Saturday, February 28, 2015

Then there were two

"Bugger Blogger" to paraphrase King Edward VII on his death-bed ("Bugger Bognor").  Blogger/Google appears to have done a volte-face.  For sure, the notification about no more explicit sexual images from March 23 has disappeared.  They did not have the courtesy to send me an email reversing what they said in the one I got last week.  As I read commentaries in the media on their change and unchange I see that they have, effectively, acknowledged our right to express ourselves, find our personal identity by sharing the sexual images that turn us on.  This, effectively, is the value of pornography in my personal experience.  Posting hot pics affirms, first of all to myself, that I am homosexual.  This affirmation is terribly important because, at bottom, society and the Church still say that homosexuals should not exist.
 on Wednesday 4th March, as I previously posted.

I plan to keep both the old and the new blog goinghowever.   Somebody suggested some years ago that there was place for a blog with my ideas without the porn. So I will develop the new blog as this. The old one will still be there and public for guys to browse over and I will add the occasional hot pic with a comment on why that particular pic speaks to me.
There are still a few little hiccoughs with the new blog, however, in that I do not seem to be able to get the followers button to work right, and I am mysteriously getting a white background to my posts, which I do not find aesthetic.  I am also getting a notification by email of a new comment, which I do not really want.  And, I cannot find anything to change in the "settings" to ajust these things.  Interestingly, since the new blog appeared the number of visitors to the old blog has soared!

Friday, February 27, 2015


As explained in the previous post, below, I have started a new edition of this blog, repeating the old message, repeating a lot of the posts to this blog, but without the porn decoration, to fit in with Blogger's revised policy on sexually- explicit graphics.

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

In One Week – Last Day for this Blog.

February 23 Blogger revealed it’s change of policy.  It will no longer allow blogs with explicit adult photo content.  A transitional option will be to turn one’s pornographic blog private.  However, I started my blog in order to get out a liberating word to the public that comes down to saying there is a way, the sex-positive way, to live your homosexuality and still experience yourselves as faithful to Jesus’ teaching.  This is a message not just for private folk I might admit to my circle, but to all enhanced masculinity in the gay-oppressive world the Church has created for us.  So it will serve no useful purpose to turn my blog private.  I have looked at the possibility of removing the offending images, but it seems rather complicated and time-consuming.  I have all the posts to my blog saved on my computer, and the pictures as well.  I would be happy if somebody in the context of sex-positivism or gay porn were to invite me to contribute my reflections as part of their blog or online magazine, as a regular columnist.  Meantime, I am starting another blog with just my reflections and no pictures that would offend blogger’s sensitivities.  It’s title is “Enhanced Masculinity – Christian Man to Man – Mark II”  On the whole, I will expect to be publishing to it posts that I already made on this first blog.  This will not require too much effort on the part of the old man that I have now become.  I shall begin posting to it today.  The first few posts will be repeats of recent posts I did on this blog, because they represent where my thinking on Enhanced Masculinity has got to by now.  I shall start posting to my new blog today.  This current one will be privatized, as a first step to being closed, next Wednesday, March 4th.  This will be the last post to this blog.  I will try and decorate the new blog with sexy pics of guys with their clothes on!  The URL to the new blog is:

Monday, February 23, 2015

Whatever We Need To Get Off.

 Sam’s comment on my post “Spirituality versus Cult” seems to me very valuable.  “you stated: I think those who see cock as god stretch their imaginations too far. There is only one God.  This is very true.As a writer of another blog I review (sic.  I think he means “refer”) to cock as being God only to put in the reader's mind whatever they need to to get off to. Yes, there is only one God. He made us as we are and give us the strength to carry on in his name.
I know where my talents came from. The one and only true God who looks over me and protects me from any harm as I allow men to use my body and my mind for their sexual needs.”

There are some important principles there.  First of all, we guys need to find and assure for ourselves what we need to get off to, because we are all different.  Then we need, as enhanced males, to look out for the needs of others and help each other, provide for each other, whatever guys need to get off to.  It is a beautiful principle, that every guy should have what he needs to get off to.  But we don’t always have to as far as getting off.  We can use our personal stimulants to bring ourselves time and again to the edge and benefit from the flow of orgasmic energy we can feel rippling through our system – in a tantric way.
Then there is Sam’s declared approach: “I allow men to use my body and my mind for their sexual needs.”  That seems to me to be a totally self-accepting, sex-positive, life stance that I am full of admiration for.

