Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Erotic Play

I had this thought: Not to give time to enjoying your bodily sensations is wrong, is unchastity.  We have to take time out to play the erotic zones of our body.  The practice is needed for both psychological and spiritual health.  Down the centuries a lot of ideas contrary to this have been hammered into people as forms of asceticism.  This has been very harmful.  If we ignore our body, our erotic self, we ignore, deny about fifty per cent of ourselves.  We finish up distorted or half alive personalities.  This is against truth and, therefore, against chastity.
Then I thought, well, what do I mean by our erotic zones.  I know that I get sensations of pleasure and electric energy that go through my body when I finger my tits, caress my balls, stroke my cock, palm the inside of my thighs, but perhaps other people can get the magic working through playing other zones.  So I googled "male erotic zones".  Largely I discovered from something from the Times of India that it could be almost anywhere, if the touch, the caress was sufficiently delicate.  A reference to the scalp as an erotic zone recalled to my mind the time I got tremendous pleasure and comfort from a guy wearing combat pants who gently fingered my scalp for about an hour while I sucked on his cock.  A very satisfying experience.

But, then, that's just it.  You cannot do it all yourself.  So get out there and enjoy yourself with other guys.  The energies created will help the whole world.


  1. All true...the entire body is an erogenous zone, it just so happens that some areas might be more sensitive than others, we may find higher pleasure in one spot over another. While one man may get an erotic charge from the back of the neck, another man may find more pleasure in an underarm. But, we may not discover them until another person shows them to us.

    We can, and should, make connections with others - to teach, to enjoy, to provide pleasure, and to learn. And, for many of us, giving pleasure to another is even more enjoyable than receiving it. These things are the best humanity has to offer to itself. Be kind, be gentle, be loving. Love yourself; make love to yourself. Love others; make love with others.
    As more and more men discover and accept that sexuality is fluid, the world will become a better place. Go out and spread the joy, heal the body and the spirit.

    PS - Thank you for your recent comment on my blog. It is always very much appreciated.

  2. about erogenous zones, I'm a bit different, because my zones are only dick+ass. many men are very sensitive in the nipples. Not me. But I get great pleasure in licking and kissing, so I can say that for me a very erogenous zone is the whole mouth. I am very oral!