Wednesday, April 15, 2015


I have been smitten with serious illness.  I am having to take time out to recuperate.  It could be a long process.  I certainly will not be posting to this blog for quite a time, maybe never again.  The blog will remain, however, I shall not be taking it down.  Leaving readers to browse and re-read.  A happy continuation of Eastertide to everyone!

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Among the Comments.

Ken wrote: “The feeling I get from browsing through your blog is that it's more porn than it is about living a "Christian" life, or integrating sexuality with spirituality.”   

The porn adornment on my blog is to me an essential part of my argument and approach.  We enhanced male Christians have to shake off a lot of negativity from our formation about all things sexual, and, most particularly about mansex.  I see the porn I post in a totally positive light as an illustration and celebration of the good of enhanced masculinity and of the value and beauty of mansex.  I hope my readers will be carefully absorbing what the images tell us about the deeper impulses men engage when having sex with each other. 

I know that I, personally, have not always felt the liberty to look on pornographic imagery in this positive way.  But I venture to hope that my posting of them now will help readers to relax out of their inhibiting formation and be able to enjoy the riches that mansex encapsulates.  Sex as a good thing needs taking a good look at.

Patrick, from “More of the Same” wrote: “Beautifully expressed! May we reach out to each other in that spirit of service to others in every way, may it too enrich our sexual encounters with other men and unite us in a special way through that act of sexual encounter. The Risen Christ invited Thomas to touch him. May we see in our sexual intimacy with other men a real Christian and Christlike connection with our brothers in Christ. Let Easter refresh and renew our sexuality as something great and sacred, a God-given "GIFT", meant to be shared with our brothers. Peace to all in the Risen Christ, Patrick”  That is a reflection that certainly succeeds in putting the spiritual value into the erotic encounter.

Saturday, April 4, 2015


The Resurrection of Christ means that he is alive and still with us.  He is alive, present, close to each one of us.  He is a loving man-friend.  But that man is our God.  Through the Resurrection God and man have become one.  No longer any need to look for a God “out there”.  God is our humanity.  God is in in every human being we meet. 

As Enhanced Males, we can meditate on what this means for our relationships with the males that focus our attention and stir our loins.  Every encounter with a human being is an encounter with God.  Jesus, after all, said: “If you do it to one of the least of these, you do it to me.”  There are certainly lots of ways in our modern world’s existence where our fellow human beings are crying out for intimacy.  There is Jesus, alive, God and man, crying out for intimacy.

There is no reason why we should exclude from this focus those males who long for and find fulfilment in the intimate moments, however fleeting, of mansexing.  If that sounds like bold thinking, remember that the Holy Spirit, the Spirit of the Risen Jesus, is given us in order to make us bold in our thinking and to enable us, as Church, to find creative solutions to new and emerging consciousnesses of as yet unfathomed depths in the human make up.

In the past the value of mansexing was hidden from human consciousness or repressed, now it emerges and we are witnesses to it.  But this emergence and the creative embrace we can give it, could be, itself, a sign that the Risen Lord is truly with us.

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Religious Freedom.

In Indiana they are tussling with something that looks like popular support for the homosexual, gay and lesbian, lifestyle.  People are suspicious of legislation which is meant to protect religious freedom against government intervention restricting religious positions and practices.  There are those who fear that somehow this could be used to discriminate against gays, by people, not governments.

I gather that it works like this: you can put up a notice outside a Christian-run café saying “No gays allowed”, and claim that the whole organization sincerely believes that being gay is against God’s law, and nobody can tell you to take the notice down.  You are exercising your guaranteed religious freedom.

It sounds a bit far-fetched, it may be an empty fear.  But one can admire a group of people who want their State to be a place where gays and lesbians can be free to be themselves, and, most important of all a State free from discrimination.  But isn’t there another law that makes discriminatory behaviour of any kind illegal?

Happily, the Catholic Church, whilst maintaining the sinfulness of the homosexual acts some of us have learned to love and venerate, decries as contrary to the gospel any discrimination against people on the grounds of their homosexual nature. 

The problem in this case is the difficulty of not discriminating against, for example, mansexers whilst condemning what they do.  Isn’t the condemnation of what mansexers do already a type of discrimination?  Don’t we simply need the world to say, “Some men enjoy having sex with men, good for them.”I may be wrong, but I feel that, as long as there is condemnation there will continue to be discrimination.