Basic Thesis

1. Homosexuality is a gift from God. It is men tuned up to the masculine. Call them Men of Cock. I recently thought of the term “Enhanced males”. There is nothing evil, nothing wrong with this condition, it is a gift to society.
2. This man for man erotic direction is totally separate in its significance and nature from the heterosexual urge. It is a mistake to think out, philosophize on, mansex in the same framework as heterosex.
3. This gift needs to be integrated into our personal lives and in the lives of Christians and society by being used. We do not have to hide our light under a bushel. God wants to be praised for his gift of masculinity by guys exulting in it, individually and together. This means masturbating, it means fucking, it means sucking, cuddling, kissing, petting. It also means engaging all those fetishes that enhance our masculine expression. The key to all is masturbation. This perfectly healthy activity should never have been forbidden in the name of religion or decency. It is a puzzle to understand why it was ever so forbidden. Once you have established the goodness, normalcy and healthiness of masturbation, then there is no reason for not sharing it together with your male buddies of like mind. The other things guys can do with their cocks to each other only amount on the ethical level to forms of masturbation, because they are devoid of the procreational and intersexual elements that make it necessary to regard heterosexual activities from a distinct moral standpoint.
4. I come from a background that talks about chastity, that encourages vows of chastity. All of that tradition has been thought up in the context of a mentality that regards heterosexuality as the uniquely valid way of human sexuality. The spiritual path of union with God that this tradition seeks is equally to be found in living in depth the gift of enhanced masculinity for those who have it.