Saturday, May 25, 2013

Away till mid-June

Unless I get some extra-special inspiration and the opportunity this will be the last post until after June 17.  I have to travel.  At least 16 of the 21 days I shall be away are simply work!  Somebody commented to me recently: “I seem to be unable to communicate with you on your blog, but I note you say that viewers have increased enormously in recent weeks. I think that that is because you have a first class selection of photos with good pricks and lots of leather on the site.”  Good that the blog’s pics meet with somebody’s need for sexual expression!  I think that to place a comment on the blog you may need to be logged in to Google.  In the comments on “Sharing” it is good to see Patrick encouraging Rus to masturbate.  Masturbation really is the key to getting into our enhanced masculinity as a positive experience.  Patrick’s account of the first time he went to a gay sauna and came away feeling fulfilled,
reminds me of my own sexual development.  I had had plenty of sexual encounters and felt terribly guilty about them.  Then came a time when, despite feeling guilty, I sucked a guy off and felt I had really done a good thing.  Then there was an encounter which was carefully planned, rather than casual or spontaneous sex.  From that one I came away with a perfect sense that having sex with another man was really good, beautiful and not wrong at all.

Friday, May 24, 2013


The last few posts have stimulated a lot of discussion and open sharing of guys' problems and experiences.  I am happy about this.  It has the feel of a new development for this blog, but I suppose it is not really.   

This sort of sharing has always been there but has taken on a new character of openness and depth.  I suspect that it is very important to get hold of the simple principle, in all these discussions, and in sorting out our lives as enhanced males, that mutual jacking, manfucking and cocksucking are all morally on the same plane.  There is no need to condemn any of these sexual activities because they do not lead to the generation of offspring and the ensuing responsibilities.   

The interdiction on any sexual activity outside of marriage and not open to procreation excluded a whole field of human experience that we have to bring back, proclaim and show how good and sensible it is.  We really have to develop a veneration for the wonderful world of mansex, and declare ourselves with conviction believers in the enrichment of enhanced masculinity.   

We are also going to need to be evangelists, to get other people to accept that mansex is a wonderful and positive aspect of human experience that should be integrated into the structures and mentality of society.

Thursday, May 23, 2013


Rus, commenting on yesterday’s post described what he feels: “I agree, but that thinking is slow in coming. As I indicated previously, I am fine until I cum and then all the guilt overwhelms me. Thus, I do not cum as much as I would like so that I do not go into that state of mind. I appreciate your comments--I value your input very much.”   I think we have all felt something similar at times.  The fact is you need to appreciate how our intellect can adopt a situation or a practice as rational and good, but our feelings take a lot of time to catch up.  The feelings are like tape-recordings that keep on playing and have to be allowed to gradually wind down, once the motive power from the intellect is switched off.  Guilt is a feeling.  Another thing to be born in mind is that guilt is not sin and does not indicate sin.  It can sometimes lead us to repentance, but, in itself, it is not repentence.  It is just a troublesome feeling within.  Our relationship to God is built in our intellect and our will, not in our feelings.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Individual Conscience.

Rus posted his quanderies and queries in the comments.  Ultimately, only he can decide what makes more sense, what tradition says, what we were taught in our upbringing, what we are saying here, what he thinks for himself.  Spiritual maturity involves trusting God who is not going to condemn you for following your own conscience.  If a guy really wants to get over the guilt and shame that was inculcated into us in our early years over things sexual he has to make a serious and concerted effort to integrate masturbation.  We have to be able to let outselves feel how good it is to both prolong the ecstasy and to shoot our load.  Once we have become convinced of the healthy goodness of masturbation we will see no problem with sharing it with other guys, by mutual masturbation, manfucking or cocksucking.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

The importance of the internet.

As an enhanced male I need contact with other guys of the same mindset.  This is not so easily available in my ordinary everyday life.  I guess many are in the same position.  The internet is a real godsend and a healer in this area.  We carry the force of the wounds that have been inflicted on us down the centuries for being male orientated men.  We still hear the constant proclamation that we did not ought to exist.  We need that healing of just knowing that other guys are around with the same urges, drives and instincts as us.  We need openings too to find opportunities to fulfil those urges and feelings that we recognize as so good and humanity building