Sunday, September 7, 2014

Triennial Interruption.

Three years ago when I was about to depart for the same convention I will be attending for the rest of this month, I wrote: 

  The previous post was my last until the beginning of October.  I am going to be away from base and unable to post. With 290 posts there is plenty of material for guys to reflect on and possibly make further comments on.  I am grateful to all the interest that has been shown in this blog.  The monthly pageload is currently hovering around 3,200.  I guess that will drop off while I am away, but everybody will be welcome back.”    The statistics are now registering 1066 posts.  The visits in a week hover around 5,500, and I have had visitors from 207 different
countries.  So you guys just read back over that thousand posts and I will see whether I have anything fresh to add after October 7 th.

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Mansex to Make the World Go Round.

The message of salvation was ushered in with the word of peace.  The first thing Jesus said when appearing Risen was “Peace be with you.”  Christian prayer for peace has been at the centre of all Christian prayer, right from the beginning.   
Currently, the Christian call to prayer is very marked by a universal call to pray for peace as we hear of news of people being brutally killed by their merciless fellow men,  and life being made worse than death for the living.
There was just a suggestion in one or two blog posts I glanced at recently that if men sucked and fucked each other more, then perhaps all this killing, destruction and violence we are surrounded by and that the media is currently loaded with, would diminish.

Perhaps somebody should lead a “Fuck men don’t fight them” campaign, or lead a “Suck men don’t shoot ‘em” movement.  I know that “Masturbate for peace” was a regular movement for some years.  It may even still exist. 
 One very sad thing among it all is to see sex used with violence as a means of conquering the spirit of the perceived enemy.  

Friday, September 5, 2014

Anonymous Sex.

A faithful reader, whose reflections I have shared before, wrote the following:  “This is kind of response to the latest “right to sex” (or whatever) post on your blog…. It all makes too much sense, doesn’t it?


Gay men are gaurdians of the masculine impulse.

To have anonymous sex in a dark alley way

[or a highway rest stop or a peep show glory hole]

is to pay homage to the dream of male freedom.

The unknown stranger is a wandering pagan god.

The altar, as in pre-history, is anywhere you kneel.

- Camille Paglia

There is an unmistakable need and desire for anonymous sex between males. It has been with me since I was very young and continues to this day. I believe it is a desire for fulfillment and a way to reinforce that we are male and alike ,desired and loved and, in the end, known to each other. As males, we understand feelings and urges that women will never understand: that we are made to spread our seed and share it and be proud of it. So while society shuns this need and desire, we seek out the completion of it anywhere there is a moment of possibility. It is right and natural to do so. It is really bothersome to me that so many do not agree, and I fear, ultimately damaging to the male psyche. While one on one bonding is important, our need to congregate and share in our collective male experience is fundamental.

I agree totally with this author’s outlook.  I can only see it as beneficial to the whole infrastructure of society that male sexual bonding be recognized for the positive human value that I consider it is.

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Sex is Sex

Once again – a few days ago, though – Queer Heaven has hit the nail right on the head, in a comment on my post “The Right to Sexual Fulfilment.”.  He said that for him sex is sex.  Precisely the error that society, especially religious society, makes is to fail to recognize sex as a domain in its own right. 

For most people sex is either meant to be an accidental part of something else, procreation or love, in fact, or sex is is to be regarded as though it did not exist or should not exist.  Sex is sex and we enhanced males are in a priviledged postion to get on with it and make its positive presence felt.

Queer Heaven also put his finger beautifully on the necessary spiritual dimension of every sex act.  It is twofold.  He first speaks of those moments of pleasure.  That, in my view, is where our sex keys back into evangelical joy.  If we share those moments of joy this is even more evangelical.

Then Queer Heaven speaks of receiving the inner self of your partner in a shared sex act.  This seems to me to be beautifully said and profoundly true.  It is worthy of meditation to draw out the spiritual implications of sex in itself.  Receiving the other guy’s inner self, giving my inner self to the other guy is not just about pumping my spunk into him.  In a moment of shared orgasm there is a moment of near complete sharing of the other guy’s being as a man.

In Queer Heaven’s engergetic language: “Even if it is a quick Fuck in a back room, when we do the sex thing we are giving a major part of ourselves.”

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

More on Sexual Fulfillment

If we go along with John McNeill’s idea that every human being has a God-given right to sexual fulfilment, then we have to re-write the concept of religious chastity.  Rather than talking about the chastity of abstinence, we will need to talk about the chastity of sexual fulfilment.

If I do not fulfil myself sexually, it is not so much chastity that I am living but the distortion of my human being, which is precisely the opposite of the integral human being that the virtue of chastity is meant to manifest.  Sexuality like everything else when brought into the light of the gospel is about not doing what is good for myself but rather what is good for another.  That is what Jesus in the gospel means when he talks of purity of heart.

There is only one thing that makes us impure and that is self-centredness.  It is self-centredness that makes incomplete human beings, voided, in proportion to its intensity, of all chastity.  Of course one objection to masturbation that is systematically rolled out is that it is self-centred.  But then, you might say, so is eating alone, so is sleeping, so is drinking alone.  But masturbation done alone is not necessarily self-centred.  It is just that there is nobody else there.  An enjoyment we can share with other people is not necessarily wrong if we do it on our own.   

Jesus when he talks about purity of heart is not talking about sexual abstinence he is talking about love of others.  If a little bit of shared sexual pleasure helps my buddy along the road of cheerfulness, then there is just a tiny chance that my sexual indulgence might have been an act of evangelical love.  This can be just as independent of a life-long commitment as offering somebody a cup of tea.