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I have had a few guys write in with comments on this blog.  I thought I would create this page and add striking comments that add to the debate, as they came in.  In September 2013 I was going to delete this page, because I was conscious it was nearly two years since I last added a comment.  But, then, I saw the pictures were so delicious that I decided to leave it.  Hopefully I will get round to adding some more comments when they come in.

A first comment from a seeminly long-time reader:
You are a terrific blogger. i have enjoyed reading practically all your postings the pictures are not bad at all very good choices.
A reader who has been with me right from the beginning wrote recently:
Hi Paul,
Thanks again for the well-written blog posts. They are my daily meditations.

A regular follower of this blog wrote:

Brother Paul

Praise and all Honor to the COCK

I just want to comment on you blog a few days ago, where you received a pair of new jeans and had an erection wearing them and you dad saw it, I am sure dad was proud of you and happy to see the effect it had in your loins. I am sure seeing your erection brought many memories of himself as a youth as well as an adult. If truth be known he also enjoyed masturbation as we do, as he like we was created by the same God with the same feelings that God gave us.

I read your blogs as well as others daily and enjoy them and find them inspirational and truthful.and do agree with your beliefs. As you know, I am also GAY and proud and happy of my GOD given gift, an honor and gift given to so few of us.and to so many not willing to accept GOD'S gift to us.Let us keep our GAY brothers who cannot accept being GAY, in our prayers to that they may cum to learn of GOD'S gift to them and enjoy it without any guilt.

This guy's appreciation is much appreciated on my part:
Love the honesty and the thinking out loud you're doing there. I have my own Christian history - not Catholic, although I grew up with a passle of Catholic homies and know the church well - and I appreciate your candidness and your directness about sex and related issues. Freakin' hot pics too. :) Keep it up man, and thanks.

An attentive reader wrote in a prophetic spirit:
Your ongoing blog is helping to dispense with plain old ignorance and chronic, deliberate disinformation that keeps us from coming together in harmony. Sooner or later a critical mass of knowledgable, well-informed enhanced males from all walks of life will be reached. There will be no more living in "The Matrix" for us. We will refuse to be victims of our toxic, societal programming and begin to change this mess by proactively and transpersonally celebrating our same sex eroticism without ideologic guilt or shame. This blog has begun that process for those of us who have been trapped in a no-win scenario by our heart-felt devotion to our respective religions and the associated misguided dogmas which deny the body and the sacredness and importance of great sex between resonant men.

14/07/2011Another appreciative reader:

I am a farmer from Poland and your blog's "Enhanced Masculinity" BIG fan.
I just wanted to send you a short note and thank you for doing what you're doing.
Your blog is smart, well written, makes me think and gives me a hard on most of all!
Again, thank you very much!
15/04/2011 Somebody left me a message:

  • In a post you said "A development of this thought would be to recognize that God is the Lord of Life and that sex, therefore, has a divine dimension." Well spoken. Sex is not a sin. Sex is a gift from God and NOT just for procreation.

  • 18/02/2011 My faithful follower Ray wrote:
    Just want to thank you for your informative Blogs  It strengthens my Catholic faith as a HOMOSEXUAL, as well as helping me know more and more that GAY is the WAY.  GOD created me in HIS Image and Likeness, to enjoy males in every way possible with NO guilt.

    29/01/11.  I got this enthusiastic note the other day:
    Don't let any detractors or critics stop you from your ongoing work. That "sigh of relief " you  so casually mentioned in today's blog entry is really more of a very loud shout for joy. Don't doubt the tremendous good you are doing for one second. I feel like I have been "edging" for 40 years while intermittently drowning  in the swamp of despair of ever figuring out this thing called homosexuality. And now after all this chronic edging and then reading your thoughts and ideas on the subject , I  finally exploded in a mental / emotional / spiritual / physical orgasm that rocked Texas.  You are  helping to take us off our respective crosses and inviting us to really live , dance, and embrace who we are while on this fucked up planet. You 've got my vote.

    25/01/2011. A buddy wrote:
    Was Christ an example of enhanced masculinity? To me,the words and ideas in your blog honor "The Erotic Christ"....both human and divine aspects of enhanced masculinity manifested together in one Being. He sacrificed Himself not only to free us all from the consequences of sin but also to free all enhanced masculinity males from the prison constructed by the world for our minds and hearts and genitals. Thank you for giving me words with new ideas...a new exciting hermeneutic of "enhanced masculinity" make my previously fearful life here not just bearable but now to be reborn without fear in celebration and joy of my sexuality. Pope John Paul II said "Be not afraid!"  And for the first time in my life the soteriological sureness in my mind now matches the inner knowingness and wisdom of my body and soul since early boyhood. My mind and soul and body finally are congruent thanks to you and your efforts. Real healers facilitate congruency. Becoming a well-balanced, healthy, and loving individual arises from that congruency.
    20/12/10 An unsolicited testimonial from a member of the yahoo Church of Cock group (
    It supports deepening the sexuality of all men. It is the best erotic blog I have seen. The sensuality and the photos are amazing. This blog could only come from the mind of a man who loves all men: highly sexualized, intense, visual, verbal, open to unlimited ideas. He sees spirituality and sexuality as two sides of the same coin.

