say about classical times is that they may not have been so plagued as later times by sex-negativism.  People of classical times would still only partly recognize themselves in the modern enhanced male scenario.  The essential thing is to do what makes sense to us now.

Monday, April 29, 2013


iamagaytekeeper – see his blog on my blog list on the right – recently posted an article “What if Gay was Normal?”.  Undoubtedly society does need to move forward and accept gay as normal and as part of its structures instead of poking fun, criticism and ostrasizing gays.  But I think it is sex that has to become normal way before gay can become so.  Sex is something virtually everybody does but most pretend they do not.  Then, symptomized by the media, they make fun of those who are caught out having sex or, worse, they create a scandal out of it, when people they think have a responsibility in society are found out.  Faced with that evidence, manifest every day, we can hardly say that we live in a society that considers sex normal.  
 Society as a whole still subscribes to the view it owes to its Christian heritage, that sex ought not to be and is just permissible as procreation.  This, if everybody listened to their feelings and proclivities, is just nonsense.  People should have sex as a good thing in itself.  There is no need to say that sex is only permissible when you have agreed to stay together for life or when you are sure you love one another.  Sex is something we all need to enjoy.  
 Sex with somebody else is always a welcome moment of intimacy, but it should not be condemned for this reason.  Going to buy your newspaper in the morning can be a moment of relational interaction.  But this is not considered intrinsically immoral.  Sex is only another form of relational interaction.  Yes, you can build love and deep relationships on sex, but you do not have to, except in the heterosexual context where you hope to sustain a family.  Society will go nowhere towards making gay normal until it gets sex established within itself as normal.

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Internal Pressures 2

There are many enhanced males who are married, or, at any rate, many married and, as far as they know, straight men who desire sex with other men.  This, too, can lead to internal pressures manifesting in contradictory behaviour.  You can get men prepared to have sex with other men, indeed, in the habit of doing so, but advocating and imposing in a very militant way traditional and conservative Catholic practices, even in the context of marriage.  I believe this comes from an inner tension that arises when a person is broad-minded in one area but tries to compensate by being narrow in another to try and keep himself correct.   

 We need all to embrace the total broad-mindedness that affirms ourselves as part of the world-wide society of manfuckers, cocksuckers and wankers, believing that these activities are wholesome and good and a contribution to the overall well-being of the whole of society.  We also all need to embrace that clear Catholic doctrine that the individual conscience is always to be respected.   

I hate it when a Catholic or fundamentalist Protestant thinks it is part of his mission to dictate how somebody else should think.

Saturday, April 27, 2013

A Moving Reply

I was taken aback, just was not expecting such a heart-searing response to my blog on psalm 6 as came from my friend at the Big Whack: “There are getting to be more and more days when I need that prayer... The physical difficulties and pain bring me down emotionally...to such a degree that I begin wishing to see that light sooner rather than later. It's no longer a rarity to lie in bed at night and think, "Tonight would be fine if You think so...".  He can be sure that my prayers are with him and that of many of my readers.