Monday, August 29, 2016


Many of us enhanced males may feel that we are obsessed by mansex, and we probably are.  Many straight people may feel that enhanced males are obsessed by sex, and they are probably right.  But the reason that we are obsessed by sex is that we have been indoctrinated, brain-washed, educated, or just imbided the idea that mansex is wrong.  We have to counter that, in particular for the liberty of future generations, who should see mansex as perfectly good, by freely practising our mansex.  We have been indoctrinated with the idea that God does not want us to enjoy our sexual being.  This can only
be false.  God wants us to be happy and our sexual fulfillment is part of that happiness. The only thing that concerns God is when we use our appetites to the detriment of others.  For sexual appetites the supreme examples of this are adultery and fornication.  In the context of mansex those do not arise, but we can offend against the value of persons by not respecting their
liberty and taking advantage of the underaged or vulnerable.  For the rest, we have really got to seize as gospel, as good news, that mansex is good and God leaves us free.  Even, God rejoices in our pleasure in sex.


  1. what a pleasure see a post of you! hope all good in your life! For me sex is life!

    Best wishes from Xersex &

  2. Welcome back! I hope your travels were good ones.

    My take on "obsession" differs. Yes, the heterosexual community thinks that homosexual men are obsessed with sex; they label the gay man as promiscuous, or worse.

    Yet, it is simply not true. Gay men are just like all other men - The libido is the same. Take a look at the straight men, hanging out in clubs and bars looking for sex. Look at the straight men who patronize the day spas and gay bathhouses looking for sexual release.

    The sexual instinct is no different. The urge is no less nor more. The big difference is that modern societies have roped us all into believing that we are supposed find and cling to one other individual, "foresaking all others" within the bonds of Holy Matrimony. The gay man has been (and still is) denied this opportunity. Therefore he is free to act upon his sexual urges, this most basic of instincts, with as many different partners as he chooses. He is free to engage in sexual activity whenever a willing partner is found, rather than having to wait for his spouse/partner/girlfriend to acquiesce.
    Things may change when mainstream society understands that all men - if given the opportunity - truly think of sex as a means of satisfying the need for release, as an entertainment, rather than a bond of love. Sex and love are not, cannot be the same thing.

    That's my take on it, anyway. Have a most wonderful day.

  3. Great to see you posting once again!

  4. All men who do not act upon their sexual needs think of having sex all the time. I am glad I can help those out by being there when they decide to act on their needs of having sex.

  5. "God rejoices in our pleasure in sex."

    Amen. We were made to play, in the image of God. Proverbs 8 describes Eternal Wisdom as "playing" in the presence of God. Classic Trinitarian theology tells of a "perichoresis", a sacred dance which takes place for all eternity between the Divine Persons.

    Sexual expression for us is precisely that "play", that "dance", which though fleshly and temporal, reflects something of the playful dance of God himself.

    Straight couples may "play" in their sexuality, but the "play" of men fucking men will always be a more pure kind of play, play for its own glorious sake, not having any other end than the mutual delight of the participants.

    So, it may be audacious for me to say, but I think that mansex is a more pure reflection that Play / Dance of eternity.