Sunday, January 22, 2017

Last Post

I have been reading a well-researched book by historian Anthony Everett, which presents various day to day aspects of life in classical Ancient Rome.  About the Romans approach to sexuality he has this to say:

FOR THE ROMANS, sexual desire was an appetite to be satisfied, like hunger or thirst. It had little or nothing to do with love, and it was not expected to play a role in the formation of relationships. The shame that Christianity came to associate with love-making-and which is still a mark of Western civilization-was missing from the ancient world.
Nor did the Romans have any idea of sexual status, of being gay or straight. Sex was what one did, not what one was; in Rome it didn't matter much whom you fancied-man or woman, boy or girl. Homosexual behaviour was widespread and generally acceptable. However, taking pleasure exclusively in one object of desire or in one kind of sexual practice was suspect. There was nothing wrong with sodomy, but you shouldn't specialize in it (or anything else): a varied diet was best.
And having too much sex was another sign of effeminacy.
Excessive ejaculation was considered to be weakening. Once the elder Cato, a stickler for morality, came across a young nobleman leaving a brothel and told him: 'Keep up the good work!' When he came across him again in similar circumstances, he snapped: 'When I complimented you on good work, I didn't mean you should make the place your home.'
(From SPQR by Anthony Everett, p. 105)

My feeling would be that our modern society, in the new age of Trump, needs to re-adopt the ancient Roman attitude to sex, with the all-important difference that specialization in sodomy for those who have that taste be encouraged.

This is my last post.  I am not going to take down the blog.  It will be available for those who might discover it in the future to browse my reflections, and for those who wish to re-read.  The fact is that I have had a major heart attack which has revealed a serious degree of heart disease.  I conclude that I need to reduce my activities and retire from some of my ministerial commitments, including this one. Many people retire from their life’s activities long before the seventy-fifth year of their age which I have reached. 
Writing this blog has allowed me to give expression to my own homosexual character and helped in my integration of the gift God made me of Enhanced Masculinity. I know that it has helped other people similarly struggling with the sense of their divine endowment with homosexuality and the reticence of the Christian Churches to approve their orientation and lifestyle.  In this week of prayer for the unity of Christians let us pray that we all may move onward to something more sex-positive that will enable the gift of Enhanced Masculinity to flourish with courage and conviction for the healing of our society.


  1. I wish you the best wishes for your health and for your life!

  2. Lord Patrick has kept me apprised of you health situation. My dearest Paul, it is my prayer that you live for many more years pain free and happy.
    I thank you for the ministry you provided here for so many people - men and women - who needed your learned words on the subject of sexual fluidness. We are, at the most base of our instincts, sexual beings.
    May God bless you and keep you.


  3. May your God put His healing hand on your physical condition as He has helped you heal from our society's sexual prejudices. Thank you for your very special blogger ministry, your creativity and your GREAT courage as a Roman catholic priest.

    1. Thank you for your appreciation. That comment means a lot to me.

  4. pensar em sexo como uma dieta diaria a ser satisfeita, essencial a vida, é muito interessante.. sempre desconfio de pessoas que dizem que nao sentem desejo...