Friday, July 25, 2014



Demonizing Sex

My Correspondent again:

You don't have to surrender your masculinity to be sexual with another man.

Up to about 140 years ago, sex between men was considered an activity - simply something men did. Even during the Second World War, a show of affection between men was acceptable and common.

Since 1869, to varying degrees, and most recently to the extreme, the idea of sex between men was, and is, an increasingly heated debate, as the church understood early on that it could be used as a tool to make you feel guilty. The demonizing and taking away of our natural sexual instincts is still used as a means of control.

How wise were the authors of religion to take away this natural sexuality as a device to further their cultish and insidious brain-washing for influence and control? Very! It has worked for over 100 hundred years, and in the process, the natural act of sex was loaded down with conditions, expectations of unrealistic, fairy-tale promises of happiness and damnation all at the same time! So, homosexuality (as well as straight sex, really) was labeled a sin if not performed under certain "rules"; their rules. Have sex to procreate only. If you "do it" for any other reason, you are a sinner, and sinners are unworthy of gods favor. If you are unworthy of gods favor you are looked down upon. If you are looked down upon, you are outcast. And if you are outcast, you will not be given what is promised. Happy ever after? The kingdom of what? Where?"

I have to admit to having wracked my brains to try and see what is sinful about having sex with other men, or about masturbating, or indeed about having sex with women, apart from the inhuman sin of bringing children into the world that you cannot bring up.  Some of this writer’s views help me to understand the error better.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

The Learning Curve

So many of us are still in the process of really discovering the potential that our Enhanced
Masculinity has built within us.  I share here my regular correspondent’s reflection on his own growth process.  

 So I was naive and bound by the notions I was taught. It definitely clouded my judgment and made me afraid to experience the many men, my age and much older, that were interested in me.

Today, the sight of young men discovering themselves and each other, and being more open to that discovery, is beautiful to me. As an older, hopefully wiser man, I am less judgmental, more open to others and willing to share whatever of value I can offer. Too bad that it took so long to realize it.

Don't let the haze of fear keep you from learning, experiencing and growing in your own sexuality.

Don't waste time. Be physical with a buddy or friend. Be respectful. Play. Complement each other. Release. It's beautiful.”

 The above corresponds to my own experience.  In particular, I think the salvation of our homosexuality is in discovering sex as play.  But play is also part of spirituality.  The missing dimension is well covered by this writer when he talks about the deeper side of sex play being the expressions of friendship and bonding.  As I have said before, that fits right into the gospel.

Friday, July 18, 2014


More from my correspondent. 

He wrote: “While I would relish the experience of enjoying these young men's beautiful bodies and their cocks were it offered to me, the beauty of youth can be intimidating.

Youth, beauty and the carriage of it are often wasted on young peoples inexperience, lack of wisdom and tact.

I was selfish when I was young and more fit... I simply did not know what to do with my own body like I do today and what real male bonding was, much less what it would come to mean to me as I got older. my ideal of a mate was not unlike myself; cocksure, callous, proud and stubborn. how sad it was to realize when I got older that so many opportunities for male bonding, learning, growing and the gaining of wisdom were lost to me because of my outright shyness and inability to accept anything other than the religious bullshit and its expectations that I had been fed. the beauty of sex as play and as expressions of friendship and bonding with older, wiser and less physically fit men was what I really needed to teach me how to be less callous and to know and experience the true joy of our (my) bodies. I found out later in life that its what I truly wanted all along.

Whilst I read about this guy’s struggle out of his religious upbringing with a certain anguish I can also identify with where he is coming from.  Then it is wonderful to read the positive understanding that he came to of the real meaning and sexual dimension of male bonding and his ability to give it space in his life.  I also feel that he says something important and constructive when he says that sex taught him to be less callous and to know and experience the true joy of our bodies.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Changing Society

Commenting on my post “Wisdom” Patrick produced his own very wise dynamic sex-positive statement. 

