Friday, October 16, 2015

The Role of Porn

There was an incident with a care home where a priest resident had been observed by the staff to be downloading gay porn.  The sisters who run the place decided to install a porn blocker.  This led me to reflect on the importance of porn to the enhanced male.  The enhanced male’s drive is all about erotic communion with the cosmic dynamic of the male urge.  He cannot be always involved in erotic play with other men.  By mindful masturbation or tantric self-stimulation he can realize some of his potential, but enjoying pornography can also be a very valuable channel for realizing his erotic communion with the male dynamic and, as such, very constructive.

Wednesday, October 14, 2015


I have been thinking that I could resume posting to the blog in a very moderate and spaced out way.  I still need to manage my time and energies because I still need a lot of rest every day.  But, during my months of illness, I have been keeping up my journal and writing down other bits of reflection that have come to me.   I could begin posting these to the blog as a kind of thought for the day, but not, by any means, on a daily basis.  Also, I will not be posting any pictures, because that takes a lot of time and energy in itself.   So we will see how this goes.