Thursday, December 1, 2016

Changing the World

I have been listening recently to the rantings of homophobes and to people within the Church arguing against gay marriage.  It strikes me that none these arguments will ever be solved until people as a whole can see enhanced masculinity for what it is, something that is totally distinct from heterosexual sex and procreative marriage.
  Mansex is about two guys identifying with each other in every aspect of their being, which is necessarily male and sexual.  To share and play on this level needs to be recognized by all as a value in itself.  

It needs to be recognized by every level of society that every man has a right to have adult and consensual sex with other men.  Relationships that superficially resemble those of heterosexual marriage, strong male friendships, can be built on the mansex experience, certainly, but, fundamentally it is a mistake to think out homosexuality in parallel with heterosexuality and marriage between a man and a woman.
  In the whole field of inter-male eroticism there is no question of procreation and this makes a universe of a difference.  Homophobes and those who condemn gay marriage do not see this and probably do not want to see it.