Saturday, April 26, 2014

Pope and Gays


I read the other day that the Pope, in spite of the danger that it might represent, had begged the Mafia “on bended knee” to be converted and change their life.  This makes all the more significant the way he treated gay people.  He did not tell us to change our life or be converted. 

Unlike the Mafia we are doing nothing wrong.  The Pope simply withheld his judgment on the gay phenomenon.  The difference is simple.  The Mafia are killing people, depriving people of rights and freedoms, practicing extortion and kidnap.  These things are directly against the ten commandments.  But gay sex is not, because gay six is not adultery, the only sexual sin directly mentioned in the ten commandments.  Would that the rest of the Church could be as clear-headed as the Pope.  
What I have heard around me is people condemning the Pope for withholding his judgment on homosexuals.  The phenomenon of people who think themselves more Catholic than the Pope has been around since at least the time of Paul VI.  They are canonizing his predecessor and his successor tomorrow in Rome.


Friday, April 25, 2014

Anton Dickson on Porn

I just came across this interesting reflection on the nature of porn that Anton wrote back in September for a blog on Treasure Island Media called “Chronicle of a London Cumpig.”   Anton wrote:

 "Porn has always been a medium for voyeuristic exhibitionistic behaviours and desires. The reasons  people do and don’t enjoy watching it has always fascinated me and, in a way, that’s why I decided to get into it in the first place.

There’s all sorts of porn that people find enjoyable to watch, featuring all sorts of desires and fetishes— bareback sex, condom sex, gay, lesbian, bi, and straight, ….. domination sex, fisting sex, sleeping sex (where people are being given “sedatives” and “raped”) and so on and so forth.
Some porn movies are about fantasies, such as devil and angel sex; some are based on famous mainstream films, like The Hole; and some are realistic, hot ‘n’ horny man-on-man action, like T.I.M. vids. But they do share one thing in common: an underlying sexuality and our eagerness to watch and to be watched while doing naughty things—things we are not meant to be doing and not meant to be enjoying, but we still do them and we still enjoy them."

He goes on to talk about society’s double attitude to wankng.  We all do it.  Or if we don’t we ought to.  But we all try to hide it.  Cover up if anybody walks in when we thought we were alone.  He fantasizes on what a difference it would make if we were all able to wank openly in the office!  Of course, in my opinion the dynamic of doing something naughty is not adequately positive.  We should be having sex because it is good and beautifu, energizing, healing, refreshing and allows us to experience ourselves as men.  We should use porn because it helps us to this end, is a way of exuberating in our common masculinity.

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Anton Dickson.

I came across another interesting interview with a gay porn star that shows the character of the man in a way that I find interesting.  My overall impression was of a very balanced man who had known how to integrate his gay sexuality and just be sexual in a very positive way. 

His self description: I’m Swedish and Croatian; I’m an ex-ballet boy; I’m an architect here in London; I’m a photographer; and I make videos.

His answer to the question: how did you start in porn?

A: Oh, many, many years ago when I was still a dancer, I used to be a gogo dancer in clubs and bars. I used to get asked a lot if I wanted to do nude photos and be in porn, and I was always “no, no! I could never do that.” But I thought about it more and I decided I might as well be paid to do what I was doing anyway. It turned out to be a lot of fun! I was young. 19 or 20 years old I think.

Question asked: You’re such a creative person. You’re an architect, a photographer and videographer, a dancer, among other things I’m sure I don’t know about. Are sex and porn part of that creative outlet for you?

A: Yea, you know, I was always very sexual. I find it a way of expressing myself. It keeps me in touch with what I’m feeling. I think that comes as being part of being a dancer. Dancing is very expressive but it’s all very external. Sex is a very internal thing for me. It’s second nature, really. I do things before I even think of it. I value it very much.

I was in France for three years — Northern France. I say France and people envision Paris or the south. I was in the cold north. I wanted to move to the south for the weather. Then I met Dino [Dean Monroe]. We dated, and he lived in London. We went back and forth between London and France for three months, then I found a dancing company in London. So I moved out here, and everything since then is history.

