Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Unusual Chat

I am all too aware that I have not posted this year so far.  I was just unable to find the time, the energy and the inspiration.  I had to clear out most of the last 8 months comments because the whole section had been invaded by spam.
Recently I turned on Yahoo Messenger, which I had not looked into for months.  Up popped an old chat buddy and we had a great chat about our common fetish.  Not everybody's cup of cum but we all have our individuality in our sexual make-up and we have to respect each one's right.  Anyway I thought I might share this chat with my readers.  I have kept my correspondent anonymous.
Chat with Buddy
Buddy: Hi there long time no chat - are you better?
WESTERNFIRST: better but still not quite right.  had forgotten all about yahoo messenger
Buddy: Glad to hear - expect you have had a very quiet time
WESTERNFIRST: Well been pretty busy and having to take a lot of rest
Buddy: well hope you improve and get to have a better year and get dirty again
done a few bike rides in my dirty wranglers
WESTERNFIRST: Be great to share a bike ride with you in dirty wranglers!
Buddy: It would and by the summer hopefully they will be well dirty and smelly
WESTERNFIRST: Love to get my hands on the thighs and face in the crotch
Buddy: Been seeing a younger lad who loves me in them
Buddy: To me jeans have got to be worn and scruffy
WESTERNFIRST: To me too.  How do they turn your young friend on and stimulate you to good sex
Buddy: He likes older men - I’m over 30 years older than him and dominate him - wear jeans and boots when I fuck him
WESTERNFIRST: Nice.  like to be there!
Buddy: Would be great - think he likes the image of an old bloke in dirty gear smoking a pipe
WESTERNFIRST: The sort of image that seems to turn a lot of guys on, especially if connected with sex
Buddy: Indeed - a couple of times I've taken him to a cruising ground and fucked him in front of other blokes
WESTERNFIRST: That's hot.  Did he get a kick out of it?
Buddy: He sure does - so do I- I get the kick out of being his boss
WESTERNFIRST: Good to know there are younger guys coming up behind us that feel the draw of filth as an expression of masculinity
Buddy: Absolutely- always has me - in filth the sex is harder and rougher
WESTERNFIRST: Harder and rougher is just better mansex, as I see it
Buddy: Sure is and getting any piss or shit on your jeans is a bonus
WESTERNFIRST: Sure, can make the sex drive more transcendental
Buddy: Sure does and the feel of dirty jeans on a young arse makes me fuck harder - as a biker all my life always worn that kind of gear
WESTERNFIRST: So he wears filthy gear too?
Buddy: He’s keeping a pair of jeans unwashed and gradually getting to like that. would be easier with a bike but he doesn’t ride yet
WESTERNFIRST: Man, you gotta lead him and guide him.  get him help you in your garage!
Buddy: I intend to - and make him submit to me completely - with discipline if necessary- get him to understand the sheer masculinity of wearing filthy jeans
WESTERNFIRST: You gotta get him to experience the sheer bliss of being in filthy jeans
Buddy: I have! - something i've known since I first had a bike at 16
WESTERNFIRST: You gotta get him realize it is something he is made for that not every man can value
Buddy: That’s the idea - I realised i needed to wear gear like that at 16 - and understood why my dad always rode in that kind of gear
WESTERNFIRST: Those of us who have the gift need to cultivate it
Buddy: Exactly and help others to appreciate why you need to wear it
Buddy: And the enhanced sexual pleasure
WESTERNFIRST: Guess there are guys that would feel the urge or the interest and fight shy of it
Buddy: I am sure there are- when I first had a bike most guys wore filthy jeans - it was normal - sure some still want to but are afraid almost
WESTERNFIRST: Guess to some men getting dirty kind of sullies their self-image, and all the more so if it is for the sake of sex
Buddy: To me sex has always had to have that dirty edge to it  - first time I had sex with another guy also in dirty jeans I was hooked
WESTERNFIRST: Wonderful moment!  Men in filth have always appeared to me as more masculine
Buddy: Oh yes - and you knew they had a good man stink
WESTERNFIRST: I have always liked the smell of grease to overpower the man-scents
Buddy: Oh yes greasy jeans mixed with piss is very erotic
WESTERNFIRST: Certainly with you on that one
Buddy: Was normal when I was young to piss on fellow bikers as a bonding thing
WESTERNFIRST: Fucking hot!!
Buddy: Oh yeah not necessarily gay ones - all did it, Dad and I pissed on each other’s jeans
WESTERNFIRST: Well it all depends how you define gay.  we are talking about man to man bonding.  That can never leave out the sexual dimension.  A man's man can still be a woman's man, but there are some that are exclusively one way or the other
WESTERNFIRST: Not sure that a strictly woman's man would let another guy piss on his jeans
Buddy: Absolutely but I think a lot of guys into the hyper masculine image and feel they need to show it. In biker circles it used to be pretty common years ago
Buddy: But then many bikers swung both ways
WESTERNFIRST: Yeah.  I have known guys for whom a guy in jeans meant absolutely nothing.  They were all for women.
