Saturday, November 30, 2013

Men Should Have Sex With Each Other.

I reckon that my thinking has now evolved to the point where I consider that men ought to have sex with each other.  It is good for us.  There are, in fact, a lot of men around in the modern world doing just that.  

 The growth of gay cruising venues of all types is the evidence of this.   It is perhaps a new approach, a modern way of practising and thinking about something that has been around since the beginning of humanity.  I find myself saying that men should have sex with each other independent of their basic sexual orientation, independent of the loving relationships in which they find themselves.   
There are, as it were, three independent categories for reflection, sexual practice, sexual orientation and relationships. Each category involves values that need to be sought out and respected.

Thursday, November 28, 2013


A happy day to all our US readers.  There are a lot of them and that is something I am thankful for.  Of course thanksgiving is a very Christian word.  Because God has come to be with us with have to look around and count the blessings and joys that we actually have and only in another moment think about the ones we could actually have and never bother too much about what other people have.   
But then whatever we have can be shared with those poorer off than us.  In the spirit of Christian thanksgiving, then, let us exult in our masculinity and in the wonderful creation God made of the male human.  The enhanced male will surely add to his Thanksgiving Day prayer the words of the psalmist: “I thank you, Lord, for the wonder of my being.” (Ps. 138:14)

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

A Good Thing

Discussing and reflecting on the implications of enhanced masculinity seems to have been leading me recently to a position where I have to say that sex is good, intrincically good in an absolute sense.  My argument would be with those who say or think that sex is bad.  The problem is that I have the impression that almost everybody thinks that sex is bad.  So many attitudes taboos and forbidden or recommended practices now seem to me to be based on the idea that sex is bad.  All the teachings of churchmen on continence and chastity are really based on the idea that sex is bad.  Most people emphasize their prudery in order to avoid erring on what they would regard as the wrong side.  Such an attitude is based on the idea that sex is bad.   

All this stuff you read in the press about sexual misdemeanour presented as scandalous has the underlying principle that sex is bad.  We could revolutionize the whole world just by saying point blank that sex is good and living accordingly.  All the debate about pornography, the suspicion, the rejection is all based on the idea that sex is bad.  Consecrating your celibacy for the sake of the kingdom of God, to give the energies you would otherwise give to a family to the service of the mission or apostolate is obviously good and holy, but there is a lot about the idea of consecrated chastity that is based on the idea that sex is bad.  The acceptance of the idea that sex is good revolutionizes the position in society and religion of homosexuality.   

 Where else can you have the good that is sex in the social context that is natural and agreeable to human beings except in the same-sex context?  Elsewhere the whole scenario is complicated by the responsibilities due to the idea of procreation.  Where the idea came from that sex is bad or wrong, or what principle it is based on I cannot really think.  But it is wonderful the things we were taught to disown, not feel, not pursue, not confess we liked, not talk about and underlying it all, so it seems to me now, is the idea that sex is bad.

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

The Spiritual

In a comment on my post Sex-Positive Again Queer Heaven writes: “I love how you always equate our sexual energy with something spiritual. And if this energy is spiritual, then denying those urges is truly a crime against our spiritual nature.”  I think that in developing sex for its own sake we are re-discovering a lost or suppressed dimension of our humanity.  Mind and matter, body and soul, cannot be lived as a ruptured duality, we live and develop the one inside the other.  Especially among Christians the emphasis has to be incarnational.  We no longer serve a god or a spirit that is not like us.  We can let the spirit speak through the body.  The moment of orgasm is one where spirit and body join and we call it ecstatic.  Ecstatic means that the man is beside himself, beyond the body, entering the realm of the spirit.