I left Sweden for a reason. Sweden is very organized and the same. If you go up or down from what is, it’s very shocking. When I went to Stockholm, it’s such a small town mentality. By the time I was 18 or 19 I had slept with everyone! There was a point in my life where I thought I wanted to fit in with all of that, but then at some point I just didn’t want to fit in anymore.

what turns you on most in a man?

A: The best way to make me cum is to kiss me passionately on the neck and ears or to lick my balls. It drives me wild. As far as types of guys, I’ve been into young guys lately. Sometimes when I watch porn, I like to watch old ladies with young guys — it’s such a weird thing, but it’s such a turn on! But like anything else, I guess, attractions and sexuality evolve and tastes change. When I was younger I was mostly bottom, then I became more top vers as I got older, and now I’m only a top.
To me it is just important to hear how a gay porn star is a whole person with his gay sex integrated and not just an empty-headed fucker like people might be inclined to imagine them to be.  They have adopted porn and sex as real positive values.  Thanks be to God!

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

A Porn Sar with Character

Antonio Biaggi wrote on his blog some time ago: “Well dude I started in the porn at 29 before porn I was a manager of a Tour company that work for carnaval Cruise ships and Royal and Princes for 8 years and I also had other 2 jobs , Im not a Idiot , I open a store in SF that I close 3 years ago and here I have a baking Business . Trust me I will always do some thing for living. 
Porn its not most peoples job its a part time job . people think that porn actors spend all day jerking off in front of a camera its really stupid . and its like a dancer or a model 2 or 3 years and thats it your done . theres always a new face thats has a Bigger cock and a bigger ass and fucks better and thats how this industry is and trust me Ill be more then fine lol .”  
 I always love to hear porn stars expess their point of view.  Along with the whole topic of homosexuality, they are, in my opinion, greatly misunderstood by society.
Antonio Biaggi's blog:

Monday, April 21, 2014

The Orgasmic Dynamic

A tiny little question forms in my mind as I am enjoying the bliss of masturbatory activity.  “Why can’t I glorify God with and for the pleasure I experience in those ecstatic moments.?”  We have received a tradition that says that we can only glorify God in matters sexual by abstinence – not simply moderation, either.

I feel convinced that the orgasmic ecstasy I feel in sexual arousal is just as valid a spiritual approach as is that of abnegatory ascetic control in the same area.  Indeed, experiencing to great depths the orgasmic dynamic of my man-orientated sexuality has its own asceticism.  The discipline of keeping the dynamism high without dispersing the energies too early in ejaculation, and the discipline of staying with the afterglow in prayerful veneration of blessings received.

The old ascetisim of total sexual abstinence was, undoubtedly, based on the principle that sex was bad for you spiritually.  But, as we look around in other spiritual traditions, and experiment with them, we discover that sex is very good for us spiritually.

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Happy Easter

The Easter Angel was provided to me direct by a friend.  A new correspondent wrote: As far as sex, as you will see in upcoming posts, I find it totally spiritual. And from quite a few of the things I’ve read, Jesus himself probably did too. We’ll explore this further, I’m sure.”  I have received other reflections from him on the mystery of our man to man attractions.  In the meantime, just to mark Easter, I share with you a kind of poetic expression of his on our enhanced masculinity dynamic.


the desire never goes away.

the attraction happens...

then the lust...

almost obsessive.

naked, drink in the sight of him

shudder with want to disappear into him

the faint smell of him hits you like a storm!

move closer, scent increases, now strong,

sends blood rushing to your cock

aroused so fully, to such hardness that it seeks...

like an alien creature, it slickens, it wants,

it searches...



loose yourself on the landscape of his body.

smell and taste his manly, hairy pits...

tongue lingers on each nipple...

tour his stomach...

stall over his pubes and breath deeply

lick and caress each ball in his sack...

take his cock down into your mouth,

your throat.


for every male we experience,

another waits,

hoping one day it will happen to him.