    19/12/10  An enthusiastic reader wrote about the day's post, "Cock the New Way":
    I had to write a quick note after reading today's post to your blog. You knocked/hit the ball totally out of the ball park. It is so well said that I got tears and a warm feeling in my chest. This is what needs to be said  clearly and shouted from the roof-tops to all men struggling with their sexuality, guilt, and religion. This is the main message that you came to proclaim......just like Jesus proclaiming "Love."  Like His message, your message is also about true liberation from the prison of our minds constructed by religion and bigotry and homophobia.  And you used so few words to express it.  Reading this on the day after our obstinate Senate finally repealed "Don't Ask- Don't Tell" has made this an outstanding Christmas for me.
    Love to you my friend and a "Merry Christmas!'" You've been such a blessing to me. Thanks so much for being there and making a difference for so many men.

    14/12/10  I am grateful to a reader for the following comment:
    Your blog is wonderful in its readiness to question the foolish, to support the searching, to affirm the divine, and to encourage and provide a forum for the blog's followers. You are a courageous man, of the earth and of the empyrean! Thank you, Paul, for all that and for your very self!

    5/12/10  An enhanced male from Arizona wrote:
    Have talked with several Christ/Cock/masturbation worshippers and told them about your brilliant thinking on Christian man-to-man sex, and all out surrender to cock.  Your blog is sensational... several friends have joined.

    4/12/10.  A guy came on to chat with me.  He seemed to have caught the message of my blog well.  This is what he said:
    Mansex celebrates God's gift of Cock to us. He didn't create us all to be married and faithful to one woman. Some of us he created to celebrate his wonderful manly gift of Cock and Ass.
    Just because we are christians doesn’t mean we are pure in mind when it comes to sex.   Down and dirty FUCKING is still a part of my life.  You don’t have to turn your back on God to enjoy sex.  I want to fuck and suck and party naked with men, and do it in front of God and Jesus, and include Them.  I think the days of "hellfire and damnation" sermons has past. The sins are neglecting the poor, greed, hate, etc. The sexual things that once were sin are accepted. And in our case, blessings, when we take Jesus into our play.  May your posts and blogs enlighten others, to know sex is good and fun, and no guilt needed.
    30/11/10 In an email somebody wrote:
    As you know I am Catholic, BUT, I do believe in what you are promoting for us GAYS.  Being a HOMOSEXUAL is NOT sinful or sickful, it is what GOD created in us, the total alternative of heterosexual. NOT all humans are tall, short, thin, obese, hairy, smooth, etc. So not all are heterosexual.some are, also bi, as for we, we are HOMOSEXUALS. We are equal to others in the eyes of GOD.  HE created us equal, to HIS image.  Yes I married because the Church "said", now even though married I am not bi but totally GAY, without the freedom of being  able to be GAY openly, so I am "closeted  as the saying goes. As hetro's", I also lust, but not for women. I LUST for COCK. So I am discreet, BUT still GAY and Proud and Happy as a HOMOSEXUAL.
    Thank you for your help to others helping them understand that we are Humans and can be Christians and GOD does not look down at us as sinners but as the Human HE has created to LOVE our fellow MAN 

    29/11/10 a buddy wrote: You are putting in print and picture what we rejoice in, as full human beings.  The blog, I am sure, will help many people as they struggle and rejoice in their human nature.

    27/11/10 Ray, in chat, remarked: Great blogs and sites appreciate all your doing for us.   It's awesome to hear a clearer, fresh view on HOMOSEXUALITY. I hope someday the whole world will think like that, we as GAYS are equal to the Hetro's We were born GAY, in my case I knew at a very young age (pre teen) that I was GAY. It was not taught to me it was a true natural knowledge even though as a Catholic I was taught differently and told it was evil. I'm proud of my being GAY.  It Is a GIFT given to me by my GOD. Not every male receives this gift.

    25/11/10 Larry, who did not want to remain anonymous, wrote:

    Just read your blog. It is brilliant. You've put into words the very sensuality I've felt ever since I was a boy but could not express. Knowing what makes a man a real man helps me understand my own raging homosexual desires and expressions. Thank you.  Anonymity is great for some, but I am proud to enjoy homosexuals and their love of penises especially when wrapped up and displayed in filthy jeans.

    A guy I was chatting with today (25/11/10)expressed his appreciation of this blog like this: You are a fucking erotic genius in your writing. And I am a writer!  It is sensational... the design, the writing  the clarity.  your blog is stunning. You have a well furnished mind.  Believe me, I know the difference. It is probably the best I have ever seen. The guys who read it are excited and you help them resolve the spiritual versus sexual taboos in Christianity

    The pictures are gorgeous... but the overall design of the piece(s) is what is exceptional.
    What I see you doing is exactly what I want also, and -- I learned from you -- . I have learned enough to help guys disconnect the shame, fear and guilt. and you clarified for me about a month or two ago that ALL MEN, STRAIGHT OR GAY, want the same thing: extremely intense, prolonged, "nasty," he-man sex. This is not related to their orientation... it just is. Guys like it down and dirty and kind of keep an eye out for that stuff.