Wednesday, December 31, 2014

New Year Orientation.

As the year turns we tend to look back and see where we were at this time last year and in previous years.  I have been looking back at my blog entries.  Last year I was reflecting on the goodness of male bonding in erotic union.  It is a truth that can for ever be deepened a dimenstion of life we can grow ever more open to.   

I see that the year before that I was advocating: “That chastity which says ‘yes’ to my every sexual feeling and gives thanks to God for it and embraces the energy and peace of the spirit that erotic ecstasy gives rise to.”  That is also an attitude of life that can be forever deepened.  I was also at the turn of last year examining examining enhanced masculity’s relationship with the procreative urge, with life commitments and discovering that the simple sharing dynamic of two men having sex could be an expression of love in the fullest Christian sense.

A year before that I was advocating men offering cock to each other as an act of true human kindness.   A year further back on December 31, 2010 I was discovering other Christian bloggers with a positive attitude to homosexuality.  I still need to look around more in that field.  I could hope to continue my research in the coming New Year.  That, also, would be my wish for all of you that you continue your experiential research into sex-positive enhanced masculinity!

Sunday, December 28, 2014

Sex-Positive New Year

Among vast tracts of Conner Habib’s writings  on his blog (See right hand column of this blog towards bottom, under "Interesting Sites".)  I found the following reflection particularly interesting: “Responsibility to Promoting Sex-Positivity and Other Sex Workers

Now that you’re in porn, you’re in the public eye, people are going to have expectations of you, and be looking to you for guidance when it comes to the confusing and culturally fucked up world of sex.  People will appropriately or inappropriately bring up sexual topics and express their curiosities prejudices about what you and other sex workers do.  Everyone should have the right to express themselves sexually provided consent is present for all parties, sex work is work, and you should hold your head high for yourself and others. Make sure you’re able to patiently hear questions about your sex worker peers, including other porn performers, escorts, strippers, online sex cammers and amateurs, and to answer with compassion.” 

It is good to see the issue of being open about sex being so radically addressed.  I would just love to be able to exchange about his work with a gay porn actor or sex worker.  But, primarily, I like to hear of people working towards having porn and the people who make it acknowledged as a constructive sector of society. 

I embrace totally the basic principle for society that Conner voices: Everyone should have the right to express themselves sexually provided consent is present for all parties.  Sadly society is still a long way from that goal.  Indeed, much of society does not even want to work towards it.  I suppose that is my New Year review of the progress made by gay sex-positivism up until the turn of 2015.  Much better than it was, but still a mighty long way to go.

Thursday, December 25, 2014

Christmas Joy

May every one of my readers experience today an upsurge of that joy that Christ came to bring.  Christ is God with us. 
  That is a never-diminishing source of joy for humanity and for every human being.  God is not over against us.  God is with us.  God is human.  God shares our sufferings, our doubts, our sadnesses, our delusions and even our mistakes.  But the closeness of God gives us the surety that we have a way out, that our darkness will not last for ever.  “The people that walked in darkness has seen a great light.”   

Those of us convinced of the goodness and rightness of the gift of enhanced masculinity we have from God, will step out in the light of the Christmas mystery into its full enjoyment with all confidence.  In our enjoying and in our sharing of our masculinity in the full erotic sense God is truly with us.

Monday, December 22, 2014

The Threshold

I came across this webpage:

The article is entitled “The Zen of Sex – For Men.”  Its great principle seems to be that the essence of discovering the spirituality of sex and eroticism is in being able to be consciously and freel fully sensual.  This I find very positive and helpful.  But there lies a great threshold that the Christian has to step over.  We have been taught that sensuality is wrong, unchristian, especially erotic sensuality.  “Opening your heart and mind to sheer sensuality makes you aware of delicious and powerful subtleties within you that you never dreamed you had,” says the author.

The approach is tantric in that it is based on the separation of orgasm and ejaculation.  The author poses the crucial question of why we are so ignorant of our sensual possibilities and so shy of exploring them – and gives his own answer: “And why did you never dream of these gentle but profound, life-changing delights ? Because of the barrage of misinformation (mostly from religion) about the nature of sex (and its confusion with both 'love' and sensuality on the one hand, and with 'spirituality' on the other), and the total lack of information from criminally insane education systems (created to provide unfulfilling labour for anti-sensual capitalism) about the simple, wholesome enjoyment of one's own and other people's bodies.”
The author invokes the techniques of simple yoga to enable a person to live orgasmically in a prolonged way.  He sums up: “When you get in touch with your body through these practices, your whole consciousness alters profoundly and often shockingly - but in a controllable way which is not possible when you take powerful psychoactive substances without similar training. Those open to sensual awakening will slide into Tantra like a snake through a hole in a cliff into a marvellous cave of stalagmites and stalactites. Your testicles will gently and continuously pulse, and an electric current will run from them through your prostate up to your nipples, round your head and down your back and through your anus down to your feet. You will also feel 'beautifully apart'.”  The author runs through how testosterone drives the evils of society seeking out ejaculatory non-spiritual sex.

