Sunday, June 30, 2013


Pope Francis spoke recently about conscience.  He said that conscience guarantees our liberty because it is based on each one’s personal relationship with God.  The Pope said that those who always seek security in conforming to the judgment of another are not free.  He said that Jesus does not want us to be egoistical, people who want what pleases them, what suits them, what is in their interest.  But Jesus does want us to be free.   

The basis of this freedom is in each one’s intimate prayer dialogue with God.  I would see those principles expressed by the Pope as leading us enhanced males to bring our situation confidently to God in prayer and then do resolutely what we feel we have to.  We do not, for example, have to be slaves to what the Catechism says about homosexuality.  That may be a way of trying to be robots that do not think for themselves.  The Pope condemns such dependency as a lack of freedom.  The Pope defines conscience as the inner space where each one listens to what God is saying to him, that enables him to discern and understand the way he ought to go.

Saturday, June 29, 2013

Peter and Paul

Today we are celebrating the splendid feast of the foundation pillars of the Church of Rome.  Two apostles, one chosen by Christ before his passion and resurrection and the other by the Risen Christ while he was soldiering in Syria.  (Get the modern ring.)  They both died a martyr’s death in Rome, where Peter was the first leader of the Roman Christian community.  Their tombs are still there and it is a pleasure to venerate them when in Rome.  

 I found myself reflecting recently on an interesting conflict these two men totally dedicated to Christ had with each other.  Paul accused Peter of duplicity.  He saw him comfortably eating at pagan tables until his Jewish colleagues turned up, when Peter took to observing the Jewish kosher and separative laws.  In the

Church of today, it is a great pity that many of us who are graced with enhanced masculinity are forced to behave in exactly that duplicitous type of way.  We have to hide our enhanced male behaviours or proclivities for fear of losing our position or standing, or of having our professional, or, even our married, life ruined.  This is largely because church and society have not yet accepted that God did a good thing when he created enhanced men.  Perhaps we ought to pray to Saints Peter and Paul to do something about it.
Paul, of course, many enhanced males would hesitate about.  But the male on male activities Paul did not like were because they were done by pagans.  He does not really have our concept of enhanced masculinity, so can hardly be talking about it.

Friday, June 28, 2013

Is Lust a Problem?

As far as I can see the Catechism of the Catholic Church condemns homosexual acts because they are expressions of lust.  But, as I recall, it defines lust as inordinate sexual desire.  Inordinate sexual desire is defined as sexual pleasure sought for itself detached from the procreative and unitive elements.  That sounds very close to saying that homosexual acts are wrong because they are wrong, rather than being an answer to my question of decades: “What is wrong with homosexuality?”  The fact is that in every sexual act between men there is a unitive element.  It is that that makes it good.  The argument that sexual pleasure is not to be sought for itself really only comes in when faced with masturbation.  
But then, to me, that is a wide open question just what is wrong with sexual pleasure that harms nobody and does not interfere with anybody’s life in any way?  Unless it deals with people it is not going to be a big thing for God and his Son Jesus Christ.

Thursday, June 27, 2013


Pope Francis was talking about Christian acceptance.  He gave as an example the single mother who goes to the parish to ask for Baptism for her child and hears “a Christian” say: “no, you can’t have it, you’re not married”.  “Look at this girl who had the courage to carry her pregnancy to term” and not to have an abortion.  “What does she find? A closed door”, as do so many.  “This is not good pastoral zeal, it distances people from the Lord and does not open doors.  So when we take this path … we are not doing good to people, the People of God”.  Jesus “instituted seven sacraments, and with this approach we institute the eighth, the sacrament of the pastoral customs office.”  Finally Pope Francis explained that Jesus wants everyone to be close to him.  “Let us think of all Christians of good will who err and shut the door instead of opening it”.  Let us ask the Lord to grant that “all who approach the Church find doors open to encounter Jesus’ love”.   

Among the many who find a closed door when they approach the Church are enhanced males, men who have sex with men.  I am left hoping and praying that Pope Francis will find a way of opening the door to them.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Unbind and Set Free.

