Friday, May 30, 2014

Viewpoint on Pornography

A reader who writes from time to time just sent me the following reflection.You know my passion for pornography, I collect it, use it, always looking for more. During a recent trip I picked up the paper from a northern diocese and one of the main articles was titled:”United against pornography. They apparently held a national summit to fight what they say is sexual exploitation. Among other things the article states, “The scourge of pornography is damaging not only to women and children exploited by it, but to society as a whole and this pandemic needs to be treated like a public health crisis.” It sounds as though this is going to be another push to ban pornography from newsstands and the Internet. When I read articles like this my first thought is, don’t these people have more to do then spend two or three days discussing pornography and why you and I should not be allowed to watch and enjoy it? It also makes me take the opposite tack, go to my computer to watch pornography of every description and masturbate. Denmark has done studies that showed no ill effect from pornography.”

I agree with my reader in that I have never been able to see what was meant to be wrong with pornography, unless you belong to that class of people that thinks sex is bad in some way.  You hear this argument that pornography degrades the actors, especially the women, who perform as actors.  I really cannot see that, if they are doing it freely as adults, there is any degradation.  The production of child pornography is criminal and should not be spoken of in the same breath as ordinary pornography.  My reader goes on to express his devotion to my blog: 

“As always I visit your site daily and while I am not into all you are doing I find much to support my masturbation pleasure. You and your blog provide hope that one day pornography, masturbation, etc. will be recognized as a normal part of life. Thanks for your continued support.”

It gives me great pleasure to think that the contents of my blog are going to support guys’ masturbation pleasure and wrote telling my reader so. I got a further reply: 

I just happen to be at my computer when your e-mail arrived. I’m alone so you can guess what I was doing on the computer and it wasn’t supporting the anti-porn movement. Between the photos you post, the other links you connect with, you provide great material for masturbation. While I am still a big tit lover I love looking at big cocks, especially uncut cocks. The cocksucking shots also turn me on. I can say that from my first visit to your web site you have been providing me plenty of material to support my masturbation. When I came across the article about the anti-porn conference I thought of what you wrote in one of your early e-mails to me, you were happy I collected pornography. To have a priest write me that was more than I ever expected but made me very pleased and I knew you would encourage me to continue enjoying pornography and masturbation.”

Tuesday, May 27, 2014


I was struck by the words of Patriarch Bartholemew at the tomb of Christ the other day when the Pope was visiting the Holy Land.  I could not help but apply the Patriarch’s words to the discrimination, the problem that society has with us homosexuals.   

He said: Lastly, this sacred Tomb
invites us to shed another fear that is perhaps the most prevalent in our modern age: namely, fear of the other, fear of the different, fear of the adherent of another faith, another religion, or another confession. Racial and all other forms of discrimination are still widespread in many of our contemporary societies; what is worst is that they frequently even permeate the religious life of people. Religious fanaticism already threatens peace in many regions of the globe, where the very gift of life is sacrificed on the altar of religious hatred. In the face of such conditions, the message of the life-giving Tomb is urgent and clear: love the other, the different other, the followers of other faiths and other confessions. Love them as your brothers and sisters. Hatred leads to death, while love "casts out fear" (1 John 4.18) and leads to life.”

I feel that the fear of the different other is at the base of all homophobia and discrimination against gays.  Indeed, in my experience, it is very difficult to find anybody who can give a rational explanation of the condemnation of gays.  I repeat that I have never had any answer to my question: “What is wrong with homosexuality?”

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Gay Priest

I just read a book called “Io Prete Gay” (I, a Gay Priest)  Published in 2006 and authored by Marco Politi.  The author was the Italian newspaper La Repubblica’s Vatican observer for about 16 years till 2009.  Well, in fact, I read the ealier edition of the book: “La Confessione: Un prete gay racconta la sua storia”, published in 2000.  That title tells more of the content of the book.  In fact Politi interviews a gay priest in Rome who remains anonymous.  As he draws his book to a conclusion Politi has a very interesting remark about how the Church in ten years will have moved on and homosexuals will know full non-judgmental acceptance within the Christian community.

In the meantime this book graphically illustrates the struggles of one man to come to terms with his homosexuality while remaining faithful to his Christian life and to his ministry as a priest.  The priest interviewed is perfectly frank about his secret life of sexual and emotional involvement and his satisfying of his physical needs by frequenting the gay saunas of Rome.  The priest himself thinks that the Church has got to change and that the most fundamental change has to be a totally different attitude to sex, not just to the rightness or wrongness of homosexual activity.

 The priest affirms two points that I feely strongly are correct and that you will find all over my blog.  First, that homosexuality is completely different in nature from heterosexuality and the two should not be thought of in the same terms.  Secondly, that the official teaching of the Catholic Church on homosexuality as enshrined in the Catechism is useless.  However you interpet it the Church teaches that the homosexual condition just did not ought to exist.  The priest, as reported, does offer a host of valuable reflections that will help any of us in integrating our body and our sexuality, all based on what he has learned from his own experience.  Unfortunately, the book only seems to exist in Italian.

Friday, May 23, 2014

Reflections of a Reader 6

My reader continues with an analysis of what I think is the source of all the suffering that homosexuals normally encounter.  Not through their fault but through the negative interpretation of homosexuality that society, with the Church in the forefront, insists on propounding.

For too long, men of any sexual preference have been made to feel guilty about these primal instincts, desires, passions and physical male attributes and attractions.  There is something that makes us more complete for having physically bonded with another male;  a private and liberating place where we can relate to each other on the most basic and instinctive level.  


So much guilt and fear of reprisal has always held us back from approaching other guys for that bond.  It has been labeled and demonized and there are still forces at work trying to stop what is natural.  AND IT IS NATURAL.  I really don't give a shit about what others may think of me.  I'm at peace with the fact that I am a male who loves and wants other males for a physical, sexual and intellectual bond.

I truly hope that anyone who is uncertain or questioning their own inner feelings will find their way through the mine field that society has put in our way.  There is no greater feeling of joy or satisfaction than that of finally knowing and experiencing what you truly desire!
That’s the creed that I would hope that every enhanced male would adopt.

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Reflections of a Reader 5

My reader continues his reflections on what he likes!   

A man's body hair is his suit of armor, his clothing, his feathers for attracting others and a regal cloak of honor.  Don't Fuckin' Shave!  Leave what god gave you; wear it proudly and be secure in how it sets us apart from women.  If a woman tells you to shave, tell her to go fuck herself.  Our hairy bodies are part and parcel of our personalities.  I so enjoy being able to dissolve and disappear into a guy’s hairiness.  It’s an absolute joy to feel him and be cozy and close when his hairy softness and his strength embrace me.  It is another primal part of our masculinity that is too often disdained or discarded.
I’m a smooth man, and have had sexual encounters with guys for whom that in itself was a huge turn on.  But I do like nestling up against and cuddling a hairy guy.  I remember the first time I was pinned between another man’s thighs.  It was immediately a satisfying experience of male strength.
So it is a man's sweat, his sack and balls, his cock, his foreskin and his hair that are all the masculine, overt male traits incarnate in my mind.  Real.  Alive.  Virile.  Gentle and Strong.  These things dress us, identify us, and define us and all part of the calling out to other males to join in and take part.

There my correspondent seems to touch the very bases of enhanced masculinity.