Finally he comes to the beautiful conclusion: “With this in mind, it is very easy to take control of testosterone through sensuality. All we need to understand is - as I have stated above - that male orgasm is independent of ejaculation. Both are functions of the prostate gland, but one is not necessary to produce the other. Legion are the unsatisfactory orgasms - maybe most are (at least spiritually) unsatisfactory. Many and delightful are the non-ejaculatory orgasms of men in tune with their and each other's bodies. They can even induce that spiritual love which has nothing to do with property or procreation, but everything to do with celebration. If love is not celebratory, it is little more than an excuse for abuse. When love is proprietorial, highly rôle-dependent, and jealous, it is merely capitalism (that is to say grasping meanness) of the spirit.”

The article is well worth reading but it is part of a bigger whole, a website called “Beyond the Pale” which has revolutionary reflections on lots of things.

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Male Electric

Sharing his experience, my friend at the Big Whack left a comment on my post, "Pointer".  I am grateful to him for this.

He wrote: “Have you tried Tantric Massage, or attended one of the Body Electric seminars? From this post, I think you would really like them. They are all about connecting with your erotic energy and enhancing that energy through touch. I can attest to both, but the Body Electric experience is incredible... Spending an entire weekend with a group of men, naked and exploring the beauty of shared eroticism, learning how to focus on the wonderful sensations we have as males is an experience I will never forget. I left that weekend and truly felt to my core that I was part of a true brotherhood.”

So far I have not had the chance to get me a tantric massage.  I have read a few bits and pieces about tantra and try to be as tantric as possible in my own solo sexing.  So far, also, the Body Electric seminars have not been within reach of where I live or might be travelling.  A number of people have recommended them to me and I would really like to find the opportunity to participate.  I consider myself a true believer in the cultivation of male erotic energy alone or in tandem.

Monday, December 15, 2014


The Advent season is marked my joy.  We are invited to rejoice, fundamentally because God is with us, God is close to us, God is our friend.  The Christ-event, the coming of Jesus into our world, into our humanity, is the apex of this process of God drawing close to us.  God has become so close that he is one of us, human – and that in the male form – like us.   

With the advent of Jesus the whole scenario about God changed, remotemess, severity, an angry God, a majestic God, all took a back seat.  God has become man, in Jesus, and he is our friend.  Our sin is forgiven and God is no longer interested in it.  Jesus is our friend, God loving us.  And he loves us whether we reciprocate properly or not.  He loves us even while we are sinning.

But even the notion of sin is changed.  Sin is fundamentally when we refuse to others the brotherly love that is Jesus’ fundamental attitude towards all mankind.  Sin is no longer in what we eat, what we wear, what we touch.  The only way a man sins is in failure to love, failure to give himself for others as Jesus did.  Like some of those other taboos of the Old Testament, we have to announce with confidence that there is no sin in mansex.   

Rather it can be the vehicle of one male loving another, and, that, in any erotic encounter.

You do not have to be married or in a committed relationship to suck, fuck and jack with other men and still remain faithful Christians.  The fact that we are helping each other to a few moments of bliss is sufficient expression of Christian love.

Friday, December 12, 2014


I see on Queer Heaven the inspirational statement: “Follow your dick wherever he takes you.”  To me that sounds like a good philosophy, now.   

But the fact is that all my formation, and that of the vast majority of the population, was in the direction of: “Ignore your dick whatever he seems to indicate to you.”  Indeed, the height of ascetic perfection was more or less presented as simply not knowing you had a dick.

I thank God for the insights of my later life which have taught me to value the thrust between my legs and to see that its dynamic has a lot of health-giving energies to offer and can be a gateway to life in the Spirit.

If I take my dick as the pointer that it is, I will discover how to bond with my fellow males and to incorporate the value of mansex within my spiritual outlook.  And a very important element in all of that is to feel free to follow up on the things that make you hard.  You could call it Full Fetish Freedom.

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Another Pause

With those thoughts on the sacred character of our being as enhanced males I will leave you for a while to work out how to bring holiness and joy to the world through mansex.  I have business in far countries and will be back on December 10 and, hopefully, posting again soon afterwards.