For freedom Christ has set us free, Saint Paul tells us.  But there is a very big contrast with the bind that traditional Christianity and Christian-inspired societal norms have imposed on homosexuals.  One cannot help but think that this should not be so.  Something somewhere has gone awry.   
 If you tell people, for example, that their inclination towards having same-gender sex is objectively disordered, as the Catechism of the Catholic does, then you do a great deal of harm to people whom medical and psychological sciences have been telling them for decades that there is nothing wrong with them.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Pornographic or Erotic?

Interesting that the Catechism of the Catholic Church condems pornography but does not seem to treat anywhere of the rightness or wrongness of erotica.  In ordinary thought we seem to make a distinction between erotic and pornographic.  I am not sure in what that distinction consists.  We, meaning many people with a religious background and, generally, those who consider themselves to belong to a cultured society, happily admire erotic art.  But I am not clear where the erotic ends and the pornographic begins!

Monday, June 24, 2013


I was visiting recon, the site for fetish and kinky based gay guys.  I had a flashback to when I was happily masturbating as a youngster and coming into my first contacts with the Christian teaching on sexuality – not to give way to the unlawful movements of the flesh.  I could not work out what was meant by this phrase, wondered whether it was what I was doing masturbating.   
But dismissed the idea “It could not possibly be that.”  Perhaps because I sensed the inappropriateness of calling it unlawful.  So now, looking at all the fetishes and activities men enjoy and that help us to express our masculinity and knowing that every aspect of it has been despised and condemned as contrary to Christian morality, I find myself saying: “There cannot possibly be anything wrong with it, it is so natural to so many and does so much good.

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Mansex Spirituality

It is nice to hear that my blog is helping people, or at least that I am saying what people want to hear, in that it confirms their own way of thinking on mansex and spirituality, or, better, mansex spirituality.  Vinmor commented on “Taboo”: "Welcome back. Your absence made a void for many of us I am sure.  Paul, as I am catching up on your postings and the wonderful pictures, I cannot help to reflect on my 76 years of coming to terms with who God created me to be.  It has changed my life in the last 16 months in what I thought was so very devastating and now see many blessings in being revealed to my bishop. I miss being part of active ministry but I am still able to help others that are searching for meaning to life when they are constantly told that they are "inherently disordered" and evil.  Thank you for all you do here. Please do not give up on your ministry to all of us who depend on your insights.”
Patrick on “Spiritual Sex”: "I know that what you are writing here is just so true. There has been so much negative thought expressed about sexual activity that the positive values, both physical and spiritual, need to be stressed, which you are doing. So keep up the good work. I hope that blogs like my own help by exposing others to images of men engaging in very full and satisfying sexual activity." Part of the message, the healing, I think I am working for is building up and laying claim to a robust sexual life.  Pictures help us celebrate and feel the wonder of that magnificent world of men who have sex with men.  The disaster is that there is a whole dimension of life that has been negated by society for so long.
Apocope on “On My Way Back”: "I recently joined your blog while you were away and have found it immensely helpful.  You have given me a new perspective on my situation and have helped me move forward in my quest to embrace my maleness and everything to which that entitles me.  Thanks."

Saturday, June 22, 2013


All during Benedict XVI’s pontificate I never quite understood what he was talking about in his repeated condemnation of “relativism.”  It has just dawned on me that the opposite of relativism must be absolutism.  

 So I guess I am a relativist, in that I have an aversion to dogmatism and think that there are few absolutes in life.  Especially in matters sexual there are all sorts of factors that make one situation, one relationship, one person’s practice different from another.

Friday, June 21, 2013

Change of Consciousness.

I have found some more inspirational remarks on Conner Habib’s blog (link on this blog in lower right hand column.)  Conner talks about the spiritual dimension of sex and identifies its primordial manifestation in the change of consciousness we experience in our erotic ecstasies as we reach one type of orgasm or another.  We need to develop our orgasmic life as part of our sex-positive life-view.  If this was accepted as healthy psychological and spiritual thinking, our world would be a better place.  There would be more peace within males and more peace between males.  My dream is of a world where men fuck each other rather than kill each other.  As somebody remarked to me recently, developing gay life would be as effective a way of population control as is war.  Men having sex with men rather than making babies.  

 One could even think that here we touch on the no longer appropriate character of the historical Catholic teaching that sex should always be open to procreation.  It belongs to a world that could not afford to miss one baby, because few survived.  Life has moved on.  There is something to be said for giving life by having babies, but there is something to be said by giving life through sex without having babies.