Saturday, April 28, 2018

Post-Retirement 3

Gay men, enhanced males, are men who desire and need to communicate in their fuck dynamic.  Every male human is endowed, of course, with the fuck dynamic, but the enhanced male has a particular spiritual sensitivity to the common urge of all males and finds an immense fulfilment in communion in all the male-distinguishing characteristics that compose, in fact, the fuck dynamic.  Communion in the Fuck is what makes the enhanced male’s, the homosexual’s, world go round.
How do I celebrate this cosmic communion in the Fuck dynamic?  Each of us is different, of course.  We have to identify our innate or spontaneous expressions and tastes and follow them through.  We have also to respect the expressions and tastes of our fellow enhanced males, even though we might find them a bit exaggerated or incomprehensible.  The Fuck dynamic is wonderful in its variety and complementarity and all together we make up a powerful cosmic urge and communion.
Those expressions and tastes can involve denim and leather, suits, workwear, boots, athletic strip, mud, grease, dirt, or just muscle.  A balanced measure of porn, liberal masturbation and free erotic play with other men all help focus our enhanced masculinity.
The human person is one, created in the image and likeness of God.  Our sexuality is part of our unique individual God-given programme, by which each of us gives our personal glory to God.  Consecrating our sexual make-up involves discovering and integrating our personal sexual programme and living it out.  That is our chastity.  We have to beware of creating compartmentalized dichotomies about our own person.  The spiritual is not opposed to the physical. 
The human person to be spiritual has to be physical, has to be sexual, emotional, perceptive and lots of things besides.  If we are consecrating our sexuality in chastity we have to aim at making our sexual experiences really spiritual as well as physical.  Sex is a good, created within our human make-up, and we have to drop all the sex-negative attitudes inherited from the past.


  1. AH! So pleased to see that you are posting again! Trust all goes well in your part of the world! Not only is "sex good", but sex is a most important part of the life of everyone. Without sex, of course, most of us would not be here at all. There are, of course, new way of producing babies. But we all need sexual expression and sexual contact with others. without it we are stunted and will not fully realise our sexual self. Sexually enhanced males must have sexual play with other males or they will fail to become the men they are meant to be. Some men refuse to be fucked. But, I believe that to fully realise one's sexuality a sexually enhanced male must both fuck and be fucked. To give and to receive sexually is part of becoming who and what we are.

  2. I'm really happy to see this post, Paul! Thanks be to God. I posted about this over at my place, though it's a bit far afield from your excellent observations. I sincerely hope and pray that you will be able to delight us with further posts.

  3. Good to see you back. I agree with every word. But, I will take a line from Patrick's comment and go a step further.

    We all need sexual expressions and sexual contact with others. Without is we are stunted and cannot fully realize our humanity.

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