Then, as I was reflecting on this, Queer Heaven posted another word of magnificent mansex positivism: “this is a Gay blog about being Gay and the struggles we all try to overcome. And since it is a Gay must be about SEX.  Isn't that the main thing we are about?   I often read interviews or colums where guys say things like "Being Gay is not all that I am about" or "Just because I enjoy mansex, that does not define me" or "I'm just an average guy who happens to like other men.  Sorry guys, in my opinion.......THOSE ARE TOTAL BULLSHIT STATEMENTS!.....First off, we are male..and any male is most always thinking of his next Cum.  Men are just wired that way.   And it seems to me that this wiring is extra strong for those of us who dream of those beautiful Dicks and Ass Holes.   No matter what anyone says to the contrary, it is by far much easier for us to do the deed more often than our STR8 brothers.”

He speaks there, in particular, about the struggles we all try to overcome.  It seems to me that the big step we all have to take, the primordial struggle that keeps on niggling around, is get over the idea that sex is wrong.  Sex is to be adopted positively, as a good in itself.  Never mind about it’s procreative function.  Sex, and especially sex as enshrined in the loins of enhanced males, is a value that we have to pursue for our well-being.

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Spirituality versus Cult.

Patrick’s reply to my “Orgasmic Meditation.”  OH! WOW! When I read through this extraordinarily brilliant exposition of all consenting male-to-male sex, two French words came into my mind - FANTASTIQUE et MAGNIFIQUE! I love "the cosmic dynamic of male orgasmic urge" - what a glorious term for that universal male sexual attraction being actually done between men. Yes! We are at that time part of something bigger, much greater, even more spiritual than our individual selves. I think this reaches its climax at the moment of orgasm when we are raised above the mere bodily experience (of shooting cum!)into a moment of pure spiritual ecstasy, even experiencing a certain union with God. Thank you brother! Thank you! Patrick.”  

I, in turn, thank Patrick for his enthusiasmic reception and appreciation of my insights and reflections.  I have been looking around at other people who express themselves in terms of very sex-positive man to man engagement.  Necessarily, I suppose, I come across men expressing themselves in language of deification of the male urge, and believers in what those involved seem to think is satanic sexual ritual.  I think those who see cock as god stretch their imaginations too far.  There is only one God.

The forces at work between our loins that join us as men in communion have perfectly natural, chemical and ultra-perceptive explanations.  But, then, it is not wrong to say that all that, like everything else, comes from God.

There are those too who make a lot of the perfectly true feeling that in living out the dynamism of our man on man urge we overthrow the traces of our formation and of the values of current society.  This is true, but it does not amount to immersing ourselves in a cult of evil, or handing ourselves over to Satan.  Once more the exponents of such views, in my opinion, let their imaginations run away with them.  If you look at Satan in the Bible he is the tempter and distractor.  The Bible does not attribute to him the powers of an alternative god.  Those who do so regard Satan offend against the Christian Faith that there is only one God.

The occult may exist, but it does not have at its centre a being with powers equal to those of God.  We need spiritual, not cultic, sex.  But sometimes the people who follow the left-hand path and see themselves as involved, because of their homosexuality, in the dark underworld do have valueable insights to offer us.  However, the gospel teaching on the role of Satan is quite clear, as we see it in the gospel readings for the first Sunday of Lent.  Jesus, elsewhere, calls Satan “The Father of Lies” and the greatest lie that he has to offer is to get men, as he tried with Jesus, to bow down and worship him as a god.  Jesus has the answer: “You shall worship the Lord your God, him alone you shall serve.”

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Sexual Spirituality

To irrigate our lives from the well-spring of our being that is sexuality, we have to really want sex.  Now that may seem strange because we tend to think that we all want sex like mad.

But we do not really, because we have these sneaky feelings about the inappropriateness of sex, about sex being something to keep down, to keep under wraps, not to talk about.  We have inhibitions about sex because we know we are not allowed to do it in public or in the presence of children.  So to really want sex, totally and as we might imagine it could be in an ideal free and natural world is, actually, no mean achievement.

To embark on the way of sexual spirituality you have to really want sex as a part of your being.  That has other, practical, implications too.  You have to want sex in your whole being, not just in your cock.  You have to take time out to feel the repercussions all over your body of the least sexual stimulation, until your whole being becomes one luminous experience of spiritualized sex.

You have to exult in the feeling of carrying sexual energies with you everywhere you go in a body that is ready to perceive and exult in sexual stimuli wherever they may present themselves because we have a sexual being that is primed in our spirit.