Buddy: Fucking right mate - but women don’t understand the NEED for a man to wear filthy stinking jeans
WESTERNFIRST: Sure, that's why men into filthy men are on a special plane
Buddy: They are and usually the sex is much better and more satisfying
WESTERNFIRST: I cannot even begin to imagine and compare what sex with a woman is like.  For me its all tied up with masculine communion.
Buddy: I've done both and with men it is much more harder and so much more satisfying - men know how to satisfy another man
WESTERNFIRST: Sure the whole damn thing is on a different dimension
Buddy: And for me it was from an early age - loved the smell of my dads work overalls and jeans - used to wank into them regularly
WESTERNFIRST: Did exactly the same thing myself.  probably told you before.  Interesting thing is it was not something I had to learn, it was something innate that just welled up from within me.  I think my dad cultivated filth on his work overalls as well.
Buddy: I just had to do it - and I know my dad felt the overalls and especially his jeans looked  better for him if filthy. Thy had all sorts of filth and stains on them anyway
WESTERNFIRST: Me too.  Knew that in just getting into my dad's filthy overalls I would get as hard as hell
Buddy: The same here and just cum anywhere on them. Used to do it in his jeans as well - think they were even dirtier
WESTERNFIRST: Used to lie down on the coal heap and hump off in my dad's old discarded filthy overalls!
Buddy: I did that as well !! - or sit in an old chair in the shed and do it
WESTERNFIRST: This was before jeans had even made their appearance in Britain, but the first time I saw a pair - on a local coalman, I was hooked!
Buddy: Bit younger than you so dad had jeans when I was 11 or 12 - mid 60s.  After his divorce was all he wore - he got me my first pair then as well - even at that age felt horny as fuck
WESTERNFIRST: I was about 8 when jeans first appeared in England.  I'm 73 now.  Forgotten how young you are?
Buddy: Almost 63 so they were around in the 60s pretty common then. Plus most guys seemed to wear them pretty tight as well
WESTERNFIRST: I can well recall those days.  But they were already sexy in the 50s!
Buddy: pre divorce mum wouldn’t let him wear them!!
Buddy: As soon as he was single again he sort of changed
WESTERNFIRST: First thing I looked for when a male appeared was to see whether he was wearing jeans.
Buddy: Oh same here- when going home from school on the bus used to look out for men in jeans - all ages
WESTERNFIRST: Yeah there were all sorts of people didn't seem to want to see guys in jeans for years
Buddy: Yeah after he divorced dad got much more into biking again and the jeans just got dirtier
WESTERNFIRST: On the bus used to go upstairs at time men were coming home from the steel works and sit next to the guy with the filthiest tightest jeans
Buddy: i've done that and to smell them and look at the crotch. I know when I got my first really tight pair around 13 or so spent most of the day wanking
WESTERNFIRST: Same here, about same age, a cheap black pair with green stitching
Buddy: Dad bought me a pair the same as his - think were wranglers
Buddy: Soon as I was 16 I had a small bike and the jeans were got filthy
WESTERNFIRST: From an early age I had all sorts of ways of getting filthy around the builders' yard where my dad worked
Buddy: Sure you had great fun doing that - was an engineering apprentice from 16 so jeans could get dirty quickly - wore to work but were under overalls
Buddy: Engineering was a lot dirtier back then
WESTERNFIRST: Always had an eye out for the guys in engineering shops and garages when the doors were open in the summer as I passed!
Buddy: Same here - but used to see a fair few guys I fancied when I started work - but before that really fancied some of my dads biker mates
WESTERNFIRST: Did you let on?  Did you get any response?
Buddy: With a couple and one was the first who fucked me when I was 14
WESTERNFIRST: How did you feel about that?
Buddy: I led him on and it happened in his garage - played a couple of times before he took me
WESTERNFIRST: Guess he was a bit older than you
Buddy: Quite a bit - think in his 40s
Buddy: To begin with felt each other and I sucked him and we both came on the jeans
Buddy: Then eventually after playing with my ass he fucked me
WESTERNFIRST: Just great.  I always wanted my men to be real men.  never into boys
WESTERNFIRST: Nice memories
Buddy: Oh it was and went on for a few years
WESTERNFIRST: wonderful!
Buddy: He was the first of a few bikers I had
WESTERNFIRST: Great to have had on going experience as you grew up.  that was what I lacked
Buddy: Gradually realised that the biker scene was really hyper masculine and while most were straight a fair few really got off on the way they looked and smelt!!!
WESTERNFIRST: Good that you were able to integrate it
Buddy: Yeah then things and life changed a bit - gave up the bike for several years
WESTERNFIRST: Ok.  so what did you do for sex in that period?
Buddy: The usual I suppose - looked around gay pubs became more common to play got into leather as well
WESTERNFIRST: Understand the pull of leather!
Buddy: That got me back into bikes again - mixes well with dirty jeans
WESTERNFIRST: Yeah, two glorious sources of turn on!
Buddy: Indeed, and as I got older became a nasty hard leather top
WESTERNFIRST: I can admire such
Buddy: Yup feel the need to dominate and control younger guys and teach them
WESTERNFIRST: A worthwhile project
Buddy: Sure is, all the time i am still sexually active

WESTERNFIRST: Hope all your energies will keep going for a long time