Monday, July 24, 2017

Post-retirement 1

This is my first post-retirement posting.  I thought I had better post something, just in case Google takes it into its head to delete a blog after a certain amount time with no posting activity.
I have been hearing a lot of homophobic talk recently from guys who think they are so macho in the rural world in which I move, and from fundamentalist Catholics that come to visit us.  I was thinking that the type of upset that recognizing, or thinking they recognize, a homosexual causes to these people should be seen in parallel with those who like peanut butter and those who do not. 
I happen not to particularly like peanut butter.  Other people make it the delight of their day.  Now if I get upset because somebody likes peanut butter and I don’t I am just a bit of a fool.  If somehow or other another person’s liking peanut butter kind of threatens my peace of mind and upsets my equilibrium, I might need to think about consulting somebody.  So, it seems to me, why should anybody get upset at any man who enjoys fucking another man, or who enjoys sucking and being sucked by a fellow male, or enjoys masturbating along with a fellow who prides himself on his masculinity?  Why should the fact that a guy only enjoys sex with women feel that his very life contours are threatened by the sight of, or the hearing of, another man who likes sex with men?

Another thing I could share on is the business of a Monsignor Luigi Capozzi being caught holding a sex party in his Vatican apartment to the left of the colonnades at St. Peter’s.  I must say that I am in full sympathy with every enhanced male who acts out his homosexuality, because I think that is what we should be doing, whether we are clerics, religious or whatever.  But you have to face the fact that society and ecclesiastical society in particular still has its taboos and inhibitions.  If you are living in a highly conservative or religion conscious milieu it is just stupid to be flamboyantly putting on noisy and drug-fired sexual orgies. 

Plus the drug element is criminal.  Sex is too good and valuable a human exercise to get it mixed up with drugs.   


  1. Well, whatever prompted you to post again, I am glad for it. You make very good arguments, and I wish that those who get so worked up about M-M love and sex would seek mental health counseling. The fact that 2 (or more) men are enjoying themselves doesn't threaten anyone at all. Those who feel threatened are being ridiculous in the extreme.

  2. Great to see you posting again! Of course what you say is just so very true. A Moral Theologian friend of mine, unfortunately died young, once said to me, "Everyone is entitled to love and to have sex in the way and to the extent he (she) is able to"! Such words of wisdom. He taught in a catholic seminary!!!! Trust your health is holding up.

  3. happy retirement!!!

    Xersex &