Thursday, October 31, 2013

Blue Monk

Patrick introduced me to the website  It is one that invites you to feel the spiritual side of masculinity and its accoutrements and practices.  It has caught the spirituality along with the beauty of things male.  The author or authors describe their purpose in the following terms.
'Bluemonk Anatomy is based on the life of one man and his experience and creative vision.  This vision and mission is shared by anyone who has a genuine interest in and appreciation for the beauty of the nude male body. 
The purpose or mission of Bluemonk Anatomy is the study of the nude male body.
The foundation for Bluemonk Anatomy is the dignity of thehuman person and freedom of conscience.

  Bluemonk Anatomy upholds the nude male body as a subject for artistic study, which conveys beauty-truth.  The study of the nude male figure, therefore, can be seen as a 'path' or school of spirituality in the pursuit, contemplation and attainment of knowledge and truth, not unlike the objectives and means of established world religions and paths of enlightenment.'
human person and freedom of conscience.
Bluemonk Anatomy is established as an art institute-art school, in a classical sense, with human anatomy taking pride of place; it is a resource for artists, photographers and students of the nude male figure; it is a method of study, which utilizes drawing and painting, and photography of the nude male body.

'The male nude became a path to enlightenment.  In and through his body I saw my own; I saw myself in the greatest honesty and truth.
He revealed to me the treasures of manhood and the universe, the mysteries of the gods, and paths which lead to the heavens.
I shed my clothes too, to be like him, to become him'.  -  the monk, St. Francis Mountain Hermitage 10-22-2013

The pictures on this post are a sample of what is posted on the Blue Monk website which has vast galleries of excellent quality pictures, each of them begging to be savoured until the spiritual overpowers you.

Wednesday, October 30, 2013


I saw a headline: “Did Justin Bieber hook up with a prostitute?”  My first reaction was “Well, what if he did?”  Personally I rather like to see any evidence that a guy uses the faculty between his legs.  Ok, it is heterosex outside of marriage.  But what matters, in my view, is not the sex but the begetting of children you cannot look after.  There lies the sin potentially and not in the sex.  It arises in the context of what are traditionally called adultery and fornication.  It turns out, however, that the accusation about Bieber is just the wild unstubstantiated idea of some newspaper in a country he was visiting.  So we have a glaring example of the sex-negativity of our society.  The suggestion is that sex is somehow naughty and celebrities caught at it come down in our estimation.  To me this is totally ridiculous.  
Another element, of course, is society’s ambivalent attitude to prostitution.  A high percentage of the world’s male population frequents “public women” and has complexes and shame about it.  This cannot be healthy.  Yes, we should avoid having babies we cannot take responsibility for, but, in the modern world this can be assured by means that never existed in the past and are pretty reliable.  The world needs to move on in its thinking and shed its sex-negativity. 
Again, yes, prostitution can be regarded and condemned as a type of slavery, but this need not necessarily be the case.  It should not be unthinkable that a woman might choose to make her living, and even make a superb career out of a life as a sex-worker, just as a man might happily choose escort work.  It is odd how long the debate has been going on for and the more remarkable when you consider how long prostitution, male and female, has been around.

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Not Positive At All

I had this further reflection on how bad the teaching is that you find in the Catechism of the Catholic Church on the homosexual condition.  Virtually it says that a whole percentage of the population, because it is gay is condemned to suffering. The homosexual is invited to avoid being totally miserable by sublimating his acceptance of this condition.  This seems to me to be terribly bad teaching, so bad as to be no teaching at all.   
We need to take our enhanced masculinity totally positively, go with it and find the exuberance in our sexuality that gives praise to God.  This, of course, is to adjust our whole approach to values like chastity and continence.  Feeling our sexual desire is, for me, a much more beneficial type of chastity than repression.   
The traditional type of chastity, the life undertaken by vow in religious institutes is actually born of sex-negativism.  It seems necessary for the enhanced male to adopt a sex-positive philosophy and from that vantage point chastity and consecrated life are going to need practising in a completely different way, just about the opposite of what we were taught in the “do not touch, do not think about it approach”.

Monday, October 28, 2013

Negative to Positive

A seemingly now defunct sexologist online magazine,, made a good point (similar, in fact, to the point that my friend at the Big Whack made on my yesterday's post, both corroborated by Patrick's experience): “Everywhere you turn, it seems there are negative messages about sex. 
Read the newspaper, turn on your television, or open up your email, and you'll likely see something about teen pregnancy, HIV/AIDS, sex offenders, rape, or how you're inadequate in size, shape, or beauty. Where are all the stories that tell you how sex brought two people together and helped heal their relationship? Or how it's perfectly normal to be a sensual and sexual person? Or how anxiety turned into an unspeakable communication between two people in their first experience together?
It's long past time to start putting stereotypes to rest, do away with double standards, and to put an end to ignorance concerning erotic issues. We should celebrate, honor, and appreciate sexuality as much as we should love and relationships. Let's all do our part to be sex-positive.”

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Sex Negativism

Sex-positivism for men who have sex with men, or men whose sexuality focuses on other men, enhanced males, sounds like something new and a reversal of the established order.  This is because along the ages of history human beings have forgotten the positive side of sex.  Culture has become sex-negative.  Somebody coined the word “erotophobia”, fear of eroticism.  The human world, with a few pockets of exception, seems to have been in the grip of erotophobia for the last two thousand years. 
 Before that there was a goddess “eros” who held a place in religion and culture and there was, at least in places, a significant acceptance on the part of men and women that men were going to have sex with men and that this might be a good thing for society.  As with homophobia, there is externalized and internalized erotophobia.  I have to get over my internalized erotophobia by discovering my personal erotic zones, not the same for everyone, and deloping their sensitivities by touch, massage and stimulation. 
 To deepen the process I will have to welcome in a very positive way the energies that will be released and generated.  A further stage might be to find a buddy so that we can help each other get over our internalized erotophobia, and, at the same time, begin get over our externalized erotophobia.

Saturday, October 26, 2013


I’ve been trying to re-visit sex positivitism in my thinking.  Unfortunately, when you start looking round for information on sex-positivism it all has got tied up with feminism.  For me the sex-positive insight is critical to the positive acceptance of gay culture, or, better, of enhanced masculinity and its expression in man to man sex.   

Being sex-positive with regard to enhanced masculinity means first and foremost that we accept our own and every other guy’s appetites and desires, fetishes and stimulants.  We are not all made the same, we each have our own personal sexual make-up.  

 And the next stage in our sex-positive acceptance is that we recognize that we have both the duty and the right to fulfil our desires and appetites, therein we will find the joy of our individual sexual being.  Of course, there are a couple of pre-conditions that must be observed, we must respect the other person’s freedom of choice and consent.  Nothing can be done that forces another, no matter how I see it as fulfilling my needs and appetites.  Then, there are the rights of children to be respected, they have to be left free to grow without having sex or an interpretation of sex thrust upon them.  The fundamental principle is that sex is good, healthy, recreative and constructive, in itself and not just in the context of procreation.