Sunday, October 2, 2016

At Home in our Sexual Being

I had this reflection on masturbation. 
Masturbation enables us men to be in touch with ourselves as completely sexual beings.  It is health-giving because a man needs to know and experience what he is as a man. 

For this reason masturbation is to be recommended and in its fullest tantric forms.  That said, sexual play with other men takes the self-recognition of our sexual being to a new plateau.  

It is one level of acceptance to own oneself to oneself as a fully sexual masculine being but this is completed by owning oneself or having oneself acknowledged as fully a man by other men.  

Simply for us all to be complete beings, in the mode in which we have been created, we have to enter into all the practices of our enhanced masculinity.  It would be a different world if all men were fully at home in their sexual being. 


  1. Many times when searching for Men to share myself with, I find Men who only want me to jack them off. I am very comfortable with this because I know they are comfortable with masturbation by allowing other men give them pleasure through it.

  2. I use masturbation only to calm down and release tension. I prefer sex with others.

  3. As Sam has pointed out, there are many more men who will jack off, of allow themselves to be stroked to orgasm, than who will engage in other sexual activities. This level of masculine enhancement is still to be celebrated - they've discovered the joy of their bodies and, as I've discovered on a personal level, they will eventually expand on that.

  4. As a religious, my primary means of sexual expression is masturbation using porn. I do (happily) get to play with others on my occasional journeys out of town, but I've come to love particularly the discipline of edging. I have to say that jacking off is one of the great joys of my life and keeps me sane, whole, and balanced. I could not live out my vocation without it.