Saturday, November 22, 2014

Another Pause

With those thoughts on the sacred character of our being as enhanced males I will leave you for a while to work out how to bring holiness and joy to the world through mansex.  I have business in far countries and will be back on December 10 and, hopefully, posting again soon afterwards.

Friday, November 21, 2014


As a follow up on the insights I shared in my last post I found this superb statement recently on  To me it speaks beautifully of that positive view of sex that we need to persuade society to seize hold of.  If we grasp the sacred dimension of sex, we open up a whole new world, a spiritual world, for ourselves, for each other and for the whole of our world. 

 It is interesting that “Queer” can have a powerfully positive connotation, rather than being totally disparaging.  As we walk between the worlds we have powers and perspectives that release untold energies into human society.  It is this happy function of the two-spirited of native American culture that we can see expressed in the term “gay”.  But, once again, if we are going to be two-spirited gays, persons of power through joy, then we are back to gospel values.  But we have to help society get over its hang-ups and admit that sex can be a vehicle of true evangelical and spiritual joy. 

 This is what I read on “Few discussions of occult interest receive such scandalous attention as does the topic of sex magick. This is undoubtedly due to our society’s lack of both understanding and respect for sexuality, and the body as a whole; a society which seeks to regulate the use of our bodies and legislate sexual expression. By viewing sexuality as either sin or obsession, we shield our eyes and betray our fear to look into the depths of the transformative well of power that it holds for us. We fail to see that it too is sacred.”  Queer; odd, strange, weird, out of place.  Mysteries; something that must be experienced rather than explained, rites of passage.  As “walkers between the worlds” of mainstream society and that of the outcast, gay men have had powers and perspectives that few others possess. In tribal cultures we were recognized as a special spirit; a person of power who had come to bring vision to the tribe.  We were medicine men, healers, men of knowledge.  Through my work with Spirit I know that gay men have a spiritual role in the evolution of human consciousness and have much to offer the world. It is time now to re-adopt our ancient roles and to remember: We are sacred.”

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

How Good a Friend Can You Be?

From Queer Heaven:      But I sure hope that you ,my dear sweet faithful readers are not only gonna cum by yourself, but that you have made or at least are making plans to share you cum with some one else.  I know, I feels great to lean back and rub out a nice load by your self.... But... sharing your Dick, your Ass and your Cum with another is really what shows how good a friend you can be.   It is all about bonding with another guy.  This Man to Man Sex should be as important to you as making sure you are getting the right foods to eat.

I was very taken with this statement on the value of mansex from Queer Heaven.  Mansex as a way for men to be good to each other, the expression of possibly one of the deepest formes of human bonding possible.  It appeals to me because it makes of mansex a gospel value.  When Jesus commanded us to love one another he was not talking about the love of the procreator, he was talking about something deeper, putting onself at the service of others for their good.

The comment that Xersex left on my post “Mansex Morality” just reinforced this.  He said: “Plato said love among men is more pure, because not finalised to procreation! Love this statement!!!”  My friend from the Big Whack further added to this point of view by stating: “Man to man sexual activity was accepted as quite normal in ancient times - before Christ. Native American tribes honored and revered the men who they considered to be "two-spirit" because of their proclivity to enjoy the pleasures of the body with men.”  

The important thing is to re-discover for our society the treasure of good and beauty that is mansex.

Monday, November 17, 2014

Mansex Morality

Bill Hunt, article in “The Progressive Catholic Voice.”  Saturday, September 8, 2012.  This article is exceptional in treating up front the question of the morality of homosexual actions.  I include below the beginning and the conclusion and one little bit explaining why the biblical world saw homosexual activity as sinful.  The author ultimately is saying that these reasons no longer apply. 

Homosexual Relationships: Another Look

The controversy over the moral status of homosexual relationships is tearing the churches apart. Whole regions of the worldwide Anglican Communion are threatening to withdraw over the ordination of openly gay or lesbian priests and bishops. (i)  Protestant synods have put pastors on trial for having homosexual partners. (ii)  Priests refuse communion to people just for sympathizing with gay Catholics, (iii) and the Vatican has provoked a debate over whether homosexual persons are “intrinsically disordered.” (iv)  The issue of legal recognition of gay marriage crosses denominational lines and causes divisions within congregations.
The main reason that many Christians see homosexual relationships as problematic is that they are sincerely convinced that homosexual activity is gravely immoral. They contend that the biblical condemnation of homosexual activity continues to bind all Christians.
It is important to understand that these Christians are taking a principled stance. Many oppose discrimination against lesbian and gay individuals in secular employment and public accommodations.
(v)  However, since they believe that homosexual activity is sinful, they contend that it is not permissible for their leaders to be lesbian or gay. Moreover, since in their eyes homosexual activity is against the natural law, they see secular recognition of gay marriage as destructive to the fabric of society.
What stance should those who support civil rights for lesbian and gay persons, including legal marriage, take? Should they concede that all forms of homosexual activity are immoral but that for the greater good in a pluralistic society gay and lesbian persons should be allowed to enter into same sex unions? Or, should they argue that committed, adult, consensual, loving relationships are holy and good and deserving of societal recognition and church blessing? If the latter, how does one deal with the biblical condemnations?
In my estimation, it comes down to looking at Christian moral teaching, including the teaching in passages from the Bible, in a developmental perspective. This means looking at scriptural passages in their historical and cultural context and taking into account developments in the intervening millennia. It means considering the taken-for-granted presuppositions of the biblical era and examining them in the light of subsequent discoveries. We have to ask why the biblical authors condemned homosexual activity and see if those reasons still apply.

Given (in the Bible) this male-dominated culture of honor, reproductivity, and purity, it is not hard to see why the ancient Israelites condemned same sex sexual activity. For a man to be penetrated by another man was considered a violent invasion of his most personal space. It was a loss of honor because he had been reduced to the status of a woman. Male homosexual activity was also a violation of the value of reproductivity. It made no sense to try to reproduce one’s father by sowing seed in a barren field. Finally, it was unclean or impure because it led to confusion of male and female roles and was associated with the practice of pagans.

The biblical condemnation of male same sex sexual activity was based on ancient cultural presumptions of honor, reproductivity, and purity. The ministry and teaching of Jesus radically undercut those presuppositions. Today we no longer take it for granted that men are superior to women, that the main purpose of sexual activity is to beget male children to carry on one’s father’s name, or that all purity rules are mandatory.
What is the status of a moral condemnation when its cultural underpinnings have been removed? Given the “Copernican” revolution in our understanding of human sexuality during the past century, and given the radically changed circumstances of our time, it seems that the blanket condemnation of every kind of homosexual activity goes too far.
Just as over the centuries the Church found a way to distinguish between different kinds of interest-taking, so also it seems that contemporary Christians are in a position to review the condemnation of homosexual activity found in the biblical passages and to distinguish violent, exploitative sexual activities from those that are loving, adult, and free. This enables us to see homosexual relationships in a positive light and even envisage same gender unions blessed by the Church.