I feel that if men want to "register" their relationship and receive ALL the legal rights of hetero married people that's fine. I don't want to call it "marriage". However, I am almost sure that men with "enhanced masculinity" actually NEED sexual encounters with other men as well as with their partner. I firmly believe that men in stable relationships should give each other the freedom to have sex with other men, within or outside the relationship. Homosexual relationships must be recognised as completely different to heterosexual marriages. It is my opinion that the sexually enhanced man NEEDS multiple partners to live a sexually fulfilling life.”   

Some Christians seem to think that by reaching out to gay couples and being open-minded about guys having sex together within a monogamous relationship they are preserving the essential Christian values, which amount to reticence on anything to do with sex.  Sex only when certain conditions are fulfilled.  One basic insight of Patrick’s comment is that men having sex with men is totally different from having sex between male and female, and that difference has nothing to do with the potential for reproduction.  Also Patrick’s insight that enhanced males need sex with variety of men is one that I find very valuable.  If this were to be recognized in society there would be a whole change of scenario in that it would have to be accepted that it was totally normal for men to have sex with men, no questions asked.

Patrick’s comment on my post “Feed” was just as positive and added a new dynamic  “If you and your partner(s) really enjoy what you are doing together, if you are fulfilled by the experience, if neither one is forced beyond what he wants to do, if you feel "lifted" to higher level and know that "almost out-of -body" awareness that happens in great sex, then what does it matter what exactly you are doing. A great sexual experience can also be a great spiritual experience.”   

The dynamic of the link between the sexual and the spiritual is a further dimension that society needs to be able to adopt.

Monday, July 14, 2014


Contuing with my same contributor.  Here I like the emphasis that the author puts on the mutual, deeply spiritual, benefits of mansex.  I do not recall seeing the beauty of mansex expressed so positively and dynamically before.  Note where he says that “It is spiritual, right and needed,” because all the time we have that thing nagging from within that says “is this right” so powerful is the effect of the negative formation we have had in matters sexual.


the feel of his cum,

hot searing splashes of sex...

the overpowering scent of male sweat and semen...

in the room, on your bodies and tongues...

the taste of licking your mixed cum from wherever it landed...

the viscous virile feel of it on your bodies...

to experience this is like nothing else in the world.

it is spiritual and right and needed . . .

Feed each other your cum... the milk of human kindness; and the elixier of liquid masculinity.

(How many of you eat cum? Eat your own cum? Share your thoughts and fantasies...)


because we all love to!

we love our cocks and those of other men!

because it feels good.

because we can

because we want to

because we need to cum

because we want cum

because its ancient

because its natural

because its normal. . .

because we do

no matter what your personal preferences are, sucking another man’s cock is part of the male experience. There is, quite simply enough, no other feeling to compare it to, whether you are the one getting sucked off, or are the one doing the sucking. There is no real way of describing the raw, natural, mutual act of it, because it is different for each man. …And yet the same. It is a sign of trust and honor between men. It is natural for men to want to suck and to be sucked. We give each other praise and reinforcement for being males. WE define ourselves by out cocks and the attention they command. It is male. It is masculine.

There is no other joy in the world like it.


...of magnificent, unimageinable masculine pleasure.

the scent that hits your senses like a drug...

the feel of the fabric and the hardness beneath...

the electricity pulling your balls up into you...

the sight of a promise to be unwrapped...

the taste of his cock in your mouth...

is the magnificent, indescribable joy of masculine male to male pleasure.


… a man’s cock was made for honor and respect… to suck and admire.”

I really appreciate the capacity this guy shows here for reflecting on his mansexing experiences in a way that will help us all to get real spiritual benefit out of our own.  He asks a question there that I need to answer, about eating cum.  Yes, for months now I have really enjoyed eating my own cum.  My experiences of eating other guys’ cum has been, however, more unconscious than conscious.  I have had guys cum in my mouth but never really made a point of savouring the moment or the taste.  I must do it more consciously in the future.  I also drink my own piss.  These two things certainly do something to me along the lines of realizing my masculinity.  Yes, I enjoy watersports, but I know that the very ideal freaks out a lot of guys and I do not despise them for this.