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We religious with the gift of enhanced masculinity and with a vow of chastity need to re-interpret the vow in terms of a vow of sexual dedication.  The first stage is to accept masturbation into our lives as a wholesome practice that accords our masculinity its fulfilment and enables us to own the whole of our masculine being.  We have to see masturbation also as an important positive element in our relationship with God.  By it we give him glory for the wonder of our being.  We will need to see developing our masturbatory techniques, deepening the mindfulness of our masturbation, attention to the effects on our whole body as we masturbate and developing the creative energies of our masturbation as integral parts of our spiritual growth.  It is to this growth in the field of sexuality that our vow of chastity commits us.

Once we have accepted the goodness and wholesomeness of masturbation, we will have to face the fact that it is a good thing to do along with other men.  We will soon realize that this mutual male masturbation is a deeply spiritual experience, according us a new awareness of the social dimensions and fraternity of our male being and giving us an ever deeper sense of glorifying the Lord of our being.  We will soon realize too that the only sensible division and distinction in sexual matters is between procreative and non-procreative sex.  Then, oral and anal sex between men only become other ways of masturbating, because all three activities have in common that they are non-procreative sex and have the same moral standing.  The full realization of our enhanced masculinity and full fidelity to our vow of chastity then come together in a wonderful spiritual wholesomeness.

The bottom line, in some people’s terminology, would be that the, as yet, small group of religious who believe in Cock are truly faithful to their vow of chastity.  Indeed, they may be living more in the truth than in the days we were living masquerading as men of perfect abstinence.

In a sex-positive culture, consecrated religious having sex properly are fulfilling their vow of chastity, those consecrated to celibacy will abstain from starting a family for the sake of the Kingdom of God.

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