Saturday, January 31, 2015

Male on Male Commitment

In order to be fully himself the homosexual male has to be committed to enhanced masculinity, to venerating every manifestation of masculinity that comes his way, to basking in the beauty of the male human being, to going ever deeper in the multiple and mysterious manifestations of the male urge, and to feeling ever more totally committed to his immersion within the male dynamic. 

It is allowing himself to be carried along on the vibrant wave of the cosmic male urge committed to the notion that it is all good and positive, that will allow him to move away from the restrictive approach to his masculinity, and to the sharing of masculinity, that he might have been brought up with.

The only way to be liberated from the repressingly negative is to fully embrace the positive.  We have, with conviction, to take totally positively every aspect and manifestation of our own masculinity and every aspect and manifestation of every other man’s masculinity.  Then there will be no more place in the Universe for the negative repressions we have been used to.

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Orgasmic Living

Victor Gold in an article entitled: “Transforming Male Sexual Energy into Spiritual Power.” on a Website called “”. 

 One thing is certain, Tantric sex is not for everyone.Tantra requires a level of consciousness that is based on energetic and spiritual principles. In a nutshell, the foundation of Tantric sexual practice is learning to generate copious amounts of orgasmic energy, and directing it up the energetic pathways that target the spiritual faculties that reside in the brain. It is in the brain where sexual energy, the creative energy from which we all sprang, transforms consciousness. In this way, a new perceptual reality can be born that gives birth to Unity Consciousness (Oneness). Saints and sages throughout time have attempted to describe this “no-mind,” pure consciousness state, whereby the predominant experience is a feeling of oneness with all of creation combined with the revelation that divinity is within.  As a TantraYoga Instructor, my approach to esoteric sexuality is to inspire within you a reinterpretation of your own sexual behavior

so that you may come to know sex not only as healthy, wholesome, pleasureful, and fun, but also a vehicle for divine understanding. It should be noted that the true function of orgasm, beyond ecstatic pleasure, is to provide a lift-off that propels us into a totally new dimension of spiritual awareness that ultimately leads to higher consciousness.”

I think that conclusion is foundational.  The true function of orgasm is to provide a lift off that propels us into a totally new dimension of spiritual awareness.  It is just a great pity that the Christian spiritual tradition has fought shy of that orgasmic spiritual path until this day.  And thanks be to God for those Christians who are beginning to learn to live orgasmically.

Friday, January 23, 2015

A Testimonial

A faithful reader wrote in about my post “Sharing the Good of Sex.”  He wrote: I read Sunday’s post with interest. In your reply you mention there are two principal ways sex can become a sin. The second point hit home. Many years ago we met with a priest to discuss raising a family. We had four children and the budget was tight. He recommended birth control as it would be wrong to have more children if we could not afford to raise them properly. 

As for pornography, you know I collect and view pornography to enhance masturbation. You close your comments by saying, “his enjoyment of porn might just fit in, without the sense of being enslaved to it.” I enjoy my porn but I do not feel I am enslaved to it. I have to add, I do like the uncut cock in the second pix.”  

I am sure that there are many men for whom porn is an integral part of their life but who are not addicted to it.  It is odd that those who militate against porn as part of human existence make their principle argument that it is addictive.  Fundamentally these have got to be people who do not recognize the vaue of sex as a means of building up the human person and leading them to the threshold of a truly spiritual existence.  I speak of the value of sex as distinct from the value of procreation.  To achieve the value of sex, of course, we need stimulants and pornography is just such a stimulant.

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Patrick's Blog - Good News

Patrick added a comment to my yesterday's post: "My blog has been restored!!!!"  Then he added: "However I will not continue blogging on it! I might start something completely different instead!"  The fact is that his blog, "More of the Same" has been restored, but his other blog "The Pursuit of Beauty" has not been restored.  Or, at any rate, the link from his first blog only produces a message that "this blog has been removed".  Odd, because that blog was way less pornographic than the first one!  Picture here is Patrick's banner pic on "More of the Same".  You will find a link on my blog list on the right.

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Sharing the Good of Sex

Adam Hanes, commenting on my poste “New Year Orientation” asked a specific question that I ought to try and answer.  He wrote: I am also a Catholic man with SSA. Of course I have struggled with the whole Catholic teaching and my own beliefs. I am interested in m2m porn as my viewing of your blog indicates. Was wondering about your own thoughts about posting porn which may be leading others to sin. I have in the past had blogs with porn related content and always end up taking it down not wanting to encourage others to become addicted to porn like I am. Thoughts?”

To begin with I think we have to get sex into what I consider its right perspective.  Sex is a right and good, pleasurable and beneficial human activity.  There is no sin in it.  Sin comes in on sex only when there is an offence against love, against Jesus’ fundamental commandment that you love one another.  There are two principal ways that sex can become sin, because the sexer is turning his back on love, viz: acting against somebody else’s free consent, that is abuse of the person; and, irresponsibly procreating children, bringing them into the world unwanted, or where you cannot exercise your responsibility for their upbringing, that is a gross offence against love.  Taking sex, then, as completely good and beautiful, I see pornography as an aid to celebrating and venerating sex.  From that point of view I see posting porn as a service to my fellow enhanced males, just a sharing in the good we enjoy. 

The question of inciting others to sin then becomes the same problem as the one St. Paul treats about eating meat sacrificed to idols.  Those who see no sin have no problem, but might have to respect the delicacy of conscience of other people.  I would say that that obligation is fulfilled if you are posting porn behind one of those adult content warning notices.

About addiction I really do not know what to say.  Just a question: would part of the addictive drive be the sense that there is something wrong in sex?  If a person can get that sorted out, making sex an accepted healthy part of his life, then his enjoyment of porn might just fit in, without the sense of being enslaved to it.

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Orgasmic Spirituality

The Secret Fire is directly linked to sexual and creative forces in humans. Sexual desire can act as one of the basic evolutionary impulses, along with Higher Intellectual forces. The dormant capability and need for positive orgasmic experiences is biologically and psychically rooted. Sexual experience within the context of genuine love involves experience of spiritual transcendence, foreshadowing ecstatic union with the One. The "little death" or petite mort of the sexual orgasm, is a forerunner of the "big death" as we let go and experience divine oblivion.”

I found that statement on a website called “Spiritual Energy”.  Taking the text apart from its original context it expresses well for me something I feel deeply at the moment.  Sexual experience, in the context of men having sex with men, is potentially an extremely spiritual experience.

The spiritual and the orgasmic have a strong connection.  My orgasmic dimension can be brought 
into play as a solitary, but is likely to be more intense if shared with another male or with a group of other males.  This text speaks of sexual experience within the context of genuine love.  But what two or several men coming together for sex do not in that moment have a genuine love for one another? 

 I find the description this text gives of the orgasmic experience just superb: the experience of spiritual transcendence which foreshadows ecstatic union with the One.

A side-thought that occurs to me is that to appreciate the orgasmic way of living that I would read into this text you have to appreciate that orgasm and ejaculation are completely separate and separable experiences.  It is orgasm that is the gateway to transcendent ecstasy.  We have to develop our sense of orgasm as part of our way of entering into communion with God.